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Found 10 results

  1. OK, here is problem. No code editor (as i'm aware), and you end up with mess. Any tips about formating?
  2. Our benevolent overlord Allurai has created a new Purple group called Has Awesome Replays, appropriately titled with posting privileges to the Purple Poaster Replay Place subforum. The purpose of this group is to create a larger resource of purple replays in one place without so many posters needing Purple Poaster tags, which require far more than simply having good stats. It will also serve as a stepping stone to the PP group and help hopefuls get themselves noticed. Current requirements are Super Unicum (deep purple) recent stats, Unicum (light purple) overall stats, and my nod of approval. I'll make exceptions on stats on a case-by-case basis, PM me if you are interested.
  3. WoTLabs has grown to be an important part of the tanks community in all regions. It's important to remember that we're community-run and -funded and that our focus is on the betterment of all tankerkind, including them pubbies. We focus on being a player-run and -moderated community and use tools and strategies not available to commercial entities. We're the cool kid hangout and cool kids aren't usually the angry tantrum throwers; this makes our life easier from the get go. First let me outline that the WoTLabs stats site and WoTLabs Forum should be considered as separate entities, even if our staff are a little inbred and are, at present, under both umbrellas. Neverwish runs the stats side of things and I run the forums, but as we're both one-man-bands, there is some overlap especially what concerns the technical side of things. WoTLabs was created to be a place of player-moderated content involving World of Tanks, a place of commentary on all things World of Tanks-related, and a place where commercial interests don't interfere with forum administration and moderation. Our focus is on the best gameplay to employ at each set of changes and not what set of changes will be best received by our consumers. From their external communications I see, it seems quite obvious to me that there conflicting ideals within the decision makers at Wargaming. While this currently is impacting the WoT Forums the most, I would prefer that WoTLabs and WoTLabs Forum both stay well out of the spotlight. We should focus on exploiting the talent we harbour here, not arming them and sending them back to a pointless "war". The last thing I want is for WG to consider us as a competing commercial entity that's trying to blow out their candle. If WoTLabs gets weaponized and thrown in WG's face (ie. WoTLabs is awesome, why aren't you; WoTLabs has great moderation, why don't you; etc) then sooner or later they will confront us. We don't want this to happen. We're a separate but symbiotic community in the grand scheme of things; if they want us gone - one way or another it will happen. Any repercussions upon WoTLabs due to our forum activity would be devastating for the community. Please be careful wielding our brand in your fights, if WoTLabs needs to fight a battle then I am more than equipped to do so. Don't use WoTLabs as the whetstone for your axe grinding, while we may tolerate it for a while it's far from desired content from our users. Keep a lid on the sperg; negativity and personal attacks will get us nowhere and will be a burden to those agitating for constructive changes. WG can never replicate what we have here as they have lawyers to worry about; change your expectations to them being a better Wargaming, not them being like WoTLabs. Disappointment comes to those that yearn for the unachievable. Some would blame WoTLabs for the making our grass seem greener by peeing over the fence and I would rush to our defense stating that WoTLabs Forum hasn't been an antagonist in what is happening; however we've certainly been a catalyst. I've thought the boiling over of the NA and EU communities have been coming for a while and yes, we have hastened their arrival. Our existence provides avenues for users to communicate outside of WG's control which has significantly lessened the threat and impact of an R/O. Being a multiplyer for disgruntled misery is not what intend for the future. There are a chasmic difference between venting anger and enacting a vendetta. Wargaming at present is trying hard to fix some of the points of grievance; how about give them some rope and space and see what they do before prattling on too much. TL:DR At this point I want to iterate some of our policies/ideals which are much more important to consider when posting than ever: WoTLabs is not a place for your to organize being a nuisance on the WoT Forums. Do not use WoTLabs as the whetstone to grind your axes with Wargaming; we are not your blog. WoTLabs Staff: Keep in mind that you fly under our banner. Your opinion will be considered as our opinion even if you don't intend it that way. Don't use WoTLabs as a weapon when posting on the WoT Forums; Yes we are different, because no commercial restraints allow us to be. WoTLabs main purpose is for the betterment of the WoT community, helping the yellows get bluer and so forth. Please be careful as users, moderators and staff about what you post under our banner; you may throw stones on our behalf that we don't want thrown. We're an important part of the Tanks community, but lets focus on the scholarly aspects rather than the face paint, antagonism and wailing. Thanks, and <3 you all.
  4. I received an EDUCATIONAL WARNING for the following content: --- Ditto. Yes, thanks for the crew XP. But you just did a barracks expansion sale 2 weeks ago http://worldoftanks....here-come-from/ And also on August 30 http://worldoftanks....cation-weekend/ You did garage slots sale a couple times in the past month. For next weekend, please avoid it. http://worldoftanks....-space-weekend/ http://worldoftanks....wunder-weekend/ --- The post from the warning is: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/290280-steel-warrior-weekend/page__view__findpost__p__5686641 but the post doesn't come up cuz the moderators whacked it. You can search the topic for thread barracks expansion and find my post deleted post. Please tell me what's wrong with this post. It seems like Wargaming is going after me for mild, polite criticism. How can it be wrong to post links to Wargamings own content with polite requests?
