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Found 9 results

  1. I occasionally get flak for 'camping'. Yesterday, I got into a heated argument, during and after the game, with a medium Brit tank in a tier III affair on Rockfields. I was partly to blame. I, driving a Valentine AT, headed for my favourite opening spot only to find this guy there. Although there was room for both of us, I upbraided him brusquely and told him in no uncertain terms to bugger off and fight. Which, amazingly, he did, albeit nursing a grudge. The badinage continued until the end of the game and, as I say, afterwards. I had a cast-iron case: four kills and ending up in the base circle (after engaging in mortal combat with the incumbent) while someone shot up their last poor blighter, whereas my interlocutor had died very quickly (lol). Tier III it may be, but I actually have a great score with the Valentine AT and find it a lot of fun (more than one kill per match and more than two kills per death). I do, however, camp a bit. I even make little nests out of trees by knocking them over in a seemly manner and then hiding inside them. So I ask, why does camping have such a bad rep? Is it agreed there is good and bad camping? Sure, pointless hiding behind a rock until your team is 6-3 down is utterly stupid, but perching atop a decent promontory with an encompassing view of large parts of the battlefield, with every preparedness to shift to spot B if deemed fit, seems not only sensible but required if driving a slow TD with no turret and little hope of doing much at close quarters. Before they changed it, Winter Malinovka was brilliant for camping. Now I camp mainly on Rockfield and Dead Rail, albeit not usually throughout the game. What say the more learned? ETA I even signal an 'affirmative' when somebody says 'hill' at the beginning of a Mines game and then promptly go off to one of my camping sites leaving the heroism to others. How dastardly is that?
  2. I just want to share some mindsets of unicum players, because the gameplay and your knowledge of the game itself is not everything to play at unicum level. I am not overall unicum but recently I have many sessions of 3K WN8. 1) The most important is to keep calm and relaxed even after a very bad battle (wrong tank on wrong map, arty focus or something), just remember what mistakes you have done and try to remember it so you want play like that next time you get the map again, do not try hard next battle after the bad one, play as usual, dont overextend or dont rage, dont try to hunt the damage too agresively. Because once you get your frustration to the certain level you wont be thinking clearly and you will make stupid mistakes you would not made if you were calm. 2) If you cannot handle your frustration then make a break or find someone to play in platoon (with or without comm does not really matter) but the gameplay will change if you play in platoon you can be sure you got someone watching your back, usualy playing in platoon with another decent player will make your winrate higher so that can calm you down a little bit. 3) Many people dont think about this one, but if you are frustrated have you ever thought about taking a tank with pin-point accuraccy ? This will certainly descrese your frustration as you will hit more shots, you will hit more shots exactly where you want to. I recommend Centurion AX, E50, E50M or generally any tank with good aim time and accuracy and dispersion values. 4) If you are just looking to improve your WN8 play tanks that you like and play those on which you have a decent crew. I find that today the most enjoyable tier is tier IX because of the matchmaking. 5) Another tip that significantly increased my WN8 is that I stopped using session statistics because if you have bad start the green or blue values get you frustrated even more. 6) Many people think that once they will get 100% concentrated into the game they will improve, that is only a half-true, try harding sometimes wont help you. Sometimes it is just better to play your favorite music and dont even listen the game sounds which might be annoying after playing higher number of battles in a row (sound of broken engine, received shots...) thus increasing your frustration. Tell me what you thing about these points and if you are unicum if you have any more mindset tips I can add them to the list EDIT: I did not created this topic for stat-padders, of course you can always do that, but I created this topic to help all those people who are getting mad about losing strikes or just getting frustrated. This topic is for people who want to enjoy the game more, because once I started to realize from where my frustration from this game comes from I started to enjoy the game much more and my stats reflected it as well.
  3. Hey guys, Let me introduce you to a collaboration with my dear friend @Alabastrom, where our goal is to create educational videos for games we think we can play better than a fuegian steamer duck. We call this endeavour The Bromato Project. Don't ask why. This first installment of our World of Tanks video series called Tips to Improve features an 8k damage battle in the Bat-Chat 25t on Abbey, where we showcase camo and bush mechanics... and a couple of memes to top it off. We're basing these videos off of TheRiisingSun's work, so if you've ever watched his videos, our ones will be particularly similar in style. For a reason. All credits are in the video description. We really hope you're gonna like it! Appreciate your time! We'd love to hear what you think! We desperately want to listen to the community to improve on our videos, so please let us know how we could bring our videos closer to perfection. Also if we reach a hundred subs, we can give our channel a cool little URL, which is something we could use in the meantime.
  4. I recently decided that I hav hang around in Tier 9 for enough time and decided to move on to Tier 10 game. It went ok the first 100 games in my E5(I raged sold my IS7 before) for around 3.3k dpg and 65% winrate, but dropped to 3.1k and 58% after 50 more games. Performance wise, I do find a couple factors that I think is affecting my game play -. rapid flank collapse. I play solo only because I have a habit of staring at my beautiful tanks for 5mins before starting my next game. -. not enough stalling/push power, I found myself often in a awkward situation which I neither can push nor stalling the enemy force with my avg teammates. especially in tier 10 games there are more high alpha TDs. I figure you might say: if you cant do with a E5 than its probably your problem. plz enlighten me. -. Fear of arty leads to passive game play. especially with 3 arties, I do play arty sometimes to discover arty safe positions, and I think I am pretty good at using hard covers to avoid getting shot. However, I just cant figure a way to approach maps such as prov and campinovka (and mines, I think it's a damn arty map), cuz there is no such thing as arty cover and E5 is simply too slow to dodge arty shots. And recently I found arty players start to focus on me more often and actually wait for me to be lit again for more than 30 seconds.. -. Tripe platoon of dark blue/uni/sup uni. I found more this kind of platoon in tier 10 MM, How do I keep my performance in this kind of MM? If on the same team, shall I push with them or avoid interfere their dmg farming lel. And another awkward thing is I found myself has similar performance (3k+ dpg wise) in my tier 9 (conqueror/T54/M46/T10) compare to tier 10s. Is that because Tier 9 is more of a evolution from Tier 8 compare to tier 10 from tier 9? My tier 10s is just way too far from reach the 4k dpg super uni level, how do I get there. Plz help me all mighty purple poasters.
  5. Question for 4Kers, how do you setup wot. After 2K it's all funky. x1 (scaling) is weird, and x2 is even weirder. Everything is fuzzy when i aim or move, like it's 640x480 stretched to 4K.
  6. Veo

