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Found 2 results

  1. First of all, this is a hardware problem, not software. It is definitely not the drivers. My video card has been derpy since day 1, but I never felt like sending it back. It's like half a year old now. It's been getting worse and worse and especially when playing GTA is goes full retard very often. This is what my games look like: http://i.imgur.com/jtwZCcJ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/jjP2alX.jpg http://i.imgur.com/X19tGuV.jpg And at the end of the video: Sometimes I get that after 5 minutes, sometimes after 2 hours, sometimes after 10 and sometimes not at all (for instance when GTA5 was released for PC I played like 20h at once without a problem). My temperature when playing never exceeds 70°C. I ran a stress test using the MSI Kombustor with almost full VRAM usage(2.7GB/3GB, anything higher, e.g. via AA, crashed the program before it rendered anything) and my video card running at max clock speed for roughly 20 minutes. Nothing at all. The temperature in the stress test reached 78°C. I'm not asking for help trying to fix this, because I am going to send this piece of shit back on Monday anyway. The question is, why do my games look like that while the MSI Kombustor does not suffer from visual glitches? If I send the video card back, they test it and cannot reproduce the error, I'm afraid they will send it back to me, saying it's all right. PS: Not really that relevant, but there's a light "rumbling" sound somewhere in my computer when I play GTA (have only played that since this problem's first occurrence). The faster I go (= more computing going on) the more it rumbles. It's like a mini washing machine. Whenever that occurs I get massive visual glitches, too. Nothing like that in the stress test either. What could that be??
  2. Hey guys, I now have lots of spare time, and since my time played in WoT has decreased lately due to me getting anger issues, I thought "Hey, why not help others?" and that's where I am now. I've done a few reviews before, but I can with all certainty tell you that I'm not the best reviewer around here but I still feel like helping people out. (NA players will only be able to submit once 9.6 is released due to me being on EU, sadly I wasn't aware of this and am afraid the thread might die because of inactivity qq) n my career (when i started to git gud) I've been focusing on many tanks, I've been mostly doing medium gameplay but I'm also experienced in LT/HT/TD's as well, so I've invested time in all tank types and having success with all of them that I've played recently. What you can post to get reviewed: You can submit anything that you feel that a mistake has been made, it can be one of those carry games, it can be a shitty one, but no yolo potatoing because that's something that no one can learn anything from. My most played tank is the BatChat so autoloader gameplay is something you might wanna come here for. You can submit arty replays too, however I haven't played artillery above tier 5 so you probably won't get any real answers that'll benefit your artillery gameplay much. What kind of replays I prefer: A game where you felt unsure of what to do, where your strategical thinking falls short and IMO learning proper decision making is what'll make you a lot more consistent at this game. Adding your own thoughts to where you began to feel unsure and where/why things started going to shit is something you're very welcome to do, I'll take your thoughts in consideration and see if your thoughts are correct and your post game analysis is good and something you should keep doing, or if your thoughts have flaws and needs some working on, however I'm gladly offering to help you out with either. Miscellaneous: No certain skill level, you can be the baddiest baddie and that probably only means that you'll get more pointers, and I'll probably specify what should be focused on, too much of the good can result in bad things. You can criticise my criticism all you want, I'll keep an open mind and I will keep what you say in mind and draw a conclusion afterwards. If you post more than two replays at the same time, I'll only do one or two and then move on to the next person before getting back to the others you've posted. (Make this a reasonable amount of replays, no 100-game samples please) All reviews will be done in time stamp form unless they're so short it'll be easy to follow anyway. I'll try to process every thought I get while watching your replay, and I'll post a conclusion on the end of what you should focus on to try and improve. I think that's about it. Happy posting ^^
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