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Found 11 results

  1. Solid Purple/Low Deep Purple+ returning after a year+ break, looking for a solid group to platoon, stronghold, tournament/skirmishes with, can do clan wars occasionally. Was in Relic Aux way back when, moved to Relic 2nd, near the end of being in Relic 2nd I played tournaments (Weekly skirmishes + qualified for silver league) with some SIMP guys and had a hell of a fun time. It seems most of my friends from way back when have stopped playing/dont recognize my name change [Migizikody --> Cold_Stream] I have various voice programs {Teamspeak, Discord, Mumble} Here is the gist of my tier 8-10 play, Highlighted are my tier 10 tanks (6 of them) 99% solopub and looking to change that
  2. Hi, Captain of Team PrimeTime here. We currently on the search for a 10th player to fill our roster. We are looking for the best players out there who are interested in becoming a part of a family. WGLNA Gold League Qualifiers are next week, but there’s always roster change week during the season. Our goal is to be the Top NA Team and go to the grand-finals next year. Since next season is Tier 10s we are pretty confident we are going to perform extremely well in the league this upcoming season. We are looking for people with stats that can match the best on our roster, although I want to point out that stats do not mean everything. The best pubstars are not always the best team players. We want the best who can mesh with us and have good insight on team play and strategy. Our roster comes from 2nd Place Season 5 team (I Love Lamp) and some of the top performers during Season 6 (Team Refuse) and Me. We have also gone undefeated in the recent Classic Season V tournament, and many other tournaments in the past. Most of our roster also participates in the Champion’s clan league [BULBA] on NA, which we are currently dominating J http://wotscout.com/team/145782 (The Classic Team) What we are looking for: The best (No trash or e50/light tank padders) People with past WGLNA or WGLEU experience preferred Players that can perform extremely well in Tier 10 Tanks (4K+ DPGs) Strat geniuses/Calling a big + Those open to criticizm so that they can learn and improve Someone who becomes a part of our family (Looking for Chill Try Hard Playas) Those who want to win and will show up to everything, and have can-do attitude. (We meet minimum 3+ days a week, Tuesdays/Thursdays/ then random) Skype required Please PM me or post below to let me know if you're interested It’s Time for PrimeTime!
  3. Hello! I am posting this for TheTierOneDude, commander of M777, as he said he cannot log in to the forums because he forgot his password but isn't getting a password reset email not matter how hard he clicks the forgot password link *chuckles* M777 is a new clan, building up and (as you commander and recruiters know) it is EXTREMELY difficult attracting the player base with just a few guys. We are looking for minimum green players who are interested in SH, platooning, and the NEW global map. If you are interested please hop on our teamspeak channel (below) and talk to me, zhukovs_ghost, or TheTierOneDude! We are very friendly and don't bite. Best of luck to those finding a clan, please consider M777 as your new home! ts125.teamspeak3.com:4204 http://wotlabs.net/sig_dark/na/thetieronedude/signature.png
  4. Since I've noticed a few people kind of jump onto the Internetometer bandwagon, I figured there should be a pointless topic showing who's the most awesome of them all. If I see your Internetometer button anywhere, I'll copy it into its position here on the scoreboard. Alternatively, you can post your button in this thread and I'll add it. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  5. I'm going to start playing on my EU account again, which means derping around in the Churchill III. Probably on weekends between 6 and 9 PM GMT. I can't make any promises about how much I'll play but some T95E2 XP is better than none, right? If you want to play pref. MM tier 5 tanks, or regular tier 4s with my Chruchill, and earn some XP towards your T95E2 here's your chance. Post in this thread before 6 PM GMT on the 10th of December if you're interested and on EU. I'll run an RNG after assigning each poster a number and let chance decide who gets the reinvite.
  6. I have always had a habit of raging at my teamates for what they do wrong. But I have recently begun to just think of the futility of it all. It is not the fault of my teamates that I died. It is not the fault of my teamates that we lost. It's my fault and I should just take responsibilty and gitgud@tonks. I just realized for me that playing music helps a lot. It just lets me focus on the game and just be a more mellow guy. For the near-future (and maybe long if this thread lives). I will be coming back to this thread every week Sunday night to just put down a song that I find to be relaxing for me when playing in randoms. BTW, the songs are only the ones that I have listened to, if you feel that there is a song that you find relaxing that helps you carry games. Feel free to post it in this thread. There will be a limit of 1-2 songs from each poster each week, to encourage some restraint. Well here goes, the first song of many. P.S. (If you want a song to repeat, Right-Click (twice if needed) and select Loop) P.P.S All the 'reasonable' songs on this thread will be located in this playlist ( one song wil be picked from each post to limit the congestion) Pls no massive albums, There will however be exceptions made if the album is exceptional. Other than that pls keep it in a reasonable length. As in <20min long https://www.youtube.com/playlist?action_edit=1&list=PL0WbKo6zjITWStN1lygSAsjjB05kje-Yo
  7. I just wanted to share this here, as I've been using it for some time myself, not only for World of Tanks, but for any games that doesn't have its own mod manager. JSGME, short for JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler is a multi-supportive windows folder handle program application something thingy, that allows you to easily move around multiple mods and take backups of any files that the mods overwrite, so that you can always stay safe of any fuckups that usually comes with mods. Its smart, useful, and can potentially save up lots of time for those who does not use brain-injected modpacks filled with clutter and tl;dr stuff. The original developer is nowhere to be seen, its official site gone, and the last update is from like 2010 or something, but it still works for most if not all Windows systems. This is how it looks, with my current available & activated mods; I've included a readme that you really should read, if you want know how to use this fine quality tool. Download: Dropbox Readme: Dropbox
  8. Picked up by D-O-S. Insanley fast honestly. Hi guys, after having a few clans approach me and all offer positions in their clans, I decided to be picky/hard to get, and I am now stuck with no clan. Honestly I felt like I deserve it but hopefully someone will scoop me up and bring me out of the darkness. Anyways, I was really wanting to play the Clan Wars Event and I'll be sticking around afterwards aswell. I'm looking for a clan that is going to do the event, has success in clan wars, and has an overall history of doing well. For the event I believe it's tier 8 abd if course listed, I have the AMX 50 100, Is-3, IS-6, AMX AC 48, Panther 2, and ISU-152 if this interests anyone. Statistics if you don't want to look left are here for you too. I have two tier 10s and 2 others researched (With a tier 10 I can free XP to). Tier 10s I own: T62-A - 2774 - 63% WinRate Leopard 1 - 2787 DMG - 57% WinRate And researched are... E-50M IS-7 - Sold this about two years ago, looking to buy this back. I can research the Foch 155 or AMX 50B if that's more desirable than the two I have researched if need be, but just notice I'll be playing the IS-6 non-stop for the next 100 battles to get the credits. Also of course, I have TeamSpeak 3, I have a mic, and I'm 15 years old if that's a problem.
