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Found 19 results

  1. In honor of me finally getting my first mark of excellence, having a string of 5k+ damage games, and not seeing another fan thread on the E-brick in this forum, I made this thread! E 100, mounts the biggest gun of all the tier 10 heavies, doing TD amounts of damage, is the most popular tank with tomatoes, but for those who can handle the mighty potato blaster, ...it is a glorious fat brick <3 Brickalicious Replays http://wotreplays.com/site/1258759#hidden_village-evalithia-e-100 http://wotreplays.com/site/1258760#lakeville-evalithia-e-100
  2. Hello! I am currently playing without any goals and I do not know what tank to get. I started out with the German tech-tree. I have the PZ IV H in my garage and I have played quite a lot of battles in it. To be honest I got quite disappointed with the PZ IV H. I am currently using the 105 mm cannon but I struggle with it. I do not know what tank to get next. The VK 30.01 (P) seems like a natural choice since it is one of the next tanks in the tree. I will stay away from the VK 36.01 because I have heard that it is awful. I do not have any long term goals in this game (except for being good at the game). I am not one of the players that plays the game to unlock the Tiger. I just want to find good tanks that I can enjoy playing. My question here is directed to those who have played the VK 30.01 (P). Is it a good tank? Should I get it? Please also tell me what I should keep in mind if I get it.
  3. I don't think this tank has a dedicated thread, or if it does, it hasn't been posted in for 12+ months. So, once in a while, you probably drag your Cromwell(B) out and think "What happens if I put manageable gun handling and decent armor on this?" You get the 3002 M (henceforth referred to as the mini-Panther). Pros: Armor buff on the upper plate gives it 130mm effective armor which trolls lower tier mediums and some tier 6 scouts. VERY fun to bully with the armor on this thing. Second best in-class gun handling for the tier, combined with a lean aiming time of 2.21 and base accuracy of .34 making it an excellent sniper and overall above average snapshotter. weighs 40+ tons. She's a big girl and placing your meaty girth upon helpless 20 ton tier 4s with too little armor is too fun to pass up. Especially with all those Swedish TDs that are like feathers. Gonna place another bullet here for big rams because seriously, anything worth ramming you can catch up to on a downhill slope. 45-50 cruising on flat terrain, 55 definitely downhill means nothing runs away when you attempt to ram it. The Average: Middling DPM. Not as much as a Crom, not as much as an Easy 8, but more than the 34-85 and T25 and Strv 74. Middling speed. Outpaces the slow stuff that you're scared of, you can run away from a flank if you don't overcommit but you're a little iffy on those speedy cap resets. I lost a game because the speed was a little lackluster and couldn't reset. Mildly above average view range, but not enough to warrant a pro. It's 370, which means you can run optics if you run food with it. I prefer binos, for a sweet 486 when bitch camping or trying to spot. Cons: Relatively big with thin side armor. 40mm side armor means the countless 85mm+ guns get 2x overmatch on you making it very hard to sidescrape. You also get raped inside-out if you expose your side to the 105mm HE hoses. Relatively low camo. Not like a cromwell where you get light tank camo. So yeah, lovely tank. Got my first mark after about 30-35 games, getting top tier is like kicking puppies and when bottom tier, you have enough DPM to make anyone be seriously annoyed. The buffs to its armor were probably more effective than the mild gun dispersion buffs. You turn into a pseudo-heavy when fighting tier 5s and tier 4s are just food for you.
  4. Hi All, I need some help understanding a few things. Looking at all the 3 tanks mentioned in the title, why does the Pudel look more like a VK3002 than it does a Panther. The description says the Pudel was a captured Panther, therefore shouldn't it be near identical to the stock model of the Panther? The VK002M was the prototype so I am assuming it never saw combat. Further it doesn't seem to stand at the same height as the Panther anyway according to tank inspector (visually speaking). So I'm just confused. Maybe I am missing some historical importance? My last question is where could I find a very beginning friendly guide on how to make the Panther fully upgraded (or even the VK3002M) visually look like the stock Panther for historical accuracy? I have a thing for the WWII Panther. Thanks !
