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Found 1 result

  1. Right all, I'm opening a replay and review center over here. The Format I like to give my replay reviews in the form of pictures, it's a lot easier to see a series of pictures of key critical moments instead of gigantic like I usually do. The Library: A KV-5 Engagement: A lesson in situational awareness: Imgur Reddit My Specialization I specialize at explaining and writing for basic and improving players and in teaching somewhat more advanced vision play at that level. I'm anticipating that most of the mistakes made in the games posted here will be on the more basic level. In terms of my tank specialization, I'm best at reviewing light tank play and in vision control maps, though I also like to focus on microengagements How to get the most out of your reviews: What To Post and What to Expect 1. RE: Posting your highlights Your best games are best games for a reason, they arent a representative sample. It's far better to post an average game than your best games. I dont care or want to see your 7k batchat carry If your average damage is 1400 in a KT, then post me a 1400 damage game, post me a 1600, dont post a 3k carry or a 500 potato. IF YOU ARE POSTING TO SHOW OFF, YOU WILL BE CALLED OUT ON IT, SO DONT. 2.Expect Abuse: The negative WILL be accentuated "You dont call a sewage technician to redecorate your bathroom, and you don't come to me to hear how your play is good." - adapted from Yahtzee It's more educational (and entertaining) to highlight bad mistakes than talk about what you're doing right, good play will be pointed out, bad play will be mocked, and mocked, and mocked, and mocked. You can expect minor transgressions to be forgiven, but do not expect anything less than the most serious abuse for repeated errors. 3. I focus on tactics and technical play over theory and strategy I analyze the actual engagements instead of your overall flank selection (unless you're making a gigantic blunder) simply because knowing where to go is really fucking easy in theory; concentrating on engagement tactics also helps help extract value out of even doomed situations. A review reading "Don't go lakeville valley" is both obvious and entirely useless, so I'll focus on what you do once you're fighting, and not so much on the flank you're at, if you're going to go lakeville valley, I'll focus on HOW you executed your lakeville valley push. More importantly, telling and pointing out how you could have fought your fight better is probably going to help a lot more than a "you should do X and Y and Z" while you struggle to actually execute it. 4. 90% of the review will be on the critical 5% I don't really look at every second, i like to focus on the key moments of a fight, because it's at those moments that the game is won or lost, such as: A. A mistake the enemy made that was or wasn't taken advantage of B. A mistake you made that could have or did cost the game Either one of these could have changed the outcome of the game, and as such, I focus on them. You can expect me to ignore 5 minutes and then spend 4 pictures discussing a 10 second engagement. Good games will tend to be bashed harder than bad games simply because there are a lot more potential game-losing errors in a good game (you can't lose a game that's already lost!) 5. Expect Pictures I love to review using pictures simply because it's faster and captures the exact mistake much more accurately. This site by Adobe is how I find a good contrast for the text annotations. 6. PoV Methodology I always review with the PoV cam to watch replays because it's a far better judge of situational awareness and tactical sense; it's actually harder to see flawed execution from the freecam mode because it'd harder to detect when you're not paying attention to a very real threat. I also watch from the skycam to see whether the PoV you were using missed anything. There's a reason I use the PoV review method: It's because it allows me to analyze your mindset much better and also analyse what your priorities at any given moment are. It helps me speed up the review process and identify both tactical errors and mistakes in awareness. My review legend: I've decided to begin using solid, dashed, and dotted lines in my reviews to denote the way an engagement runs