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Found 16 results

  1. Much to my surprise, there was no thread for this little gem. The last thread I could find was one started in March 2014, with the most recent post of March 2016, and I decided against necro'ing it, since it dated to before the divvying-up of the Pz. IV, it seemed. I kept this thing for three reasons: there isn't a German premium medium I remotely want, but I need a crew trainer; it's actually fairly easy to make a steady income with this thing (nothing like a good premium, but 25-30k isn't that hard with a premium account), and good grief but is this little sucker GLORIOUS. Compared to its derping tier 5 brethren (Sherman and KV-1S), I'd take this one any day, I think. Better reload, better gun handling (feels that way to me, haven't actually done the stat comparison), better mobility, better camo, spaced armor on the sides and turret, good gun depression, etc. And since at tier 5 you see plenty of guys pushing flanks in T67s, well...might as well be the welcoming committee. And it's playable and competitive for its tier even with a 75% crew, which is why I decided to use it as my designated German med crew trainer. And oh, this is the second tank ever on which I've gotten my 2nd MoE. I *might* even try for my third (running food because why not).
  2. SUMMER 2015 UPDATE: I am now streaming. Find me on http://www.twitch.tv/mholding most days of the week :3 I thought I would create a specific thread for my YouTube channel in order to shamelessly promote show how to play certain tanks. I try to upload videos 2-3 times a week, but it depends on what games I have myself as I dont want to just upload videos for the sake of uploading them. I mainly play mediums and light tanks so that is what you will see me play. Throughout the videos I try to explain my thought process the best I can. Feedback on both gameplay and videos are more than welcome. Before you mention it, I have just bought a new microphone/headset that should allow me to improve the clarity and quality of the commentary audio. Here are some of my own personal favourites of the newer videos that I think highlight what my channel is about. If you like it go check my youtube channel out for more World of Tanks videos: World of tanks funtage - a video I made back when I was in QSF-E. Just made it for shits and giggles and it is inspired by the RNG-videos. Artillery rant - me ranting about why artillery is stupid. I get shot down from full health to no health in 2 seconds by three different artillery pieces who aren't even platooned. gg. Beating the odds twice - How to carry a 22%-team in an FCM 50t and how to carry a similarly bad team in a Tiger II (on the same map even). My first pools medal that happen to coincide with a Kolobanovs and Fadins medal and a stupidly high amount of RNG-luck in the end. Fadins medal in BatChat 25t - I get a fadins medal and where I use the mobility of the BatChat to have a good game Link to my youtube-channel (a lot of other videos though): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCky3AnLXGSQcr8p6wvV10PA Link to my World of tanks playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGcpk7WlCgnhvj3_kNC42BPRvlnhacF7c
  3. Source: https://thearmoredpatrol.wordpress.com/2015/07/02/t110e3-armor-changes-in-9-9-test/ So, it looks like LFP is sorta buffed as 230mm zone gets smaller, but the loader's viewport got bigger, RIP. Or do I sieg heil point gun up and to the right to cover the weakspot when reloading?
  4. Hi Folks, I'm currently playing the KV1S at tier 5 for 150 games using the 122mm derp. Although there seems to be a consensus that the 85mm is better for damage (and hence WN8) does the critical and module wreaking aspect of the Derp make up for the lower damage?. Particularly in higher tier games? Disregarding the massively increased LOL factor of the Derp. Or am I mad.
  5. Welp. WG really did it. they added the BT-7A (after 2 years of waiting) http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/04/artillery-bt-7-on-supertest.html#more I'm sure this will only pertain to sealclubbers and the BT-lovers (rip my average tier with 450+ games in BT-7), but hey it's a new tank. Only downsides i see are the AP ammo (lower pen than HE, wat), and the gimped top speed (51 compared to normal 67 on BT-7). Stats: And yes that gun is the stock gun found on the T-28. On a side note, anyone see the spirit of the old M5 derp stuart in this?
  6. Seeing as I keep putting this off later and later, I'm going to actually make a post to make myself come back and write up some detail about what this is and would do. In basic terms, I would like to create a system that uses several algorithms in order to classify players by that latent variable, "skill". What this would mean is that even if one of the ratings would be paddable, presumably the rest of these algorithms would not be able to be exploited in the same way. Thus, the only way to get a truly high rating would be to actually be a good player. Machine Learning (ML) is a fickle field, and it requires massive amounts of data for the alg. to even be considered viable. Since I will be doing this off of my own experiences, at this time I only plan on looking in to un/supervised learning ML algorithms. Just so you guys have some comparison, my last research in this area utilized 650,000+ annotated datapoints. I realize that having multiple algorithms working to ascertain a person's "skill" is much less effective in terms of serverload than the current WNx implementation (WN8) is, and I understand that. I merely plan to present my work as an alternative, perhaps it will be better in some ways and worse in others, I don't know at this time. If I identify an algorithm that is particularly effective at classifying players, it can undoubtedly be used much in the same way as WN8 currently is. That being said, it would be a part of a rating, not the whole thing, and somewhat defeat the original purpose. As I mentioned earlier, I will need thousands of datapoints to make this work. Perhaps not quite as many as in my actual studies, but a fair amount. For some of the ideas in mind, I will need some community participation -- they will need to manually classify players and I will use it as a training set. I will need a core group within that set, the "experts", if you will, most probably superunica/unica to classify a couple dozen player's accounts. This is the "gold standard"; it is a form of quality control for the training set, which will be created by the community at large. I realize that this post is already getting somewhat long, so I'll just leave it at "I'll give more details later". Hope this works out!
