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Found 2 results

  1. Updated 1/6/20 http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/486640-hellfishs-fc-academy/ Hellfish's FC guide. Great surface guide and methods. http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/15443-field-commanding-guide-for-new-commanders-by-waterwar/ WaterWar's FC guide https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5Ry9WNTK98qbnJCSHV0aVozbEE/view?pli=1 this IS a PDF so it will set off all kinds of alarms but its clean. awesome read on military theory and how it applies to the game. Great read for those who want to be a better indepth caller. I'll add more as I come across them. (good ones. not meh)
  2. Garbad is right…… 9 times out of 10 there is more circle jerking and furry porn on this website than actual useful content. I’m going to try to change that be tackling a subject that I think is way to shrouded in “no no that is a trade secret, we can’t tell you!!!” I don’t buy into that I got Teff to agree to exposing a limited number of my uber secret strats to public scrutiny. So YAY for Teff. Resume: Meta commanding One of the biggest hurdles to being an FC is “buy in”. I ref rugby and we deal with this all the time. I’m not the athlete that I used to be, and though I WAS actually a sometimes super high level select side player (Atlantis 7s for anyone who cares) I certainly am NOT as good as many of the guys I ref…. .and seeing as I’m 40 now, I’m certainly not as good as they are now. I’ve got to convince them that even though they are a better rugby player than I am, I’m a pretty good ref. You’ve got the same issue as an FC. You might be the worst player via WN8 on the team (and in FOXEY’s A-team… I’m near the bottom) but it doesn’t matter. You are only 1/15 of the “shoot at enemy” part of the team.. you are 50-90% of the “think about what comes next” part. Respect is earned not given. I’m real big on the “be humble” “don’t be a dick”. That doesn’t mean I tolerate a whole lot of 2nd guessing and bitching from guys that didn’t sit in to the maptactic session before hand, but I do invite ANYONE in the clan to sit in and develop strats and go ever them with me. I had a lot of help in M-A on working up strats. I leaned on Smiley and Noodles when drawing things up, they just didn’t want to call, they wanted to go “pew pew pew”. A lot of people are VERY VERY strategic, but cannot call when the shells are flying. USE THEM. Work with those dudes to develop strats. After battle I ask people for their opinions, give a short summary of what I think we did well and did poorly, then go think about it. I own my mistakes. If my guys drive somewhere dumb…. I ask myself… did they know where I wanted them to go? Did I share my thinking during the pre match training or map tactic session? Did I send them somewhere dumb? Do not be afraid to say “I screwed up, I’ll fix it next time”. –G- doesn’t win every night. What –G- does do is make sure they don’t lose the same way twice. Winning happens because you put your guys in a position to have an advantage. Winning happens because you read what the enemy does and counter it. Winning happens before the battle about 75% of the time. Prep work matters. You can’t scream and yell every night… people tune it out. You can’t go on and on for 30 minutes…… anything over 3 key points and 2 minutes in length and you’ve lost everyone’s attention. Battle Styles There are a few major ways to play a map: The Derp, Vision Control, Turtle, Slow Play, Shell, and Counter Punch. Derp is exactly what is sounds like. Grab a huge force (15 batchats is the classic pre-locking derp) and shove it somewhere. It MUST not get spotted till it is in striking range because most tanks shoot very poorly on the move. If they see it, they will move to shoot you from cover and you will die. Poorly. The Derp is generally useful against clans with worse players, but a good FC. FCs can’t do much as the derp is 100% chaos and it counts on your tankers being good. Paradoxically, it gives a crap clan its best chance to win because, hey, any given Sunday someone might miss. The longer a match goes on the more likely it is a better clan is going to win the game, so a Derp rolls the dice on a quick game. The turtle is just that. Stick a few scouts out, lots of a TDs In the back, make them come to you. It sounds great on paper….. but if the enemy FC is slow playing/visioning you…. You WILL lose. And you can’t take ground with a turtle. That being said… it exists… and I have been known to use it when throwing a cover stack. Vision Control and Slow Play are similar. Both involve taking large sections of the map. Slow Play brings arty to wreck shop, while Vision may or may not. They key to both is good scout players and placing the heavies in places that can punish people who try to dig your scouts out. Your scouts don’t NEED to shoot, but if they can shoot and not light (or duck behind hard cover) that is cool. Slow Play is going to own a Turtle every time but can be vulnerable to a derp (because arty doesn’t have DPM or HP) Vision is simply Slow Play without arty…. Get lights via the scouts, shoot them from beyond view circle. This style is my favorite by far, but the map meta is making it more and more difficult. Shell looks a lot like a pub game. Push forces out everywhere and see where they are weak. Shell has no reserve and everything is on the front line. It can work if the groups can move