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Found 25 results

  1. Hello all on the WoTlabs forum! Coming up is the new year, and with the new year (yay!). With the new year is my birthday, to celebrate I have decided to give back to this awesome community with a replay contest. This is no ordinary replay contest, it is far more important than that. This is a replay contest to decide who is the greatest World of Tanks player of all time. All are welcome to participate, but only the greatest player will win eternal glory and bragging rights. I am buying the prizes out of my own money, so i will not purchase bundles. Prizes will be gifted to the winners after the contest closes and results are announced. The prizes: First place will be decided by highest damage and will win either a tier 8 premium tank or the gold equivalent for those who have all of them. The tank must be in your server's premium shop at the time of the contest conclusion. Second place will be decided by highest base XP and will win a tier 7 Premium tank or gold equivalent. The same rules apply. Third place is decided by the highest number of kills and wins a tier 6 or lower premium tank or gold equivalent. The above rules also apply. Rules: The contest will take place between the release of this post and the last day of January. The date is taken from the time stamp of the replay. Replays from the NA, SEA, and EU server will be accepted. You must use the Churchill Gun Carrier You must fire at least 1 standard armor piercing round that must deal damage. Team killing is a disqualification of the replay. Racism/homophobia in chat is also a disqualification. in the event of a tie for damage the higher base XP will win. In the event of a tie for base XP the higher damage will win. in the event of a tie for kills the higher damage will win. people who win more than 1 category will win the higher prize, the lower prizes will go to the runner up. The winning relays will be commentated on by me some time in February. results and prizes will be posted in February. Best of luck, show off you skills in the best tank in the game.
  2. I was just wondering, as the game has progressed, have you found wot more or less fun to play. I don't really know, but overall I would say the game seems a bit off somehow. This could be just me, but at the moment, it sometimes seems to be the case that theres a lot of "enduring the tedium" in this game to get at the fun. I recently got a load of other games in the Summer sale, and they seem to have a massive advantage over wot in that: Its fun to play well... whereas in world of tanks a lot of the time playing well doesn't necessarily mean fun. I don't know, its just an impression I get...
  3. Hey Friends, Since this Forum is completely deaded, have another Clan-Thread to shitpost in. LDMA - Lass Dampf ab We are looking for Member for our small clan. [LDMA] is a relaxed clan without any Ambition to participate in SKirmishes/Advances/Clanwars, whatsoever. If WG decides to ever create a campaign again, that is worth to play and no Battle-spam, that might Change though. We have a german core, but also other nationalities among us. As Long as you can Insult us in any european language, there shouldnt be any language barriers. We do not only recruit by stats, but mainly by recommendation of fellow Clan members, so if you want to join us, just hop on TS and get in touch with some people or write me a message. What we can offer: - A stunning clan, which is more like a bunch of friends - A Teamspeak-Server, with mildly offensive to disgustingly racist Servergroups - Top-of-the-Server Platoonbuddies ( if people actually play WoT) or many other games - No Drama about rules, activity requirements, General behaviour or other Kindergarten activities, Super Important Clan Stats: At the moment we are actively looking for a Clan Mascots Have fun in World of Tanks or what else you do in Life!
  4. BRAH - It's NOT just a game, brah! Now with added boxes, get yours today! BRAH is an international clan with mature and skilled players that are active in SH, Advances and in random battles. We're a bunch of adult players with varied gaming backgrounds. Our community is large and span over several games, f.ex. PoE and PUBG. Every day at 21.00 CEST we have Advances, ensuring us to keep those level 10 credit bonuses going. We have a few very good FCs that lead tier 10 battles. Anyone is free to start a tier 6/8 detachment. We are not playing CW, nor will we ever do it regularly, but we play all campaigns. Last tier 10 campaign everyone who put in an effort got a tank. Requirements: - Mature and relaxed, up for some friendly banter and still keeping focus on the battle at hand. - Teamplay experience and relatively high activity. - Recent stats that show that you understand the game, inside the light purple area. Overall stats are less important, but will be assessed too. - Be able to communicate in basic English. All applicants will be tested in teamplay, and all our members are expected to join when an invite for an Advance is sent out(around 2045 CEST). If you can only play for that first game, join anyway! Someone can replace you for the next battle. This does not mean that you have to be here every day, but when you are online you are expected to show up. We're always on the lookout for new FCs, and we will not assess FCs the same way as we would with a player. If you have questions, please contact one of our Officers or Recruiters: EpicFale, fffnord, Trevez, N1nja_Pingu, ffox, MartinNL, Gasgadur Discord: https://discord.gg/YUyDhqh Feel free to join our Discord, even if you just want to hang out and play games with us! (my most sincere apologies to all the recruiters that suddenly started hanging in our old topic. We're not dead. On the contrary.)