    That Veo Guy

    Hello peoples. As of now, I am pretty new to the forum, but might as well put this down. I've been streamin on and off for a while, no schedule. I'm a college student with work but hey, I have no other life so its coo. https://www.twitch.tv/the_veo
  7. These are two videos by the Cloaking Donkey, a semi-known youtuber who makes an argument for why World of Warships and the way Wargaming tries to monetize it (and WoT) is pretty broken: 1. Argument why WoWs should not have gone into open beta (from a players point of view) 2. Argument why World of Warships is monetized in a questionable way: His conclusion is to quit on making content in the youtube channel for the game. A short list of main arguments for the lazy people around here: Gameplay: WoWs features imbalances between ship classes (Destroyers too strong at lower tiers, too weak at high tiers; the opposite for battle ships etc.)Wargaming rather introduces new ships (German Cruisers, Russian Destroyers) than fix the old ones, the result being that those new ships are mostly underpoweredVery slow reaction times with regard to the needs of their customers (think arty, KV-1 and KV-1S, now battleships/destroyers, the role of RNG)Monetization: Both in WoWs and WoT, Wargaming focuses on milking whales, i.e. making super expensive bundles while making many tanks unnaturally scarce (think KV-5, Type 62, E25) and packaging them in overly expensive bundlesNo shared gold/dubloons between WG ships and tanks, i.e. forcing people to pay more (otherwise especially CW veterans could easily play premiums in WoWs from their incomes in WoT CW).To my own sadness, I mostly agree with him, especially the issue with milking whales is pretty annoying and I can understand that he leaves WoWs. In addition, I find the gameplay to be pretty repetitive because unlike with tanks where you will have a different outcome depending on lots of varieties and micromanaging terrain/weakspots etc., the variation in ships is very small - it really doesnt matter whether you are 1km further away from the enemy and driving around in circles shooting at each other gets old. As such, I believe that WoWs as it is now will have a very short growth period (which could already be over) and will be an additional failed project by Wargaming who will get ever more desperate to milk their customers in WoT. Please convince me that this is not true. It's sad to see a newly released game be nothing more than a cash-grabbing zombie.
  8. Hey All, This is a replay of T110E4 game I had on Stalingrad. It is not a good game. Please review for feedback. I would like to lead in with what I was thinking. We were pushing the 1-2 from North to south. The T110E4 is not the best front line tank and with its longish reload time is not a good brawler. The tanks with me seemed tentative to move for so I was moving up a little faster compared to what is probably a good. We spotted some reds and started moving up. The IS-7 pushed up into a box of three buildings and ran into a t-30 who we knew was there a Waffle 100 and a 103. I moved up to try and support the IS-7. I made a poor decision here to try and shoot the Waffle and ended up hitting one of the building pillars and the shot went over the gun shield. I thought I had it aimed better than that but according to the replay I did not. After the shot I started to pull back as I knew if I pushed up to the IS-7 (who died pretty quickly when the 103 and t30 shot him again) I would probably also be finished off by being stuck between three enemies even if the WF100 was still reloading. I moved back and made a move on the e50. I then completely donked a shot on the cupola of the M103. This was one of those moments when you wish you could pull the shell back but I could not. I was just late on hitting the button and getting the aim on the target. I moved back to the box area and then the waffle ate my platoon mate. I was able to put a shot into it. The t57 came up and I was not really sure what he was doing. I thought he was going to push on the 103 but stopped. He pulled back and we were both stuck in the box of buildings. he got wiped. I got a shot into the 103 when he came after me but I was done. The lol moment was when Shifty_101st who was on the 9 line told all the shitters on the 1-2 line to uninstall. Aaahh the rage of unicums, one of the few joys in my life. Kidding Shifty I understand your frustration. This replay shows some of my weak points as a tanker. I rushed a couple of shots that I could not afford to waste, I somewhat yolo'd myself too far forward for my kind of TD/Tank, I put myself in a position with no clear escape, and I think I was relying on the players nearby too much. Beyond or expounding on those points, please have at me. Thanks in advance. http://wotreplays.com/site/2149387#stats
  9. [WoT UNI]Training Sessions and Results- How to be a Sneaky Ba$%*rd This is the first filmed training session for World of Tanks University. The training session are non compulsory and are kept short and sweet. Afterwards we have some clan on clan action then I send the boys out to practice what they have learnt in public matches. I also include in the video a game play footage of one of the lads using the newly learnt technique to get good results. This week it was all about how to peep the hills, get damage and not get shot.!! The game play footage is of Elarrow in a comet t7medium in a tier 9 game using this to good effect and Harvesting 1200 damage, he ended up with 1700 damage in the whole battle. Great result for a 800 wn7/8 player Please enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pZl1vlUBDA&list=UUYn6nC-RSPDBKmJOV65SNGw Havoc
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