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Found 13 results

  1. RULES • 3 games per player (you’ll need a forum account to post your replays here). • Forum accounts need 5+ posts and positive karma to be eligible • Tier 9/10 only - No LTs or arties • No Ranked Battles or Grand Battles • Can be any type of game (carries, derps and in-betweens) but the games you take most from are where you are under pressuree and struggle in general with what to do. Same tank all 3 games and within a short time frame is what I would prefer. Cherrypicking great games gives you advice less relevant for you but you can also do things like 3 really tricky games in 3 different tanks.. you choose what you submit. • All submissions fulfilling the reqs until end of July will be accepted, all skill levels are welcome and I will do my best to adjust • FRESH GAMES. When you link them here, a quick rundown of what you were thinking throughout the game helps me a lot and most importantly gives you some footing to look back to after the review, • Recording tempo will be one per day until people either stop posting in which I’ll allow someone that already posted (first come first serve of the already reviewed) , to post 3 more. (New players get prioritity) One player gets 6 replays at most. If I don’t have anything left in the work queue I might go over my own gameplay. • I will post the reviews in this thread and quote /tag the players. ” End of July is just when I won’t take on more replays, those still left to do will obviously be done as I have weeks of time after to do so this’ll kick off thursdsy and I’ll hard cap it at 20 submlsslons Got some free time again (handed everything in for the year to move forward next semester) and while visiting parents during this week and next I have close to nothing on my schedule until the very end of July and as hand is still healing an hour or so less of use by talking the time to do these might not be so bad. I also found my Blue Yeti at my parents place and finally bought.the right USB port slot for it’s broken cord, now with a mic that doesn’t sound like trash I might just install an extra client with different graphic settings to improve the video quality overall. (Anyone to confirm that this works so you don’t hsve to reset graphics/clientside every time playing after having recorded beforehsnd? I’m guessing yes if you just run the replsys through a game on another drive? If someone knows please answer so I don’t have to try it and fail) Still super casual on the fly analysis, just better looking and sounding. Might consider trying some small editing stuff depending on how time consuming this gets. (Currently thinking about borderless capture and a transparent drawing tool live (not having to follow mouse cursor (as it is normally too small for people to notice you pointing places m in game) and some similar stuff like basically being able to stratsketch the in game minimap. hmu if you know how this could work! yun9#9973 or PM here, or post the replays in the thread
  2. Hello, Wargamming is apologizing for problems, and is giving this: To show our appreciation of your loyalty during those times, everyone who wins a battle between 12 June at 07:00 and 22 June at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) will receive the following gift: 1 day of Premium Account 3 Personal Reserves: +50% XP for 2 hours 3 Personal Reserves: +100% Crew XP for 2 hours 3 Personal Reserves: +100% Free XP for 2 hours Easy gain, I guess ;). https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/gift-loyalty/
  3. Fill out the form and you can get free stuff. At a minimum you get 1 day of premium, but you can get a Type 59 or an FCM Link to form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3nCQK2uTcGHDZps75quJPgg8hhKguCPxfBxanHu_dD3Q6Sg/viewform?c=0&w=1 Chodes: 1. BURBANK 2. SPROCKET 3. COMMANDER 4. MONKEY 5. FIREPOWER 6. AMMUNITION 7. VICTORY 8. TRAVERSE Bonus : CHAMPIONS
  4. So i have a bunch of game keys, bonus codes, and other general BS that i don't want. Message me which you want, first-come first-serve. Current Crap: SMITE Loki Pack Magicka Wizard wars Exclusive Staff and Blade Free 1 month of Twitch turbo (requires subscription) World of Tanks invite code PAYDAY 2 Electarodent and Titan Masks Lara Croft and the guardian of Light ARMA: Cold war Assault Fish fillets 2
  5. Made a reroll account and bought some gold to get the recruit reward but lost motivation. Instead of just letting it sit and rot I will give it away for free to someone who will play on it. If you want to grind out an tier10 even better.
  6. The big count-down to Christmas has begun! Hello tankresses and tankers. The Ever wondered why you can't penetrate weaker enemies? The tankers Mouse Hunter and Scary Shell explain and demonstrate the technique of angling a tank. Sidescraping is a well-known trick that uses angling. But how does it really work? In this episode: The math behind angling (0:46) Angling the hull (1:49) Angling the turret (2:52) Sidescraping (3:59) Sidescrape duel (6:13) Traps in a real battle (7:25) Permalinks: http://noobclub.net/episodes/4.html http://noobclub.net/episodes/how-to-angle-and-sidescrape-a-tank.html
  7. https://www.humblebundle.com/store You can get a copy of Metro 2033 for Steam for free for the next like 21 hours or so. Did I mention it's free? Edit: Middle of the page, big announcement, hard to miss. Put e-mail, get Steam code (You'll have to access steam through your browser and give permissions to HumbleBundle). You then go to your library to instal the game. Edit 2: An IRL friend said he had to imput his mail twice before he got the code (He got it a few seconds after he put his email for the second time). Edit 3: Using GMail seems like the way to go (It's a Google conspiracy I tell you).
  8. EDIT: Giveaway has expired! 100k codes were given out - and they may be doing another one at some point (http://www.overwolf.com/blog/wot-giveaway-is-over/) Download overwolf from http://download.overwolf.com/WoTSocialHubInstallerRU.exe (Works for NA/EU (Sorry SEA/SG/RU players )CONFIRMED by Overwolf Staff) Then follow these steps to get 1k gold for leaving it open while playing/idling on WoT. When it asks you to sign up - you can use your normal email or a @mailinator.com email if you don't want to recieve emails from Overwolf. E.x. Put in "gibshekels@mailinator.com" for email, and go to gibshekels.mailinator.com to access the disposable emails' address. Proof that it's real: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/content/soft/pc_programs/overwolf/ Overwolf may seem like a sketchy program but it's legit. It may affect system performance so you can just uninstall it when you're done or keep it if you like it . Proof it's not a virus: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/ba90af096ef6a4a2d8641828742c402c89f1b8deed0050898b0f86985cd259d7/analysis/1415063461/ If the "Giveaways" tab is not showing up, try the following: Re-start WoT and the "social hub" - and make sure you're signed in to Overwolf. (Or you can try the refresh button, near the top of the page a few times) Another reported solution is to go to the overwolf website or on the client and update it. pls upboat +1 me if it worked for you I'm actually trying to make a comeback here ;_; PROOF THAT IT WORKS
  9. FlaviFeels