  5. Machiav

    Type T-34

    Type T-34 Short way: Worst copy of russian T-34, but I've had much more fun with it, then in a russian counterpart. Go figure Longer way: The longest way: Equipment: Replays: TL;DR Definetely not an OP tank, but still can be rewarding and usually very fun to drive. If you want some OPiness look for it somewhere else (T67 I'm talking about you) @Oake_EU / Aging Jedi made a review of it.
  6. @CraBeatOff and another person I have already confused between @ZXrage and another Wotlabber dropped in morning game together. It was awesome! We lost! Team was bad, top tier heavy that was AFK, and our other heavies seemed intimidated by aggressive enemy lights. Still we all pulled our weight, and it was nice knowing you had two other folks that you knew were doing their best to offset pubbiness. Crab, I have the T49 re-searchable, I am just building up enough XP to put the top gun and gear on it. When I get a crew trained up will run with you guys again hopefully some day. Top damage in a JPII holding off (with a pubby in a Dicker Max helping) a T-54, MT-25, T54E1, and some STB variant while Crab and X (in T49's) extolled, cajoled, pleaded, and lead by example to get our heavies to freaking fight . . . sigh.
  7. Hi guys, I've been having some fun with a YouTube channel over the past year or so. I am certainly no unicum which is why I have not really concentrated on "epic games"... and also not really posted about the channel on WotLabs. But hey, I figure even unicum have fun sometimes right? Channel focusses on having some fun, learning in a light hearted way, taking a closer look at real life tanks and willy jokes. You may recognise my prize winning video entered into Mingles With Jingles subscriber contest earlier this year: I've become a little more known for my 3minute meme series however, here is a small selection: (wow, how do I make these smaller!?!) Over the coming time, and if its well received, I will post up some of the other new and existing content on the channel. Please let me know if you like what you see (and also if you don't like what you see!) and if your standards are low enough then consider subscribing. Get Oinked Here
  8. From: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/59528-armor-penetration-curves/ fnord_disc over at EU managed to cobble together code that fits very closely to what WG uses to calculate penetration over distance, and recently released the source code for it (which @Captain_F22ACE improved upon, more on that below). I won't get into the specifics of the equation (feel free to read the reddit link below for that), and a lot of this data requires the ability to extract gameparams.data to obtain specific shell characteristics not listed in-game such as drag constant and krupp value. Basically how to read the graph: Pensacola/Indianapolis/New Orleans 203mm AP: Blue line = raw penetration (what we are familiar with in WoT since shell arc is minor outside of derps and SPGs). Raw penetration assumes you hit a perfectly flat, 0 degree surface Red line = penetration against the belt armor of the ship with vertical impact angle adjusted (but horizontally, e.x. player-controlled angling by turning the ship, still being 0) The creator published this code on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/560yg2/wows_ballistic_model_penetration Fun fact from reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/560yg2/wows_ballistic_model_penetration/d8flmgs Also, @Captain_F22ACE improved upon this code. Added simulated penetration after striking an armor plate. I'll let him post the source code himself in case he doesn't want others to see But it looks something like this (Iowa 16" SHS AP shell used for example, sorry for overlapping text because 14" laptop scaling on 1080P does screwy things) ^155mm thick plate used here btw (Mosvka belt armor), and also with scout plane + main battery +16% range module included so you can see where plunging fire starts to take effect. Gun elevation sadly never reaches full 45 degrees like it historically did, maxes out to 30 instead. Distance is read in meters x 10^4, so "1.5" on the x-axis = 15km, "2" = 20km, and so on. ... It's not perfect since shells of very low mass (76mm on Smith) tend to get quirky readings on the improved code for calculating energy left after hitting the first place (as ships do have multi-layered armor, so citadeling sometimes requires going through 3-4 plates of armor), but the raw penetration calculations are still relatively accurate: ^ 30mm plate used here btw, didn't set actual gun angle for this so range is iffy. So yeah, have fun pouring over the graphs already there and seeing what is the optimal distance to engage a target.
