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Found 1 result

  1. From a copy of an Anton Pankov Q&A someone reposted on Asia forums we have. EDIT here is the same Q&A from link. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/08/22/wot-dev-qa-22-08-2017/#more-54993 "On team damage: We’re planning to disable team damage on the Sandbox, or in one region. It seems a simple and logical decision, since you won’t have to worry about punishment. Nevertheless team damage is bound to the game economy and experience gain, so it’s harder than it seems. We’ll try anyway." WTAF!? This is an absolutely awful, terrible, abysmal idea that will do more to ruin this game than OP premiums and bad MM. The fact that they are even contemplating this is a very bad sign that they no longer care about this game being in any way tactical skill based. You will get tanks just yoloing in to groups of enemies specifically so that arty can spam them.. You will get people spamming gold way, way more than you see now (yes really) into crowds of tanks from both sides brawling knowing they dont have to do more than aim in the general direction of the group and rely on not being able damage the same side tanks. You will get people deliberately aiming at their own team tanks to exploit ricochet mechanics to hit enemies around corners. Big TDs firing hesh or HE into groups of brawling tanks basically rekking face for no skill whatsoever. You know those replays where some awesome player succesfully fights off 5 or 6 tanks by hugging a live enemy tank (e.g.side hugging slow armoured non turreted TDs) and using it as cover forcing the enemy to precision shoot or get around?? Yeah?...nah you will never see that again. They will just load HE and spam you to death. Removing weak spots was bad enough, this takes the dumbing down to extreme levels and the day they do this on live is the day I stop playing WOT.
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