  5. if low tiers weren't so meh and que/MM wasn't littered with them, i could get a better idea of how they are in normal games but 150mm on tier 6 DD sounds crazy (though you lose benefits from perks), that and hydro and smoke duo consumables, spot and stay hidden
  6. Apparently other than the usual prem spam, world of SEAtards will also be getting this: Source: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/03/29/wot-asia-server-leaks/ Yep. This is a bona fide anime heavy. From a weebaoo strategy game called Volt Barnacles or something along those lines. And no, there is no historical basis whatsoever. Nil. It's like the Kongzhong tanks except at least they're honest about not giving two shits about historicity this time round. If you ask me, the tank looks like a retarded E50 in every possible way. Worse, I can't even begin to imagine what kind of gaudy clown camo they're going to give this. If there's an award for being uglier than the Liberte, this tank is going to win it. Anyway, apparently this thing is already available on Blitz. It's a tier VII over there, but given WG's moneygrabs as of late I am willing to bet this will be a Tier 8 prem heavy, probably bundled together with some shit you don't want and absolutely don't need. These are its stats in Blitz: http://wikiwiki.jp/wotblitz/?Nameless. It carries some kind of sawed off 105mm with decentish hull armour, mammoth tracks and a thin turret like the E50. I reckon this is going to be a heavium - like a sort of bastard child between the E75 and 50. Then again it's not even a paper tank - it is pure fiction - WG can give it a 10.5cm L100 for all I care. Remember there's probably going to be another one like this called the Edelweiss. Yes, named after the flower. I can only imagine what kind of weeb shitter would want these abominations in their garage. And, oh, I have a confession to make. I might actually buy this tank. I want it, at least.
  7. My thoughts on when WG Asia decided to have the E-25 for sale after Christmas for over 4 days.
  8. Hello! I am a new player that has been reading your tips. It is going really well for me. I have ~55 % win rate so it has really helped me! I want to know what equipment I should use on the Panzer III which is a mobile medium tank at tier 4. You can skip the text below if you don't want to read it. I can now afford to buy my first tier 4 tank. I am going to get the Panzer III which looks like a very good medium with nice armor, good mobility and good 5cm gun. I like to play in a platoon with 2 comrades of mine and we all play the German nation with the same tech-tree. We are aiming to all get the Panzer III to be able to play as an effective medium platoon. I have been playing more than my friends so I am a little bit ahead and ready to buy the tank with 75 % crew right now. I will probably spend a lot of time in this tank and I want to upgrade as much as I can (no matter the cost) but I am not sure what equipment I should get. Some people recommend using: - Vents - Gun Laying Drive (GLD) - Gun Rammer But would it not be better to use Coated Optics instead of GLD because view-range is so crucial? People recommend to play this tank as a mobile flanker. The GLD only affects tanks that are stationary... People recommend GLD because the tank shoot fast (24 rounds/min) but has slow (2.3 seconds) aiming time. I have a hard time choosing. I want this tank to be as good as it possibly can be and I think that you can probably give me better advice than other internet people. So please tell me what you would use on a tank like the Panzer III with good mobility and high rate of fire! Thank you very much for all guides and help! And thank you for your reply!
  9. So, I've been considering getting a new line to grind. I have a few but I've mostly maxed out on my US light line (don't wanna play T71 stock or get the T57 HT, just stopped at the bulldog) and so, I need a new line to grind to add variety. I was thinking about adding a BUNCH of competitive tanks to my arsenal by the way of the stronk Soviet wedge line (through T-34 and A-43 up to Object 140) or the incredibly fun and relatively historical german battering rams (E-50M line). While both have their perks, I'm twisted on which line would be more beneficial. While I have a 5 man girl crew for my german meds, less CW/stronks viable tanks are in the line. I also have a long forgotten male crew in my T-127 that I club in, but is 99% on the first skill (6th, camo, camo, camo), yes has vastly more viable CW/stronks viable tanks.