  9. Hello Tankers, I hope all is well? I have started Streaming my gameplay on World Of Tanks and thought i will post here letting you know with links and all. Here is my Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/slymeerkat I am no Unicum player but I am Green on the XVM scale, I always try my very best and all support given is greatly appreciated as I have always been keen on showing my gameplay to other people and I am very interactive with viewers. I also have a Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ftY7LSmJ28j4I_bZZwFdQ I have started to use this more often as well and for now its uploads consists of my Ace Tankers I get in tanks, I do plan to have more variety but for now just taking nice and slow. Drop by and say hi and if you came to check me out from this forum post let me know and also if there is anything you want to ask me or suggest, let me know also. Thank you Peace SlyMeerkat
  10. [LOTI] Luck of the Irish are recruiting!! TS3 address: ts6.freets3.net:10004 Are you a ‘blue’ or ‘purple’ player wanting to have fun in this game without the seriousness of having to be online X number of times a week at a set time? Do you act first and then think later? Do you believe in a thing called love luck? Do you like potatoes? Is Leprechauny even a real word? Did you know that an ‘original’ Leprechaun was actually a great warrior? If the answer to any of the above is yes then how about applying to be part of the most Guinness and potato filled Leprechauny clan on the EU server! What can we offer you? A relaxed atmosphere with other talented tankers. Nothing but fun when in platoons or stronghold/drunkhold games. Credit/XP bonuses for those who help with our stronghold. Good player base to expand your skills/experience as an FC (if you have any FC experience or wish to gain some). ‘Status symbols’ - rewards on your TS account for certain events and actions for you to proudly show off to your fellow clan mates. Fun and friendly competitions in training rooms for a laugh and sometimes prizes. A place to play ANY tier (you will not be judged here!) This very forum thread for shitposting We do ask that you help at least once a week with collecting boxes for our stronghold though (that’s not too much to ask is it?!). So how do I become a part of this amazing clan you ask? Well if you meet (or come close to) the requirements outlined below then simply post your interest on here with the following information: Please do not take offense if you send us a PM with your application and receive a blunt response, if you can’t follow the instructions how will you follow our FCs?! In-game name (if it’s different to your WoTLabs name!): Link to worldoftanks.eu profile wouldn’t go amiss… saves our recruiters precious seconds! Any Friends in LOTI?: Did anyone recommend LOTI/Leprechauns to you?: Blood Type: Midichlorian Count: Hair Colour: What did you do last Tuesday?: Small Print: Once your application has been scrutinised checked over by one of our recruiters (and approved by them) they will accept you on a 30 day trial as a recruit to see how well you merge and blend in, after a successful period as a recruit you can get a full promotion to Private Leprechaun (or Field Commanding ‘Fighting’ Leprechaun if you really prove yourself!). During the 30 day period we would like to see you as active as possible on TS and in Stronghold games. Re-rollers need not apply without good reason, this game is about having fun over stats. Definitions of 'acceptable' re-rolls are found here The Boring bits: REQUIREMENTS Please note that ALL applications will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis 1700ish WN8 with 2300+ recent and a 54% WR TS3 with a working mic/headset You must be an 'active' and team player Sense of humour 18 years of age (or older) - due to mature content We also ask that you have 1 or more suitable tier 8 tanks for SH and preferably a fast tier 6 tank for credit/box grinding sessions (SH) along with any tier X tank Important bits: Whilst we are a laid back ‘fun loving’ clan, we will not tolerate any form of racism or bullying. Please try not to defame the Leprechaun folk by being an asshat in randoms, we would like to be known as a fun clan rather than one full of idiots. I don’t want to receive a tonne of messages/chat logs/videos about our members behaviour being rather toxic and if for some reason you do not heed the above advice, then each particular case will be assessed and could potentially result in a kick from the clan. Oh and if you’re inactive for more than 30 days or don’t help with the stronghold you could also face a kick to make way for more active players. Misc: Want to actually know some of the folklore behind Leprechauns? http://holidays.thefuntimesguide.com/2009/02/the_leprechaun.php TL;DR If you're a good player who doesn't care much for clan wars but like a strong knit community with rewards from regular stronghold battles then this is the place for you!