  7. So after having finish all american tanks (REAL tanks, no arty's of course ) I'm ready to start the last medium line up to the M48. I've just trained a new crew up in my SP to where it's acceptable and I've bought the M4 with rammer/vents/EGLD as equipment. So now the big question. Can I best use the 105mm derp gun? Seeing maps are becoming more and more closed and it has better dpm. Or do I use the 76mm high pen gun? As a fast fire guaranteed pen is still better than a unreliable derp. Thanks for any input.
  8. What do you do when your team does things completely bassackwards from normal? Im talking like half the team going valley on lakeville, going north on karlia, pushing on the west side on cliff, pushing 1 line on fisherman's bay. I'm not talking the whole team does it but at least 7 or 8 members so that the side that would typically stronger isn't yet the side the team is pushing is easily defensible by the enemy because there is not enough to overwhelm. What should I do in these situations?
  9. People talk about derps all the time, but I was in a battle the other day and an Alecto was on my team. The derp on that little thing is hella good. +derp +390 base view +stealth +speedy gonzalez I was really impressed. I wish i would have taken some screenshots of the outcome of the battle. But he had around 6-7 kills with over 1K spotting damage. I had the Alecto in my uber young days when i had no idea how to play the game. I may have to go back and give it a try.
  10. Too much hilarity ensues each time I drive it. http://youtu.be/UfSOLvWHFNo
  11. So I really want to get some good peripherals for my PC, and since I am a student/hobo with a PC, I don't have any money to buy a new keyboard or mouse. With the new August contest, I'm hoping to win some Razer peripherals, so I need tips and info about the M4 Sherman. How should I play the M4 Sherman? Can the derp gun still be viable? How much damage will be done to my WN8? Also, any shitlords who want to do a M4 platoon?
  12. Looking for mentor/platooning buddy, grinding t44 right now, russian medium line will be first tier ten. Im pretty terribad orange but I am improving So yea I'd like to get to know you guys
  13. Finished my grind for the WTE Now I need to concentrate on upping my Tier X gameplay. Have probably a little over 100 games now I need someone to derp around with On usually around 7PM - 10 PM PST Looking for someone with similar stats and can halp me! Dont mind playing on East but my ping is about 120-140ms on it vs 30-40ms on west Object 140/62a, batchat, t57, e4, 268 The last 2 meh, more intersted in the mediums and heavy tank gameplay
  14. I really enjoyed the Foch50 http://abload.de/image.php?img=shot_082vtugw.jpg, did pretty well in it i think. Now i bought the 155 and suck so hard, i cant believe it. The gun arc sucks as hell ( its worse than the foch50) and the dispersion trolls me as fuck. http://abload.de/image.php?img=shot_083f5uxz.jpg Im running a 4 skill crew (bia, camo, repairs and the usefull stuff as safe stowage, holy fuck im spotted lamp, etc. Vents, GLD, toolbox. I kinda played it like a foch50 the first battles and totally donked it. The normal ap rounds seem to fly around like a drunk cruise missile without fire control unit and the HEAT rounds always find some shitspot to do track or module dmg only. Im really frustrated by this tank atm, normally i do quite good in t8+ tanks. Is it just bad luck or am i potatoing enourmously and this tank just dont fit me? Any suggestions/replays/playstyle advices? At close range every nooblet is hitting my weakspots, at midrange i just think im barely usefull and sniping seems just not to work with this gun. HALP.
  15. This got to be the most trollish tank i've played and quickly became one of my favorite, so i thought i'd post some replays to show what the 152mm ML-20 can do. No massive damage carry games tho', this tank is such an effective fire support tank that you don't have to carry if you use it right. It's at around 2k damage per game right now. http://wotreplays.com/site/333911#fjords-shackram-su-152 http://wotreplays.com/site/333914#murovanka-shackram-su-152 http://wotreplays.com/site/333915#port-shackram-su-152 http://wotreplays.com/site/333916#erlenberg-shackram-su-152 http://wotreplays.com/site/333917#sacred_valley-shackram-su-152 http://wotreplays.com/site/333918#mountain_pass-shackram-su-152
  16. Assuming most of us have a job and work directly with customers (retail seller, customer service, tech support) our direct contact with the customer results in sometimes very strange events. This thread is for all the weird stories, the occasional derp customer or some crazy story from your everyday job. I'll kick it off: So I work at this big retail store called Fnac in Brazil (kinda like Best Buy, we work with electronics, books, dvds, and music; If you were to walk into my store it would be the closest thing you'd have to Best Buy here in Brazil) and started off as a seller but was promoted to tech support. I basically help people with their inability to comprehend Operating Systems of any kind and from time to time fix comps, I also do start ups of pcs bought by the customers (I install some programs and update the PC for them so they leave the store ready to go). Today this lady bought a laptop and asked of me the strangest thing I have seen to date. She asked me to install 2 erotic games besides the other programs i usually install and was very open about it. The thing that intrigued me the most was that she was a female (the first I've seen and she wasn't even pretty) who openely admitted she was addicted to such games. Well I usually do this at my work bench but the problem was that anyone could see what I was doing, thankfully only one of the games didn't show anything when downloading but the other one did. I didn't end up installing the second one cuz it required an account and there was some graphic cgi stuff goin on in the background and ninja closed it as soon as i saw it. Hopefully I wont have to go throught something like that again... Whats your story? Edit: will +1 for good stories
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