  10. ThomChen114

    Toldi III

    Personally I already have a T-15. And atm i'm seeing mostly Toldis and czech tanks all over the place at low tiers. So far though the Toldi is alright. Might hang on to it. My best game so far: http://wotreplays.com/site/2343212#winter_himmelsdorf-thomchen114-43_m_toldi_iii
  11. The recently founded German speaking clan WORKS is a project to establish a clan of top level players who can compete in the top 10 of EU clanwars. What do we offer? the most ambitious clan project of the German speaking community for long timehigh activity in strongholds and CW 2.0a community of unicum level players with experience in many different international clansgreat atmosphere for playing and having an awesome time togetherGerman alternative to international clansWhat do we require? +15k games+2500 WN8 overall+3000 WN8 recent 1k games+58% WR overallat least eight T10 + not less than four T8 tonks which are of use for competitive gameplayContact Contactpersons: mUUgel, DiscoStuGer, AchneeTeamspeak: works.sehales.net Forum: Klick mich für Bewerbung!Goldincome on 17.09.2015
  12. Noticed two uniquely novel vehicles on the "Studying for Mid-Terms" mission tab, on the NA server today. American M4 Improved & German Pz III K, each listed a tier 5 medium vehicle. Does anyone know anything regarding these two particular vehicles? And how they might fit into the current tier 5 meta-game? Here's proof of their existence, in the spoiler next to the 'mouse pointer':
  13. So... it's not disappearing completely. It's just going to be downtiered into a mediocre tier 7. Link: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/04/vk-4502-p-ausf-b7.html pic: And yes that's a 25mm turret roof, 100mm turret front and 80mm all around. RiP armor. Not going to regurgitate stats from the website unless requested (firewall?), but what are your opinions on this... thing with Churchill III syndrome? (crap turret) ... One interesting note to point out: 1600 HP at tier 7. Also sounds like it's going to acquire TOG syndrome (exp pinataaaaaaa) Meh, going to ctrl c + ctrl v stats in spoilers below:
  14. So I'm thinking about starting the new German tank destroyer line, and I'd like to have some tips on how the line plays in general, as well as anything that I should know about each specific tank in the line (starting with the Marder 38T and upwards), such as if there are any vehicles that I should keep/skip.
  15. I found this forum by clicking the forum link after checking my stats. Started with WOT in 2012 and took a long break so when I came back not that long ago, I had some idea of what to expect from the game. I decided to register here after seeing references to this forum in the "official" WOT forum while looking for help on the VK3002 v VK3601 question recently. The German tree doesn't look anything like I remember it being back then. I don't have a lot of games in compared to others but I figured if I'm trying to get better that this would be an open place for questions, help and such. I came into this game thinking I wanted the Panther above all but I'm seeing that the Panther may not be quite what I expect and I've spent most of my time so far in heavies (British, US T1, M6 line and Russian IS line with some time in the VK3001h as well) and some TDs. I saw a thread in the other forums on help for the Panther and that led me to another thread where Garbad talked about optics over binocs or vents and that brings me to my question. I've set up my new (4 games in) vk30.02m with rammer, optics and camo and I'm wondering if that's a good setup or if there is a more optimal one in the opinion of folks here? I want to play it mostly as a mobile sniper and I do tend that direction even with heavies as I've found it wise to play more safely and conservatively than maybe I did when I first started. The only medium line I've done anywhere near well with so far has been the US line and I'm in the M4 there so I know I'm still learning mediums with a long way to go. Again, glad to be here and thanks.
  16. Hi there! Like the title says I have just unlocked the E50 but havent bought it yet. Im looking for any word of advice about this vehicle before doing any classical mistake there is to be made. Any info and feelings torward this tank (and the next one 'E50M') will be more than welcome. Cheers!
  17. Apperantly the Konish was nerfed to 135 damage for both reg ap and apcr. Source: Wot main forum, people that have played the test server have seen the nerf. Also looks like the engine changes haven't affected the Germans as most people thought they would. Reactions are positive overall. Also
  18. I have a Panther in my garage. Been there for awhile, but I don't take it out much. I need help playing this thing. I like it, I really do, I just can't buy a win in that tank to save my life. I love the RoF of the top gun, and it's accuracy. Damage is not all that great. My kill ratio in the Panther is about the lowest of all of my tanks. I can't seem to get much done in this vehicle, and was looking for suggestions. I have been in a few battles with Panthers on my team. In one case, the Panther on my team scored 11 kills, using the 75mm L/100. Otherwise, I have seen scores of 5+ for Panther players quite often. I'm lucky if I get one. Conversely, I play my VK3601 quite well, with either the 88mm or the Konisch. If I could translate that skill from the VK to the Panther, I would be happy. My playstyle is the support the front line, and snipe from medium to long range. However, in a few cases it seems like, as soon as I get myself situated, either enemy arty finds me, or an enemy heavy decides to take on an "anti-sniper" role, and I find myself on the defensive, and pretty much finished. Any help would be appreciated. I figured I would post this here, vs the regular WoT forums, because everyone here knows what they are talking about...
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