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Found 1 result

  1. Didn't see one yet, so I made one. If I missed it on accident, just delete this Pros: -Highest alpha of tier9 LT's (T49 derp doesn't count). Smacking for 320 is a bit nicer than tickling tier10s for 240 -Standard Chinese LT random turret and upper plate bounces. Saves your butt often enough -Highest AP pen by a fair amount. 220 vs 203/205/212/215 on the AMX 1390, T54LT, T49, RU251 -Literally nothing else Cons: You pay massively for that alpha -Horrific 0.42 acc. When you get around to aiming in you miss anyway -Worst gun handling of all tier9 LTs and about the same as the AMX1390, which has far better acc but worse aim time. So its probably a draw. -RU251 and T49 get 20m higher base VR than you, 410 vs 390m. With optics, food, and sit-awareness, and partial recon I have 464m VR... Garbage. The only LT with lower VR is again the AMX1390. -Feels very sluggish to turn, It's worse than a lot of mediums -5 gun dep on mobile tanks is awful. Careful positioning is difficult and very easy to screw up your shots. -Very expensive shells. Over 1k per shot Its workable, but damn... this takes my hatred of Chinese tanks to a whole new level. You're basically using the IS2's gun with an alpha nerf facing nothing but superheavies. So yeah, thread for discussing this thing that has a gun longer than its hull.
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