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Found 10 results

  1. I have the LeFH18B2 arty code from Italeri tank model my younger bro got for birthday. No crew, so considering selling my Amx, and put some sweet 2.7 skill seal clubbing crew in it, for maximum blappage and mild cred grind...since i have no prem tanks at all (sold the reward Tog, 6 months before O-Is introduced...now even worse). OK, i have WZ-111, which makes money, but it is boring and too derpy for my playstyle. I would quote myself: "Drive an IS-3. Have this tank for ages, driven mostly in Cw before (now not even that). Seriously, this tank could kill IS-3 very easy before, once he fired on some poor fool in your team. Now he will troll more of your shots. Maps are too coridor-ish, meaning you can not squeeze more than 1-2 aimed shots a time...and blind single shot heavies are now in better position vs autoloaders than before...unless autoloaders have really tight clip and good soft stats. TVP T 50/51 and Amx 50 b come in mind as only reasonable choices now post E5 and IS-3 buffs. Flanking is dead after tier6-7, higher tiers tanks stay together, and if you flank them you may get to shoot their side armor...but then you get 3-4 guns trained on you, while your pubbies hesitate to push until after you are dead. In my last 10 k battles i endured it maybe 50 battles to get WZ-111 mission token...never touched after that. Only surrender monkey tank i have, so will not sell for future missions." So, 50 100 lowers, tell me if there is any reason to keep this tank...or any other cheese-eating surrender monkey worth having in this meta...and BC grind will never happen, because i have not grinded french tree beyond 50 100. 50 B any use? i generally fail in autoloaders, thou...and grinding the E 5 before they nerf it back.
  2. http://www.cracked.com/article_14990_what-monkeysphere.html Stumbled upon the above article a while back. It's a really good read, highly recommend it.
  3. well here we go again 52% WR|54% 1000 battles|55% 60 day 1387 WN8|2152 1000 battles|2290 60 day i have 6 tier 10s (AMX 50B' Bat chat, T57, STB-1, M60, and IS-7) My best tier 10 is the IS-7 i am working on 2 other lines WZ-111 1-4 ----------> 113 SU101------------------>263 I have TS and a Mic i can be on 4-5 days I would like to do CW and tourneys i can call 1 map for CW (mines)
  4. Does anyone have any good ways to get read of blackheads? Discuss.
  5. I've been playing this game for a pretty long time. Back about a year ago, I was running a bit over 3000wn8. Due to it's terrible luck based mechanics, balance breaking gold ammo and power creep, and campy vision system, I generally uninstall it for months at a time before getting back into it because all of my terrible friends keep playing it. Last time I did this, I took a break for 5 months, and for the last 3 months have been sitting at 2200-2500wn8. That's not terrible, but not as good as I used to be, so clearly I was dissatisfied. Then, suddenly last week, I figured it out. I figured out how to Git Gudtm Now, I wouldn't be posting this if I did it in a way that I considered to be padding. No gold rounds, platoons, overpowered tanks or sniping out of viewrange at enemy tanks spotted by my allies was employed here. All I've been playing this last week was my tier 10s (T110E5, Batchat, T62a, M60) and some terrible tier 5s I'm trying to grind out 6th sense on (BDR G1B, Chi Nu, Chi Nu kai) So, what the hell did I change in one week that sent my wn8 from 2500 to 4000 to the point of doing an extra 1000 damage in the same tanks? Well besides spending too much time putting up insulation and drywall in my basement, only one thing. Picking my battles. Generally, I would choose a section of a map that I like for some reason, drive over there, run into some enemies and try to outskill them until one of us died. I did this even if I was outnumbered 3 to 1, even if they were a higher tier, even if they were in a better position, even if they were sitting there waiting for me to peek. As long as I had some chance to pen them, I would poke around that corner and take that shot or rush in and start circling them. It worked a decent amount of the time, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten a 63% winrate and purple wn8 out of it, but then I started watching streams. I saw people who (no names) played much worse than me, yet still somehow managed to be dark purple while looking like they weren't even trying. A lot of them were padders, but some weren't, and I noticed what they were doing that I wasn't, and that was that they never engaged in an unfavourable fight. They'd run into a bunch of tanks they could barely pen sitting around a corner waiting for them to try peeking, and they wouldn't peek, they would fuck off to a different part of the map until they found themselves in an engagement where they could get at least twice as much damage out as they got put back into them without even trying, instead of fighting an enemy in a great position ready for them. They would do this, and they would win that