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Found 2 results

  1. So, while trying to redo some 5 crew skills, I became interested in how accurate the info an popular understanding of firefighting was. It's a small sample, but I'll add a few different ones later to validate results Methodology: Target: 215b - it's got a very exposed and soft fuel tank for a lot of HP. Shooter mt-25 - good pen vs low alpha Went through replays with a hitlog and recorded each fire damage, hp at time, tick for module damage, number of ticks. Threw out any where fire killed tank. Groupings: Test 1 & 2 Skills: FF 100% + BIA Test 3 & 4: BIA Results: - Fire damage is based on Hull HP - FF has no effect on reducing module damage, - The first tick of 1st fire is ~3.9% of max HP (+/- 0.3%) regardless of FF - The first tick of 2nd fire is~3.5% of max hp(+/- 0.3%) Regardless of FF - FF increases the inter-tick reduction of fire damage by ~50% (wow, close to what was written) (In test it reduced each tick by 10 +/- 1, non FF reduced each tick by 5 +/- 1) - fires burn until tick damage = ~0 - FF reduces ticks by great e - The first fire seems to cost ~22% +/- 3 maxHP with FF The first fire seems to cost ~40% +/- 5 maxHP without FF - Second fire seems to cost ~15% with FF - Not enough data for cost without FF Conclusions: Basic fire equation FireDam = (MaxHP*~0.039(0.95n-(.05*X))) X = FF skill If people wish to test this data, feel free to post here and I'll try and update as it goes. Edit: Special thanks to Etrenety, a random NA player who was kind enough to run through a number of test runs.
  2. Hello gents, I want only pros to answer so I thought Id ask this question here and not at the official forums..... What does firefighting skill do exactly? Reason I ask this is that I got plenty of credits and started using food for extra tank performance lately. Usually you drop the fire extinguisher and put the food there. Im close to getting my 5th skill on my batchat and wonder if I could possibly take firefighting as skill and drop the extinguisher. Since the bat actually does burn now and then, I dont fancy the idea of running without both ext and firefighting skill. But what does it do? How much HP do you lose to fire if you have 100% firefighting skills? And how much when you have 66%? I know it lowers HP damage and you get less module damage but I wanna know if the trade-off is worth it. Hard numbers please
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