  5. I've noticed that the forum signatures often don't update until mid afternoon GMT, and even then it looks like the light, dark and custom signatures are often out of sync. So how often do the signatures update?
  6. Hey guys, just to let you all know. To help cover the costs of the forum server and get it a much needed RAM upgrade, I set up an AdSense block which is visible for guests only. Registered users will not be bothered by the ads!
  7. Even though it's blindingly obvious to our fanatical users, we've shuffled around the forum sections again so that things make a little more sense. GPP News and Announcements - changed to 'WoTLabs News, Updates and Announcements'. Merged the 2 news and announcements forums, and tagged the threads correctly using the 'prefix' (big silver thing) tag to specify which news articles belong to each service. WoTLabs Suggestions - Still in GPP, but changed order. Issue Reporting - Moved to Admin Office section. WoTLabs Issue Reporting - Moved to Admin Office section. Newbie Forum - renamed to Newbie Palace and New Users Introductions. Shenanigans - Left as is. Computer Stuff - Computer Stuff & Volunteer Tech Support New Forum: Looking for Platoon. Threads in this forum are set to auto-lock/delete after 30 mins of no activity. Coming Soon. Q and A Section - Renamed to 'Purple Player Interaction Centre'. Ask a Unicum - Left as is. Purple Poaster Replay Place - Left as is. Gud@Poasting Peer Review renamed to Purple Player Discussion I has question please - Moved to GPP WoT Core Skills and Mechanics - whole section left as is. WoT Metagame Discussion Gameplay Discussion, upcoming changing, addon and map discussion - Left as is. New forum: Pub and Platoon Specific Play. Tank Company, Clam Wars, Tournaments and Field Commanding - merged into 'Teamplay Required Discussion' CRaP: Removed Clans looking for Players Section - We don't want to promote the making threads and bumping it for 70 pages thing here. Clans won't be able to post recruitment crap here, but players can still advertise themselves. Change name of 'Individuals or Groups looking for Clans' to 'Looking for Clan[NA], [sEA] and [EU]' (3x forum). Add EU clam section, though this will be unused for a while. Condensed the 2 NA sections into 1. Each campaign, or 'phase' of the WG CW activities (for example, the campaign time will cover all 4 bits of it, not just the first) should have its own section which gets remade each time this all changes up. Rename the SEA clam section to something more sensible. Admin Office. WoTLabs Forum Issues and WoTLabs Issues moved here. Removed Purple Discussion forum as this was essentially a duplicate forum to Purple Player Discussion Pre-release section removed, all threads moved into Moderator Discussion - forum unused now. Admin discussion and Member Sanctions left as is.
  8. We have changed the reputation point limits for the major user groups on the forum to promote you guys all giving + rep to good posts and guides that are worthy of it. Guest/Validating/Registered User: +0/-0 Verified Tanker: +10/-1 Trusted/Purple: +10/-2 The reason for these changes is quite simple. We want you to use your + votes each day to ensure that great content, whether its tips, a guide, a question being answered. Good content is usually appreciated across the community, so the community should help us in identifying it. + rep should be used to freely indicate that something is a good post, valued information, hilarious etc. - rep should be used to identify shit posts, threads, users etc. - rep should be more valuable than + rep People should be encouraged to give + rep to gud poasts, and hold their - rep as precious and sacred for a shitpoast turly deserving of it. At this point, the +s greatly outweigh the -s. This means that good poasts will appear gud, the bad poasts will appear slightly bad. Due to the disparity, users that poast gudpoasts will get more and more + rep. Users that don't post gudpoasts won't get much +rep. Neg rep will have little influence on the users overall rep given that + votes should greatly outweigh - votes. Anyone with rep below 0 should then consider themselves walking on thin ice, and the moderators will be watching.
  9. After keeping Neverwish in the basement for 3 days with a box of caffiene pills, 50 cans of pringles and a men's mag he has finished his latest project - to introduce support for the EU and SEA wargaming.net accounts, just as we do for NA accounts. Users will now be prompted for which server they belong to when they sign up. Existing users with NA accounts looking to change to SEA/EU can contact an admin here: Please also log any issues in that thread above ^ Tank on.
  10. You can now welcome back the familiar up and down arrows! Guests & Non-Verified Users can only see the Reputation value of a post. The other usergroups, Verified Tankers, Trusted Gudpoaster and Purple Poasters have the following settings: 5 Positive votes on a 24 hour cooldown. 5 Negative votes on a 24 hour cooldown. Can see who gave and removed reputation for a post. We'll be seeing how this goes for now given our community base currently has very few idiots. Yay! ------------- click on the number and see what happens ------------->
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