  9. Forgive me father for I have sinned For I have played arty and further tainted my garage. So I've heard about the crazy arc of the british tier 5/6 arty and wanted to give them a go. And have been thoroughly chewed in tier 6 CW by the little chihuahua FV's and have had people recommend them and of course, I've seen replays on how fast and how crazy the gun arc is. So you could say I was Interested. I free XP'd all the way to the bishop (Didn't have enough to go through) so I decided I'd play it, thinking it would be horrific and I'd have to only do X2's for a few weeks. But I soon found out it is not at all bad. Setup: Stats so far: 23,000 XP ground out just today First game, 4 kills, 1600 damage Spoiler: Dem graphics Best games today: (*Me being good@scumbag) I do not advocate playing arty But damn, Thing reloads in 11.5 seconds at 93% crew/rammer/vents, The flight time is long and im still getting used to it. But this is the thing, It DROPS shells onto the engine deck and about 20-30% of the time you hit for 400-500 damage and a somewhat rare, you set them on fire along with that 400-500DMG
  10. About Me: - I've finally felt my recent WN8 has started to plateau a bit, since I've reached the 2100 band it's been going up and down. Right now it's sitting around 2330. - I'm looking for a purple mentor player to get me to a target of 2600 recent WN8, which is across the purple threshold and well into safe territory. I hope this isn't too hard of a target. - I've platooned with purple unicums and other uni-blues before. It's either because they think of better tactics, or I play better under the fact that I have to show purples what I'm worth. Usually, I should end up right behind them in terms of XP, and occasionally in between both of them. - My GMT is +8. Which means if you are a morning player, good. - I can speak English and Mandarin fluently. - I like scouts. However I'm proficient with heavies, mediums and TDs. What kind of Mentor I am Looking for: - Tell me where to go generally or a spot(s) for my tank that I loaded into the game with on said map, quickly before the start of the battle. - Tell me immediately if you think I screwed up somewhere. Yelling is optional. - Silent platooning works, however it is making it hard for yourself with Point No.1. Tanks: IX: Conqueror, M103 VIII: AMX 13 90, Pershing, T28 Prot, Centurion I, IS3 PS: Also looking for platoon buddies. Add me if you want.
  11. So my soloscrubbing winrate is currently in freefall, could really use a clan except for one slight problem.... I am not currently even close to having any clam warz tanks, and frankly I am not desperate to take part in that any time soon. I made an that for some reason you all collectively decided to disregard and ignore I currently am enjoying trying to enjoy my time in the mid tiers, have a few lines running from tiers 3 through to 7, I did have a 60+% winrate but as I am moving up the tiers and trying to grind through some stock tier 6 tanks I have found that my poor winrate is now going down faster than a.... well let's just say it's going down fast. I know there are a hundred clans that would take me in a heartbeat no questions asked but I am hoping to join a somewhat more selective clan with better quality players, I really do want to get my winrate back up into the 60's and really want to continue to improve as a player. I could make a thread on the potato forums and get lots of invites but would rather ask here, even if it does turn out to be futile. I don't have any tanks above tier 7 at this time. However I do bring... A somewhat reasonable level of talent and knowledge. A willingness to learn and do what it takes to further improve. Maturity, ok maybe not maturity but I am somewhat old. Not totally scrubby stats, but they could use a bit of work. Whatever voice comms you use, prefer TS3 but can get others working if needed. Tanks I am currently running, T29, Hellcat, T-150, Churchill I, T-34-85, SU-85b, Bishop, Type T-34. + a few tier 3's for sng's. Tier 10's I intend to get eventually, T110E5, IS4, Object 140. However not going to rush to tier 10 at this time. So are there any gud clans out there that might consider relaxing their requirements a tad for a "candidate" with potential?
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