  11. Forums: F15.ovh TS: F15.ovh Youtube: The Furious Fifteen Facebook: The Furious Fifteen The Furious Fifteen is a Kung Fu Panda clan focused on Bamboo with a laid back attitude and highly skilled players. When we are not sleeping we do platoons, clan wars and strongholds. Pandas on global map The Vision: We are to be a top clan with dedicated players eager to improve. Our player base shall lead by example and show a non-elitist, helpful, attitude in all aspects of this game. We will keep the calm and relaxed atmosphere Only by fulfilling the following demands will you be worthy of trying to earn your spot among The Furious Fifteen At least 10k games played. In your garage there are at least 5 useful tier10's with average damages above 2500. You will have to be carrying an overall win rate above 60% and an overall WN8 above 2200. We are not looking for falling stars. Your recent WN8 has to be above 3000. After applying and fulfilling these demands you will be put to the test by our recruiters. Impress them and you may just get to put the panda on your tank. This isn't enough, though. You will have to earn your right to be part of The Furious Fifteen. As a recruit for two weeks you will have to convince us that you have what it takes. Some of our videos from our youtube Skirmish F15 vs FAME F15 platoon: Tanks are fun! We are BSOPS "You can run away as quick you wantBut you wouldn't go too fast or farBecause as you ran from my ninjatic hauntI'd peg you with a ninja star" ( Cpt_Shakesbeard-"We make nightcrawler squad of epic shitz, ninjas, fking katana mothetrzukers proper. We are called Blacked Spack Ops!) We play for victory, kill for laughs, die for the team, that's who we are! The Furious Fifteen
  12. Hello Wotlabs! The clan I was in, ZEPHR, pretty much died overnight. As a result, I am on the hunt for a new clan to be a part of. Here's the catch- I hate clan wars, strongholds, all of that. I am really only in it to platoon. Are there any high ranking clans out there (Except BULBA, they are currently out of my reach) that are focused on playing random battles? Or, a clan that would allow players to not participate in clan wars? Currently I am looking at AWFUL and they fit the bill for what I am looking for- a lot of high tier players just looking to platoon. (Although a lot of players seem to be leaving, which raises some cause for concern.) However, I am open to more suggestions. My current tier 10 tank is the Obj140. The t62a and is7 will be there soon as well. (I sold my 121, couldn't stand it.) The two tanks I play the most are the t-54 and the t-54 first prototype. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance guys.
  13. The main question I propose on my own accord is this: How do I enjoy high tier mediums tanks as a voracious heavy tank player? Enjoyment for me entails effectiveness most importantly. Effectiveness embodies a broad scope that I will let you interpret. There can be no wrong answer as I'm expecting insights that in some level, apply to universal play. I have a 60% in my T-44 and a godawful 53% in my Patton. I think the T-44 W/R is pretty okay but dwarfs in comparison to my HT classes which garner: ST-1: 64% T-10: 61% T32: 63% IS-3: 60% Tiger I: 64% Tiger (P): 54% [I postulate that I can get her to ~62% easily] [fuck'ed up stats @ noob days] KV-3: 56% [fuck'ed up stats @ noob days] KV-2: 52% [refer above] KV-1: 44% [refer above] Matilda IV: 65% There's a lot of 60% granted however I was lead to believe the concept that medium tanks yield the highest skill ceiling which in turn made them better @ winning? Yet in this corridor meta favoring heavies, does this concept hold true? Very Important Question: Which class is better for winning, mediums or heavies? I want to note that I have only tried the M46 flavor of medium tanks. I have yet to research any other high tier MT line. Is the T-54 something fresh and powerful compared to the M46? Same applies to Leo PTA. Tell me how 2 be gud. I'm so desperate for the secret. Just ri note: I used to enjoy MT play via M7MT but low tiers have dropped out of favor as I improved as a player. It was just so easy and it made me prone to auto pilot without a conscious care of my actions. LT's became my go to MT's but those fell out of favor too eventually. Thank you for your responses, ahead of time ^_^
  14. Having liked the BMD-1 and loved the BMD-2, I finally got the M2 Bradley and find it to be even more fun than it's peers. I was concerned by the big drop in camo rating, but the view range makes up for it, while the armor is just good enough to be a prick sometimes. I rarely even bother with the ATGM's since the gun depression on it is pretty great too. That being said, I'm wondering if anyone else chose the same driver skill. Since gun handling on it's not really an issue I went with Spin to Win for hull traverse, because I found it's turn rate to be terrible. With that skill it's almost comparable to the BMD-2 traverse and much more mobile. I'm still on the fence about the gunner/loader skill and just went with -5% reload. I can see where turret traverse may even help, since reload is rarely an issue for me with autoloaders.
