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Found 1 result

  1. Well, what it says on the title, given people often ask what premium tanks to get, I thought it would be a good idea to write what I think of each premium tank, given my familiarity in the field. It won't be organized, mostly rumbling, and it will only be my opinion from my perspective and i will add/revise as I continue. Mediums 59-Patton What can I say, what happens when you combine the best and worst of 2 tanks. Shell cost of AP is only 305 credit, which make it an extremely efficient credit/cost tank, Speed wise it is actually faster than the Pershing/46 KR and the armor is reasonably good against 180-ish pen guns at mid range. 190 penetration thanks to the recent buff enables it to penetrate a great deal of tanks without resorting to HEAT, and speaking of HEAT, its not bad as hard as it is to believe since unlike most HEAT shells that has less shell velocity than its AP/APCR counterpart, 59-Patton's HEAT seems to be based on the US 90mm, which actually has 1200m/s over AP's 900 m/s. The comfort level of the tank is above average, 9 degrees of depression to the side is fairly good for a tank of its armor level. The armor again, aside from the hatch, it is above average in-terms of protection relative to most other tier 8 premium mediums. Whatever you do though, do not poke towards your right hand side, because your hatch will show up before your gun, and you don't need me to tell what happens when that happens. To be honest, I thought the 59-Patton was going to be a shit-show, while it is far from perfect, it has exceeded my expectation in every way. Would I recommend buying it if you only need credit? no, because there are better alternatives. But if you need to train a Chinese crew, its far superior compared to 112 or 111. AMX Chasseur de chars FV4202 (P) The fallen prince, disgraced from tier 10 to tier 8, and somehow still can't pull its weight for a damn. First of all, despite having 226 mm of AP penetration, the tank is terrible for credit making, primarily thanks to the fact that its standard AP shell cost 680/shell, relative to 250-300 of every other 240-ish alpha mediums, this shell cost will add up if you are farming credit in the long run. Protection-wise the tank has no armor based on thickness, all it has are near ricochet angled armor plates at 65-67 degrees, which means if you just angle slightly to 70 degrees, you will be able to block most AP/APCR shells, Now the problem with armor that is all about ricochet is that, against HEAT, which will only ricochet at 80 degrees, it will get punctured like a a sheet of paper against Mike Tyson. Also not mention are the cheeks, which has only 85mm of armor at 57 degrees, and theres no getting out of this one Low top speed also hurts this tank, as you simply will not be able to chase down stragglers when you win, leading to dmg/credit loss, this will also force a change to your playstyle, as you need to be on the frontline or you won't be getting any damage. I don't know what to say about this thing, currently the tank has armor thanks to the fact that it is new, but when people learn of the cheeks, it will be even worse than the CDC or 59Patton in a poke fight. Its not good at credit making and not good at stat padding either. The only real redemption I guess is the fact that there are no real alternative to British premium tanks. Occasional crazy bounces are fun and all, but is it worth 30 euro? errrr i don't think so. M46 Patton KR A premium tank created after WG's change of direction in-terms of the strength of premium tanks, A tank thats worth every dime. shell cost of 255, penetration of 192 makes APCR redundant in most situations, large carry capacity means you can carry enough spare HE shells to deal with artilleries and Rhinemetal TDs(This is actually very useful when you see a M44 and don't want to eat a fat 155mm HEAT shell when your first shot don't finish him) Speed-wise it is the same as Pershing, not fast enough to contest hills on maps like Mines(not that a tier 8 medium should ever contest these things), but fast enough to flex around the map. Turret armor is weaker than the Pershing by a rather large margin, but overall there are enough armor(102mm) to not be penetrated by artillery frontally and produce occasional bounces when hulldown. 1450 health that rivals heavy tanks certain helps it stay in prolonged firefights as well. Oh, did I mention that your crew/modules rarely suffers damage? Once you get safe stowage, you shouldn't worry about excessive module damage/fires that plagues many of the other premium tanks. To avoid having your turret turned into swiss cheese, when poking out of hulldown, as always, slide sideways to make it harder to enemy to aim in Biggest advantage of this tank over every other competitor in tier 8 is the gun handling, at 0.12/0.12/0.08, it surpasses even most tier 10 mediums, although its inherent accuracy is below average(0.38), in combat scenarios this tank will hit far more shots than the 58 mutz despite its relatively slower projectile speed(850m/s vs 1000m/s). Oh right, this tank also allows 5 crews, meaning your commander don't have to learn recon and you get an extra 10 meters of view range for free thanks to radioman having no other really good skills unlike commander Overall this is a very good tank both in-terms of padding and winning, enough speed/armor/comfort/penetration to handle most situations, and APCR shells with this level of gun handling can make it an annoyance even at tier 10, not to mention it is also a very good stronghold tank as it fairs well against all but the most serious composition. Buy. Seriously. M4A1 Revalorisé Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71 Panzer 58 Mutz STA-2 T-34-3 T-54 first prototype T26E4 SuperPershing T95E2 Type 59 Heavies 112 FCM 50 t IS-3A IS-5 (Object 730) IS-6 KV-5 Löwe M6A2E1 T34 WZ-111 Tank Destroyers 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger Kanonenjagdpanzer
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