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Found 1 result

  1. Alright, I'm no purple toaster but I figure I play well enough in high-tier heavy tonks to help some people out. I do have my favorites (E100, E75), my pseudo favorites (Maus, M103, T30, E4[yes those last two are heavies, don't question it]), and the few I play sporadically (see screenie). I will be posting -all- of my replays so that player still working at it can see when a better player scrubs it up, not just the cherry-picked gudfaights. Stick around long enough and this may be my Lowe stat rehab thread as well! First of, the tonks in my garage sorted by battles: Obviously, my E. Honda is by far my favorite, and I don't do too poorly in it. My T34 I do not recall playing that many battles in >.< and my T29 I spent a lot of time playing in when I first started (great Idea BTW, very good learning tool). My Lowe was my first tier VIII tank, and with it I learned the art of scrubbing hard. KV-2... nuff said. E75 I recently bought back and love nearly as much as my E100, with the games piling on almost daily. The Maus is a pubstomper extraordinaire and sees it's share of field time. The M103 I bought back recently and enjoy much, as its harder to hit weak spots (when hull-down) and better MM make it as fun to run if not more-so than the E5. The E4 is a great heavy tank (like I said, don't question it), and the T30 is a good heavy tank that is fun to brush the dust off of from time to time. The Jagzilla doesn't have the heavy part in nomenclature, but does on the scales ^^ The E5 is a nice all-rounder, but can be frustrating at times due to its lack of armor. The IS-6 is fun to grind credits in because of it's trolly armor, but can also troll you equally badly with its poor gun handling. The E3 is a fun mauler that can armor tank for DAYZ if not flanked. The JT 8.8 just shits out credits so it gets a few runs if I'm not being lazy and just buying them lol. The T32 is an AMAZING tier 8 with a ridiculous turret, much fun to play although I did not think so my first time through (just came off my T29, may have even been my first ground out tier 8 tank). The SU-100Y is just fun for derpy-ness. The IS-4 is a good all-around tank that at times just seems to be missing... something, but I'm still sub 100 games in it, so who knows. The 112 is a fast IS-6 that is just as fun to play when your LFP doesn't burst into flames XD The IS-7 I just purchased recently, and am not doing -too- poorly in, but the armor can be stupid at times. TL;DR - Buffalo's opinion on his tanks At the end of every post I will post a snip of my service record summary, which can be used to compare my games played to the games I posted in between each, so you know I'm not yanking your chain If for some reason I can't post the replays (C-dubs, tournament, etc) I will make note of it. I will be using http://replays.quickybaby.com/ to upload my replays, let me know if this doesn't work for someone or if the pros have a suggestion of a better host. I like it because it's easy and it shows the per battle WN8. This probably won't help any unicums, but maybe people struggling to bring their heavy play to par can learn a thing or two. Cheers! Beginning SR:
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