  15. This youtube channel is dedicated only to the one of the most fun tanks to play in the entire game and it is ELC AMX bis! I recommend videos both to those just starting with the tank and also experienced players. What you can find in the vids: Tutorials: - how equip ELC, how to troll, what tanks watch out for in series "Tips'n'Hints" [ series to be continued] - how to play on every single map (locations, tactics) basing on in depth analysis and my Ace Tanker battles on each map. Series "Tactics'n'Ace" Other ELC stuff: - epic battles (if you have one, send to the email adress given in the layer info on my channel). Series "Troll Star" - other videos (fun moments from ELC life, strongholds with ELC, trolling etc.) ATTENTION: Spoken language - english, but there are also subtitles in polish language(by me), you can switch them on and off, as you like. I upload them within 1-2 days. ...if the interest in channel keeps growing, I think of organizing ELC tournament! https://www.youtube.com/user/Vorrtz - Channel If you like it, please consider subsrcibing - it really encourages to the work! Any suggestions for improvements are welcome! Epic battles Tips and hints Tactics and Ace Tankers on each map Plastic and wooden models
  16. Hello dear players ! My name is Alex and I am from Romania.I'm an average 18 years old teen who enjoys to create videos.But not that type of unicum/watermelon/blueberry videos.No I am a tomato/orange that just enjoys the game,therefore,I cannot provide you pro stuff.However,I can provide you some funny [edited]content,such as Funny Chat Logs(videos in which I present to you funny dialogues,sent in by player,between trolls and [edited]),Memes(funny situations from WoT) and Funviews(reviewing tanks my way ). I'm your average 750 wn8 players,with a 51% WR.Not much to brag about SUB GOAL: 837/1000 WEBSITE: http://pinegaming.weebly.com/ My YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/19sPFG2 Feel free to post here your feedback! It doesn't matter if it's good or bad,just do it ! I will hapilly reply to your comments and get helped ! If you want to be up-dated to my latest posts,you can either FOLLOW THIS TOPIC or SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL ! If you want to check my playlists,here you go: Click HERE for FUNNY CHAT LOGS PLAYLIST. Click HERE for MEMES PLAYLIST. Click HERE for FUNVIEWS PLAYLIST. A big thank you to all of you guys.My channel has grown so much in the past few months ! I already achieved my 500 subs goal,now I want to reach 1k.Cheers guys MOST RECENT VIDEO: Thanks for watching and thanks for your time ! P.S. I'd like to see your feedback!
  17. Hi all I just join this group and I'm quite happy a nice SIMP player pointed me in this direction. I am a rather decent player but I'm not where I want to be I know I can do better in the game and I'm coming here for help in what ever way it may present itself. I love playing games to met new people so this seems like a great way to meet even more people XD. My in game name is Margaritaman I play on NA East and NA West and I'm on most days from about 3 pm - 10pm Eastern time. So I guess that's it PM me in game or here on the forum if you'd be interested in platooning with me or have any tips and tricks you'd be willing to throw my way I'm all ears. Good lock on the battle field and I'll cya in game.
  18. I'm looking for someone who has somewhat understanding of how to get better at this game and can help me out (So I would assume a Blue+ player). I feel like i'm not progressing and getting better at the rate I would like to be going and I make mistakes that cost me my life(In-game of course). I'm currently learning to play Mediums, Lights, and Heavies but I like the play of mediums and lights a bit more than heavies so If you specialize in those that would be great. I think I could also use more specific knowledge of map hot spots. I would like to improve in knowing what to do in situations so that I will be able to get out of possible situations that might get me killed because I wouldn't know what I should do. I would also like to get better at knowing the line i'm playing and what I should and shouldn't do in the tank i'm playing. I'm not expecting a huge commitment, just people who are willing to play a few games here and there to point out some good ideas/areas/tactics as well as some flaws/areas of improvement in my game, I have TS, do not have a rage problem, or an ego, and I can take all the criticism you throw at me (as long as it is for the purpose of helping me). Just to let you know just what i'm playing I have the Tier 8 heavy IS-3, the Tier 8 medium T-44, and the Tier 7 light Amx 13-75. I Don't really like playing TD's or Arty's that much so I wouldn't need mentoring for those. If you are interested in helping me out then I play on the NA server generally starting whenever I wake up so around 10 AM up until 2-4 AM (no not typo AM) sometimes earlier, eastern standard time. Thank you for reading, if you don't mentor but know someone who does could you please send them here
  19. Come join me in search for my father! Come in relax, have fun. Ask questions and request tanks, I dont bite... just gently http://www.twitch.tv/yankeejr_wot toss a follow and say hi in chat <3 P.S If you enjoyed the stream or didn't leave some feedback for improvement <3
