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Found 9 results

  1. Given the new freedoms we have over here thought it would be a good idea to start up a thread where we can display some of our servers finest moments. SEAtards, Bots, Campers et al. We need to know who the baddies are and what they are doing... Naming and shaming is essential:
  2. Hi All, I normally don't run around and post information about my channel all over the place, but since this forum is specifically designed for it, I thought I'd have a go. What to expect: - Cartoon characters - Tank Reviews - Replays - LOLs (hopefully) Note that since I use TTS, some of you may find that irritating. If you can see past this, you may want to check it out. Some examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWd3oaC4YSc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMV6eksxH3Q Cheers!
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to recive some advice on what I did wrong or what should I´ve done instead. http://wotreplays.com/site/2135599?secret=31b0c4332953736eb13d9c9e7a11d64a Thanks in advance, DexFreak
  4. Hello fellow Captains! (although at this point I don't consider myself a Captain... maybe more of a steward?) It took me several thousand battles in WoT to figure out that I sucked. It has taken less than one hundred in WoWS to get that same feeling. Allow me to elaborate (and rant a bit). Prepare your butts for a wall o' text. I really suck at playing battleships. I currently have the Wyoming and I am finding it a good ship but severely limited by my skills and perhaps the game mechanics as well (more on that later). More specifically, I am struggling with... 1. Citadel hits: Despite the finicky nature of long-ranged combat, I am having trouble doing more than average damage on my shots because I can't consistently aim for citadels. Even with the Wyoming a well-aimed salvo is lucky to hit more than 4 times at long (10-14km) ranges. Most of the other shots straddle the target, making each shot count because guess what, you have a 30s reload on your hands. Is the best place to get citadel hits still by aiming at the waterline? 2. Destroyers: The bane of battleship's existence. Let's pretend you are driving a Maus on a completely flat map that is only swampy terrain. Then, give a LT on the enemy team the ability to fire the equivalent of a JPE100 gun (albeit with a terrible shell velocity) while remaining unspotted by you. Furthermore, let him fire it multiple times in a spread. By the time you see the torpedoes, it is already too late for your big, fat battleship arse to turn. Furthermore, if you manage to have a DD in your sights, have the AP broadside that you have loaded for everything else (and probably weighing more than the ship you fired it at XD) over-penetrate and do minimal damage, allowing him 30 seconds to HE spam/burn you to death while remaining enticingly out of your secondary weapon's range. That has been my experience playing in a BB against a Destroyer. I consistently get wrecked by them and I am pretty sure it is operator error. Smug opponents have berated me for "Not staying 12km away" (DD's are 2x faster than me, I couldn't even if I wanted to. Besides, I am in an American BB, which barely has 12km of firing range as it is. If I am that far away from enemy destroyers (who are usually near the front) I am wayyy too far back to be of any use to the team) and "Straying from my cruiser picket line" (teamwork in WoWS is limited to driving in front of you as you release a full spread of torps at the enemy). Any good BB drivers (like Tedster?) have suggestions for how to deal with enemy destroyers? 3. Torpedo Bombers: Yes, I am watching my minimap. Yes, I can see them coming. Yes, I ctr+click on them to give my AA batteries a better chance at hitting them. I even go so far as making sluggish turns to try and throw their aim off. Well, I still haven't shot a plane down and while I have avoided torpedoes more often than not, I haven't picked up on the animation that signals they are going to drop torps (anyone have a video of this?) I feel this is one skill you can never be too good at. 4. Spotting mechanics: Unlike WoT, there is no set viewrange for each ship, rather a range at which that ship can be detected. This means that the little icon that tells me that I am detected is constantly lit, sometimes less that 30 seconds out of the spawn point. This also leads to ships (mainly destroyers with their high concealment attribute and ability to pop a somkescreen) to simply disappear. I find this incredibly frustrating and as far as I know there is not much I can do about it. 5. The Phoenix: Yes, I know, it isn't battleship related. But of all the ships I have played, it feels the most uncomfortable. It feels like a destroyer/cruiser mix that has none of the redeeming qualities of either class. Besides free xping it (not an option), is there any advice for playing this ship? As of now it is completely stock. I know this is a lot of text so if you have made it this far, good for you. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated, because I am not good at this thing called ships. Thanks for your help! I can maybe put some replays up if I figure out how to activate them. My apologies for not having any at this time.
  5. I was in a Tier 8 game and someone brought a T1 Cunningham. For reasons unknown to the world WG simply cant put restrictions on platoons? So, as a T1 is USELESS in a Tier 8 game and cant even spot or do a yolo scout run I killed him. I ignore it usually but it just got to me this time. So I turn blue somehow for killing a guy like in months...wow WG wow. And then my team starts raping me because why not. Oh wow blue tank lets shoot that blue T34... WG please implement platoon restrictions already or at least justify not implementing them for there might be reasons I cant think of.
  6. So, I jumped in my KV-4 during my quest to not suck, and this happens : http://www.wotreplays.eu/site/1126409#.VAIeuWNiLvA I've noted several mistakes already : -Failing to hit the T71 at the start of the battle. -Giving the panther/M10 a flat angle while trying to angle against the centurion and the T29 -Completely ignoring the STA-1 wich was the unicum of the ennemy team (I simply didn't notice him) and a stock ARL 44, to the point of letting him getting behind me (I was dismissing him as not a threat during the battle) -Getting in a position where the ennemy could shoot in my cupola while I couldn't shoot back. -At no point during the battle did I consider relocating in a place where I could perhaps be more useful. Screens from the after battle result (in french) : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/35/1409425331-shot-059.jpg http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/35/1409425333-shot-056.jpg http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/35/1409425333-shot-058.jpg So, is there anything I could have done better apart from that?
  7. I really enjoyed the Foch50 http://abload.de/image.php?img=shot_082vtugw.jpg, did pretty well in it i think. Now i bought the 155 and suck so hard, i cant believe it. The gun arc sucks as hell ( its worse than the foch50) and the dispersion trolls me as fuck. http://abload.de/image.php?img=shot_083f5uxz.jpg Im running a 4 skill crew (bia, camo, repairs and the usefull stuff as safe stowage, holy fuck im spotted lamp, etc. Vents, GLD, toolbox. I kinda played it like a foch50 the first battles and totally donked it. The normal ap rounds seem to fly around like a drunk cruise missile without fire control unit and the HEAT rounds always find some shitspot to do track or module dmg only. Im really frustrated by this tank atm, normally i do quite good in t8+ tanks. Is it just bad luck or am i potatoing enourmously and this tank just dont fit me? Any suggestions/replays/playstyle advices? At close range every nooblet is hitting my weakspots, at midrange i just think im barely usefull and sniping seems just not to work with this gun. HALP.
  8. Hello all, I'm enjoying a stretch where I can play more than 1 or 2 games a day, and want to make use of it. So - I'd appreciate any and all constructive criticism on this match. It'd be easy enough to write it off as a bad luck loss, but I've got a feeling there is more than that here, and I want to improve both with this line of TD's, and in general. http://wotreplays.com/site/214004 I'm thinking that taking a chance and killing the T29 before the Jumbo might have been the right move, but I didn't want to expose my cupola to anymore fire. Being wedged at the last got me killed though, so... Thanks for any input.
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