quickly to support each other. (Fishman’s Bay) It depends on the guys that do meet resistance recognizing it and falling back. Shell, if successful, results in the enemy main force doing nothing while you roll up their scouts and surround them. Do not recommend for rookies. Counter Punch looks like Vision but you have a reserve of heavy hitters. WTF100s are the obvious choice but a bit slow. 50Bs are great, T-57s work too. When you expect a Shell or Derp from the enemy, CounterPunch can be brutal because once a derp gets rolling and engaged, the enemy FC thinks he is winning…. His troops get strung out a little bit…. He is just starting to lose control and WHAM… 4-6 autoloaders hit him in the flank and evaporate 3 tanks in 3-4 seconds. The key to making it work is have some hard to kill tanks in defendable places and making sure your team understands that losing 3 tanks to start is no big deal and that surviving is more important than doing damage. (Except for the counter punch…. Those guys need to hit HARD) I pulled a Counter Punch strat last night in our Himmelsdorf win against Vilin and I’m pretty convinced that the enemy FC totally lost control right as the counter landed because they were beating us up good and then it all went tits up for them. Firing lanes and map knowledge FCs usually get paid more gold. Most clans I’ve been in, FCs get 2x the pay of a soldier. Why? While you are off pubbing it up grinding that new shiny tank, the FC is in a training room with a sucker going, “Can you see me now? How about if I move to here? How about now?”. You have GOT to know firing lanes. They must be memorized. PBKAC had a spectacular loss against VANDEL because VANDL Derped on Westfield (12 mediums right down the valley) and the FC moved his heavies to shoot them…. But he moved them to the wrong place (noteably, directly south of the village instead of back to the C line depression)….. 2 WTFs scored about 5K damage each and we lost. Shamfur. It was a case of, “well good clans NEVER do this”, so the firing lines to react to it were not burned into the FCs memory. This is why you need nights off, this is why 1 FC can’t call every damn map your clan is fighting on. As important as shooting lanes are spotting lanes. Some places are awesome; some places are awesome, but obvious. The bushes high side on Porokhova 1-2 line are AWESOME, but obvious. I racked up 5K spotting in an inter-PBKAC scrimmage there one night, but the enemy team KNEW I was there and kept cracking shots. Luckily that bush is big enough to hide a bat chat with a bit of a question about where he is…. A smaller bush would yield one dead batchat. Static spotting in CW is usually a bad idea. Once suicide derp and 14 hidden guns later and you’ve lost your scout and likely 1-2 other tanks…. And you might not even kill the suicide scout because moving targets are hard to hit. Not to say you can’t camp a bush... but keep in mind… a good FC is happy to throw away tanks if it yields a win. Soldiers WILL commit suicide in a CW battle if it wins the game. Its not a pub match. J There are little magic spots on every map. Ruinberg/Himmelsdorf has some windows you can shoot through, Ruinberg has some buildings that aren’t actually next to each other and you can shoot through them. There are some magic hull down spots for T-62As everywhere. If in doubt, grab someone good in your clan and ASK them. Then share this knowledge when doing the briefing. Many a night Immenhotep said something like, “Hey, you know about this spot? Put your medium there”. I’m all like, whoa! I learned a new trick. As an FC, it is your job to know if a moving Leo-I will spot a moving T-62s 1st, and if so, by how much. The real question is….. will the T-62 charging field in Campinova light up the enemy E5s before the Batchat charging field lights it up and gets it killed. Go into a training room and figure it out. Where can arty shoot from, what can it hit? YOU GOTTA KNOW THIS! Comms and demeanor I like silent comms. I LOVE saying nothing and hearing only, “target X tank” and, “Ok, stage 1 cleared, lets group up and move to phase 2”. It means everything is going to plan, everyone is calm and in the zone, and the enemy is dieing like I drew it up. Its rare! That being said, I don’t like to talk all the time…. The radio is 2 way for a reason. Don’t fucking drive your soldiers tanks for them… give them and job and let them report back to you with suggestions. You need to shut up some so the guys can pick a focus fire target. You need to shut up so they can report back to you that your idea of pushing the 1-2 line is complete shit because they are taking fire from 3 268s with Russian cloaking devices. Players get excited. Excited players miss shots. Don’t make it worse by getting all hyped up over comms. Stay calm. Stay cool. Give orders clearly and calmly even when it is all going to shit. Especially when it is all going to shit. It is also your job to be the “no fun” guy when you are winning. Focus on guys not getting tanks locked, not making dumb decisions that suddenly lose the game, basically, not pubbing it up when you get a lead. This concludes part 1. The stuff behind being an FC Part 2 Overmatch what is it, how to get it, Focus Fire, SIMPing, and drills to improve both. Part 3 will be a breakdown of a FOXEY landing tournament on the Cliffs map. If there is stuff people would like to read about, please speak up.
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