  20. Hello! I am _pip_ a part of the Dickens Empire . In this thread I will post some of the more interesting replays from my adventures in pubbie land. It will be from both NA, and EU servers as I have friends who lend me accounts on both servers. Will start off with a replay from Sand River in the E25: Link for download Chaffee Mastery on NA: Download link Cromwell Radley: Download link E25 4k damage: Download replay SU122-44 Mastery: AMX12t Mastery: Replay T29 Mastery: Replay Another Chaffee Mastery: Replay T37 mastery first game: Replay T37 Mastery again: Replay T37 3.5k damage: Replay
  21. So, I've gone back to what I considered the worst disapointment of my early WoT career, the Chaffee. I started WoT almost exactly one year ago and the American light tank line leading to the Chaffee was the first I tried. I sucked. Alot. If I had played with myself from those days today I would be screaming and tearing my hair or simply laughed at the noobishnes. The stuart that precedes the Chaffee was fast and I thought it fun to drive straight into enemy lines and trying to zig zag for as long as I survived once I reached them. Getting one or two shots in on enemy tanks was a bonus. Needless to say that those days haunt my stats today haha. Anyway, once I finished the grueling (for me in those days) 60k or so xp grind to the Chaffee I was expecting an even funnier tank. Instead I got something that felt like the Stuart to me but played among behemoths like tier VIII and even some IX and X!? It was crazy times and I didn't survive long when trying to run into those defenses. After 15 games of total fails I sold the Chaffee in anger and never looked back... ...until yesterday. Estelle posted a 3600 xp Chaffee game in forumites channel and got me hooked. I started thinking about it and since I didn't really succeed in the T49 when trying to get loads of exp for the T5 competition (was top dmg and xp in a few t8 games but didnt get super exp like I wanted so I stopped trying), I decided to try the Chaffee again and was hoping that my 9000 or so games since I last tried it had made me better at it. I free exped the shit out of it (I noticed that I didnt even unlock everything in the tank when I first tried it), bought the prem cammo, loaded 15 prem shells and rest AP with a few HE thrown in for good measure. Coated the optics, netted the cammo and rammed the gun. Performed small repairs to the high octane motor and case of cola (my transferred old 4 skill T49 crew wouldn't drink anything else) and off I went. Boy, did I enjoy myself! 1000 games in the E25 and 500 or so in the T49 were probably well spent in preparation for the Chaffee. Having the nice cammo characteristics of a light tank, the pew pew of the E25, a godly 400 m view range and the agility of an ice skater on steroids make it a perfect tank for me to have fun in. Early game I just sneak around and try to spot enemies just like any normal scout. If I feel safe, I fire a shot or two on advancing tanks to deter them from going too close to me without letting my backup arrive. However, the golden rule is to lower your gun rather than fire it, even with the nice cammo of the Chaffee. I still haven't perfected active scouting yet but might try more of it. Mid game I try to make sure that any "forgotten" flank is getting scouted and if there are no holes in our defense I go to search for holes in the enemy lines. Late game make all the "lowring of guns" worth it. Once the big guns have been weeded out and the map is more open, the Chaffee really shines. Kill off those unsuspecting tX tanks with a few shots, go for arties, light up those annoying TD's and just have fun. Yesterday I killed off an IS7 and a E5 before they knew what was going on, only to destroy their arty afterwards. The best moment yesterday came in the best xp game out of the 14 I did (2650 xp). On abbey I scouted river, wen't up to the houses on small ridge between east abbey lane and river lane and spotted a few tanks (a poor T34 had gone to river). Nothing much happening, I decided to go for the enemy base after a few minutes since most of the tanks had gone west (always a good idea to count tanks on the minimap to know if you should expect lots of tanks in other places). I race up towards enemy base (south base) and something spots me but nothing shoots, I continue up from the east entrance and BAM, there stands one green-ranked ISU-152 and a green IS8, both full health. Now, in this instance I'm actually quite proud to say that I didn't stop and try to reverse out (which is a deadly sin which leads to death...) and didn't drive past them hoping to zig zag away. Instead I autolock on the ISU-152, circle it once (thanks godly Chaffee traverse), while shooting and then just keep the ISU between the myself and the IS8, preventing the IS8 to shoot me. ISU dies after 15-20 seconds and I just stay hidden behind it. IS8 stops trying to shoot me after 2 tries and comes storming for me. Just as it reaches the ISU I dodge out and start circle it. After about 30 seconds he dies (thank you burning motors) and I have killed two full health tanks in my Chaffe. Good times What are your best memories of the Chaffee and do you have any good spots for me to try? As a sidenote I expect the Chaffee to do expremely well in WN8 and might start to use it more on my statpad account if WN8 becomes the standard stat. Averaged a bit above 1000 dmg yesterday and had more than 1300 or 1400 xp avg. 79% win in 14 games. Will continue the crusade tonight.
