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Found 4 results

  1. Evelyn

    ISU-122S, the Russian hatchback

    PM Gandaran for ISU-130122S codes! It goes 43, it has a 6.11s reload on a 122mm gun in tier 7. It has a tactical log hatchback. Get this thing.
  2. Big_ol_Bear

    Dealing Consistent Damage

    So I took a break from WoT and recently came back; however I've noticed that my damage output has been less than desirable. I have too many games of dealing less than acceptable damage and as a result my W/R has gone down and want to fix this. With only 4k games, I feel that knowing the maps better can make a difference, but I'm already doing that and I'm not seeing results I like. I've tried platooning and that seems to work, but only for so long (afterwards I take a break and MAYBE come back for more games on the same day). I've tried WG forums before, but they blow, so I figured I'd try here and possibly get some help from some unis. I like playing mediums and have the M48 which taught me a fair bit about remaining hidden and using speed. I fail to utilize this, specifically in the T-54, and I cannot seem to realize the causation of my noobiness. Plz help -Bear
  3. source: FTR I can't be the only one who isn't impressed. This particular incarnation of the ubiquitous U-8TS has me shaking my head... the DPM is pretty bad, while 2.3 seconds aimtime and 0.35 accuracy aren't exactly impressive at that tier. 120 millimeters of frontal armor at the the slope is nice and all but it isn't going to be bouncing much of anything in tier 10 games, except to troll a few low tiers. Mobility looks on par (at least until MagicTraxx™ and other such soft stats are known) with the other two mediums, so there's that, I guess. Opinions? This doesn't look very enticing compared to the Japanese tier 10 medium imo.. although I do have more good russki crews, so I might pick one up anyway.
  4. Reposted from a different thread for discussion: All DPM values with 100% crew, no rammer/vents/BiA. Numbers taken from wiki. Data current as of 0.8.5 Tier 8 Lights: WZ-132/85: 2,182 WZ-132/100: 1,765 AMX 13 90: 1,552 Tier 8 Mediums: Indien-Panzer: 1,920 Panther II: 1,870 T-34-2/100: 1,765 M26 Pershing: 1,757 T26E4 S.Persh: 1,757 T-44: 1,746 T69: 1,745 Centurion I: 1,725 Type 59: 1,725 T-34-2/122: 1,560 Tier 8 Heavies: KV-5: 2,100 IS-6: 2,001 110/122: 1,950 110/100: 1,920 FCM 50t: 1,920 VK 4052A: 1,901 T32: 1,811 Caernarvon: 1,769 IS-3: 1,768 AMX 50 100: 1,698 Tiger II: 1,683 KV-4: 1,683 M6A2E1: 1,616 T34: 1,600 Lowe: 1,600 Tier 9 Mediums: M46 Patton: 2,516 T-54/D10T2C: 2,461 E-50: 2,340 WZ-120: 2,200 T54E1: 2,196 Lorraine 40t: 2,013 Centurion 7/1: 1,950 Leopard PTA: 1,950 Tier 9 Heavies: Conqueror: 2,284 IS-8: 2,147 M103: 2,144 AMX 50 120: 2,132 WZ-111: 2,102 ST-1: 1,984 E-75: 1,872 VK 4502B: 1,872