    PayDay 1

    So, PayDay 1 is for free on STEAM right now, for 24 hours. Edit: Sorry if making a post is not necessary, just wanted to make sure anybody interested noticed. Feel free to delete if needed. .
  10. I just wanted to share this here, as I've been using it for some time myself, not only for World of Tanks, but for any games that doesn't have its own mod manager. JSGME, short for JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler is a multi-supportive windows folder handle program application something thingy, that allows you to easily move around multiple mods and take backups of any files that the mods overwrite, so that you can always stay safe of any fuckups that usually comes with mods. Its smart, useful, and can potentially save up lots of time for those who does not use brain-injected modpacks filled with clutter and tl;dr stuff. The original developer is nowhere to be seen, its official site gone, and the last update is from like 2010 or something, but it still works for most if not all Windows systems. This is how it looks, with my current available & activated mods; I've included a readme that you really should read, if you want know how to use this fine quality tool. Download: Dropbox Readme: Dropbox
  11. http://steamcommunity.com/games/63380/announcements/detail/1642999041780917806
  12. Does anyone else have this game? The premise is that of a top-down Single-Player Dungeon Crawler where you're in control of a single hero. And you raid castles for loot. But the castles you're raiding are castles created by other players (once you get out of the level 1-4 learning section). So you raid other players' castles for epic loot, then turn around and use that cash to make your castle tougher so that no one can raid your castle for loot. It's quite addictive, and it's free!! Here's a couple videos of players attacking my castle and getting rekt. In this one, it was a 30-second face-eating. I rather enjoyed it, but I felt that I could improve on this perfection... So I did. This is the upgraded castle, with a 15-second mud-hole stomping: Get it!! And once you're in game, add me and come raid my panties castle! Kittikat <- only 3 T's (you have to add me once the game is started, from inside the game itself, since it doesn't link with steam)
  13. I got a few bucks from selling cards for a game that just got cards so I obviously went and crafted a few badges because why not? I ended up getting 4 coupons for games that I don't want. I'm giving away the 3 cheaper ones and I'll trade the expensive one for like the $7 gold bundle or a smaller gold pack if you use pay by mobile or whatever. $5 game. 50% off of "No Time to Explain" http://store.steampowered.com/app/227280/ $5 game. 90% off of "Future Wars" http://store.steampowered.com/app/46440/?snr=1_7_15__13 $10 game. 90% off of "X-Blades" http://store.steampowered.com/app/7510/ $40 game. 75% off of "Serious Sam 3: BFE" http://store.steampowered.com/app/41070/?snr=1_7_15__13 First two are totally free, third one you can toss me some gold if you really want but no big deal, Serious Sam I'll trade for some goaldz I've also got a copy of Castle Crashers if anyone wants it. All my buddies have a copy so I was left with an extra when I bought the 4 pack while it was on sale.
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