  22. Bonus: LeVar Burton reads a childrens book to a bunch of adults. RoosterTeeth 24 hour Charity Stream continues on until sunday oct 26th morning http://www.twitch.tv/roosterteeth
  23. We are Fatality and Fatal1ty, all part of one BIG family. Fatality was created for the social gamer, people who wanted to have fun and gain some experience among the community. A clan that's participated in clan wars and also clan wars events. When some of our members wanted more out of the game we decided to create Fatal1ty, the new sister clan of Fatality. Somewhere for the more dedicated gamer and more of a will to proceed in Clan Wars and progress there gaming experience. Both clans have certain requirements but their main focus is having Fun and helping each other become better players. We have a large Teamspeak server, a brilliant Website, forums and a chat mod that keeps both clan chats as one, meaning the community we have created remains and becomes stronger day by day. Daily we run Platoons, Team Battles, Tank Companies, Clan Wars, Clan Wars Events and we are going to venture in to ESL soon for our 1st time. We take part in competitions such as Fun cups and any other WOT ran events we can get our teeth into. So our Requirements are quite simple... Fatality was set up in mind of the social gamer, those who don't have much time to play and participate in Clan activities on a daily/nightly basis. This is where you enjoy your team play with friends and try to gain more experience from each other and improve your game play to maybe advance into Fatal1ty. The only requirements here are :- • Have Team speak 3 installed and able to listen • To want to improve your game play • To be involved in some clan activity • Be social, kind and polite • Be over the age of 18 • Must understand and speak English Language Fatal1ty was set up in mind of the more dedicated gamer, those who want to be take part in end game content and clan activities on a bigger more serious scale. Put time and effort in to the clan and to be a part of a winning team with a will and desire to win. The requirements for Fatal1ty are :- • Min of 1100 WN8 ( overall WN8 ) • Min of 8,000 Battles Played • Min of 2 Tier X tanks in garage ( CW tanks ) • Min of 100 games played in your 2 tier X tanks • Min of 2 Skills on every crew member of your 2 tier X tanks • Min of attendance of 4 nights/days a week • Have Teamspeak 3 with a working mic • Must understand and speak English Language These requirements are not set in stone and if you feel you're nearing these objectives or should be considered then please apply stating why. So how do you apply? Well again pretty simple. First of all, take a look at our website here http://fatality-wot.guildlaunch.com Still interested? Click Apply on our website and fill in an application according to the instructions, one part for Fatality and the other section for Fatal1ty all in one application page. Once completed an officer will look over your application then make a decision on the information you have provided. FTL and FTLTY wish you luck in your application and out on the Battlefield. Also..... Hey hey This is a selection of artwork from the -FTL- Fatality and FTLTY fatal1ty clans. We are an english speaking clan on the EU server that participates in tank companies and clan wars with lots of platoon buddies. This is a selection of fan artwork that is used for wallpapers or recruitment for our clans Our main site is http://fatality-wot.guildlaunch.com Our facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/Fatality.Fatal1ty/ And our flickr page is https://www.flickr.com/photos/125221024@N03/ You can find full res versions of these images at either http://fatality-wot.guildlaunch.com/gallery/gallery.php?gid=341089 or at our flickr site. T50-2 LIGHT TANK RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T57 HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS IS7 HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS FUN POSTER/IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS TIGER HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS TIGER HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS TIGER HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS TIGER HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS TANKGIRLOK PLAYER WALLPAPER AMX 50B HEAVY TANK FOR WORLD OF TANKS T90 SPG AND MAUS HEAVY TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T50 LIGHT TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T50-2 LIGHT TANK POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T3O