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Found 1 result

  1. So I like this game. A lot. I went in tentatively, spent no money whatsoever (other than premium carry over from WoT), and only ground one line (Fascist Boats) based on research, and have no garage slots! German line, DD's, CA's and BB's. Here is what I have learned and why I like this game so much at tier IV so far: 1.) I don't rage, at all. In WoT I still have spittle flying out and sticking on my screen. In WoWs I am chill, I am completely different, I ask questions, I work with my team. 2.) I run no mods. I have no idea if my team is potatoe or uni, I work with the team. In WoT I run XVM without win chance, but still make assumptions and react accordingly. I am going to uninstall XVM in WoT, it is liberating in WoWs to have no preset bias working in regards to your team. 3.) The armor profile on the Kaiser allows you to sail straight at the enemy and eat damage all day due to thick armor on the front turret, citadel etc. Even broadside with the second upgraded hull she is strong, secondaries rage hard, this thing is a damage dealing hellion. Yes I am aware of the German BB reputation. 4.) I run German DD's which are hard to play, but I am now going to buy garage slots and go up the American DD line. 5.) Run German CA's which I like also, but man you have to manage your range and have a plan to run if it gets hot. 6.) Again, it is like there are two SmirkingGerbil's. The WoT Psycho rager, angry almost every match, typing into chat "Are you morons playing by rolling your face on the keyboard or what???". The WoWs Gerbil doesn't say much, asks questions, and just sighs when the occasional teammate baddy shoots me for no damn good reason. 7.) WoWs pace is different, yet teamwork is king. Every match I type "Plan? Group up?" and amazingly it cascades into a group decision. Somebody pinch me, is this for real? Does WoWs have a better community, or all they all burnt on WoT like me and we want the experience to be better? I think this game is going to steal more of my time and gold from WoT, and I am happy about it. Too bad they reversed on the "Gold economy across all games", that sucks.
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