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Found 1 result

  1. This isn't elitism (well it is, sort of), this isn't people ignoring you (well it is, sort of), it's the way it is, so read it through and be enlightened. /END DISCLAIMER Okay, so if you're someone who would be considered a baddie (see: less than 50% w/r or does less than your own HP at tier 10), chances are you've had trouble finding platoons in the wotlabs channel. This isn't because they don't want to help you, it's because some of the people looking for platoons aren't asking everybody, they're really asking a specific group of people in the channel that they know can carry hard. Unless they say something about mentoring or accepting anyone, they probably don't mean you (sorry to break it to you, I really am ) This isn't the end though. There are several ways you can find someone to platoon with. When someone says they're looking for a plat, look at their stats. (Don't feel dirty, we all do it, and if you're some random asking to get into a purple plat you can bet your stats are glanced over before you get the invite.) If they are within your skill range, go ahead and ask. (In general, people will platoon +/- one color level.) If they're a little out there, PM them and ask. Purples don't bite. If they're looking for a carry platoon they'll probably tell you so nicely. Ask if they might be able to plat with you sometime later. They'll either give you a rain check or point you to someone who's more able and willing to show you the ropes (not everyone is a teacher.) If you ask for a platoon, preface it with the fact that you're not the best. Trust me, the moment you ask, your stats window is opened by the great majority of people looking to platoon. Once they see that you're not their idea of a perfect plat mate, they just won't say anything and you'll end up being effectively ignored. If you just say it up front, you can avoid the cold shoulder and attract the attention of people on your skill level or people who are willing to give you advice. If you're specifically looking for a purple to help you, ask for someone to mentor you. There's usually someone willing. Consider looking at the Community Mentor Program channel (spelled: Comunity Mentor Program -- someone mispelled it once and it's remained this way since.) If the channel's up, there are usually a few purples in there who are willing to platoon with just about anyone (though you'll probably need a mic - that's a requirement for many.) You can also post a thread in the Looking for Platoonie section of this forum and state your intentions. Again, I know that not everyone does this, but I've seen more than a few sub-49%ers wandering around in the wotlabs channel asking for platoons and getting no answers. Lost pubbies give me many sads and I think that while most of us who have been here awhile understand this, some of the newcomers who haven't been around and are really trying to learn are being accidentally shut out.
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