TANK DESTROYER POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T3O TANK DESTROYER POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS T3O TANK DESTROYER POSTER/WALLPAPER FOR WORLD OF TANKS WINTER RECRUITMENT IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE FOR WORLD OF TANKS T110E3 HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER T34 HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT POSER/WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE FV-125B TANK DESTROYER RECRUITMENT POSTER/WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE AUTUMN RECRUITMENT IMAGE/WALLPAPER AT15 TANK DESTROYER RECRUITMENT WALLPAPER AMERICAN TANKS RECRUITMENT IMAGE/WALLPAPER TIGER HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE PRIEST SPG WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT IMAGE PANTHER MEDIUM TANK WALLPAPER OBJECT 704 TANK DESTROYER WALLPAPER AMX 50B HEAVY TANK VS GODZILLA WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK AND WOLF IN SEPIA WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK AND WOLF OVERLAY WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK AND WOLF IN COLOUR WALLPAPER M103 HEAVY TANK ZOMBIE SKIN WALLPAPER TANK IN SIGHTS WALLPAER M103 HEAVY TANK ZOMBIE SKIN WALLPAPER KV5 HEAVY TANK WALLPAPER JAGDTIGER TANK DESTROYER WALLPAPER ISU 152 TANK DESTROYER WALLPAPER IS6 HEAVY TANK FOR PLAYER FOZZEMIESTER WALLPAPER IS3 HEAVY TANK WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK FOR PLAYER HELLRAISER1ST WALLPAPER T110E4 TANK DESTROYER FOR PLAYER HELLOKITTY267 WALLPAPER HELLCAT TANK DESTROYER FOR PLAYER WEX0R WALLPAPER HELLCAT TANK DESTROYER FOR PLAYER WEXXY1 WALLPAPER T34 HEAVY TANK FOR PLAYER GUARDI WALLPAPER MAUS HEAVY TANK FOR PLAYER GRANNYMOOOSE WALLPAPER MULTICOLOURED GERMAN TANKS WALLPAPER FV405 SPG WALLPAPER FV405 SPG IN BLACK AND WHITE WALLPAPER FERDINAND TANK DESTROYER WALLPAPER FATALITY WALLPAPER CRUSADER MEDIUM TANK WALLPAPER CONQUEROR HEAVY TANK WALLPAPER COMET MEDIUM TANK WALLPAPER FUN RECRUITMENT WALLPAPER AMX 1390 LIGHT TANK WALLPAPER AMX 50B HEAVY TANK RECRUITMENT A4 POSTER
  24. Hi, We are looking for players or clans that are sick of clan wars and simply want to play t9/10 without all of the fucking drama. If you are a player or clan that meet our requirements, please feel free to ping me. Monthly we will have a gold prize of 1,000 for the member with the highest WN8, along with the highest average tier as a multiplier. Once you join SubGenius³ and decide to leave the clan will not be permitted to rejoin, unless for real life deaths, military deployments, etc. Minimum Requirements to become a SubGenius Affiliate in the Community (As player or Clan):: Last 1000 Battles Noobmeter/WotLabs Stats - 2200+ WN8 (Discretionary) - 58%%+ Winrate - Average Tier 8.5+ Overall stats will be dissected and if you are a stat padder, don't waste our time. Garage / General / Statistical Requirements - At least 5k battles (Discretionary) - At least one Tier 10 - Minimum of 50 games a week, seriously - Consider tear harvesting an exciting endeavor - Must be on Teamspeak when playing - 18 years of age (Discretionary) - Have a sense of humor and don't be an [edited] by internet standards We play Tier 10 and occasionally Tiers 8/9, if you want to play other tiers we aren't interested in you. We will help people grind tank lines to tier 9/10, but will not make it a life long endeavor. Once we hit member milestones of 10,20, etc the overall minimums not yet enforced, along with the existing 1000 battle metrics will be increased 10%. We may cap it at around 2900, but we have yet to determine if it is necessary at this point. If you wish to stat pad and club seals to improve your self image, have fun with that experience. If you simply want to platoon in Tier 10 without having to poopsock for clan wars give us a shout. Payouts: NOTE: Same player can not win the 1k gold in consecutive months February, 2014 Winner - TheDivision (1k Gold on March 2nd) March, 2014 Winner - TBD (1k Gold) April, 2014 Winner - TBD (1k Gold) May, 2014 Winner - TBD (1k Gold) June, 2014 Winner - TBD (1k Gold) July, 2014 Winner - TBD (1k Gold) August, 2014 Winner - TBD (1k Gold) September, 2014 Winner - TBD (1k Gold) October, 2014 Winner - TBD (1k Gold) November, 2014 Winner - TBD (1k Gold) December, 2014 Winner - TBD (1k Gold) Interested? Find the original thread here ~Pity
  25. Thank you, PityFool, for platooning with me this morning. I had a blast, in spite of my poor showing.
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