engagement. They would kill a few tanks, damage a few more, get some map control and barely lose any health doing it. Then they'd use this map control to find another area where THEY had the advantage or the surprise over the enemy, and get more easy damage out, until the first tanks in the great position that they avoided were outnumbered and surrounded, and THEN they would use all the HP they still have from not making risky trades and the numbers advantage they have to kill those tanks. It doesn't work on all maps, a lot of the maps in this game are terrible sets of 3 corridors with TDs camping both ends where nothing but chaisniping and high pen/alpha works, but with them changing a lot of those maps recently, you can pull this off more often. I started doing this, and clearly the change in stats and winrate speaks for itself. I have a few videos below to show you the difference in playstyle, both losses (I twied guies) and the "bad" playstyle against terrible pubbies that should have killed me much easier than they did, but comparing the two, you could see that I had a much easier time against much better opponents in the second video than I did in the first, despite being in a much worse position in the second video map control-wise Now in the second video I also overlaid a bunch of tips and explanations for why I did certain things but near the start one gets fucked up (the "slides" used to be 3 seconds long instead of 5, and when I changed the length they stayed on I forgot to move one over to compensate for the extra length) What that slide says is another important thing again talking about always picking favourable situations, and that is that if one side of the map only has 3 or 4 pubbies go to it, and you know that the enemy will almost definitely send a reasonable amount more, DO NOT go to that side to attempt to compensate, you will get rolled with the rest of the guys who went over there. Instead stay somewhere between your lemming train and your base, close enough to get help from allies but also in a position where you can quickly reset the cap, which will give your pubbies time to notice that they left half of the fucking map undefended and move back to base to help you Anyway I hope this helps people out, especially the more aggressive players like me. Use your aggression to move up and shoot enemies in the side and other places where they're not prepared for you or are in a bad position to fight you, don't just find the nearest enemy and try your best to kill them even if the odds are heavily stacked their way, deal with those guys last after you kill all their friends. Always get the first shot, never peek against an enemy that's ready for you and loaded unless you'll get a lot more out of it than they would. If you manage to get your tank's expected damage in before an enemy has even managed to turn their turret at you before you've disappeared, then you've done it right.
  6. Forgive me father for I have sinned For I have played arty and further tainted my garage. So I've heard about the crazy arc of the british tier 5/6 arty and wanted to give them a go. And have been thoroughly chewed in tier 6 CW by the little chihuahua FV's and have had people recommend them and of course, I've seen replays on how fast and how crazy the gun arc is. So you could say I was Interested. I free XP'd all the way to the bishop (Didn't have enough to go through) so I decided I'd play it, thinking it would be horrific and I'd have to only do X2's for a few weeks. But I soon found out it is not at all bad. Setup: Stats so far: 23,000 XP ground out just today First game, 4 kills, 1600 damage Spoiler: Dem graphics Best games today: (*Me being good@scumbag) I do not advocate playing arty But damn, Thing reloads in 11.5 seconds at 93% crew/rammer/vents, The flight time is long and im still getting used to it. But this is the thing, It DROPS shells onto the engine deck and about 20-30% of the time you hit for 400-500 damage and a somewhat rare, you set them on fire along with that 400-500DMG
  7. hello, i am looking for a good player or higher to platoon with, my range of tanks is from 1 to 10, i do wanna work on my skills and see what am i doing worng, and what should i do, what kined of skills should i work on, i am looking for a green (stats wise sense i am not stats expert) player or higher to platoon with, with the use of ingame comms or Teamspeak for communcation (i prefer teamspeak but what ever works) Thanks you for you time.
  8. so i am looking for a good platoon mate to play with, that can tell me what i am doing wrong and help me become better, cause i know that there is somethings (if not most) that i could n done better or won at Tiers available 1-9 ( you can run your 10 with me, cause i wanna get better at high tiers fights) TS available ( i want someone to interact with not just watching him do something a rationalizing it, i want someone to talk me throw what he is doing and tell me what i am doing wrong and how i could n done it in a better way) Thanks for your time in advance.
  9. Post them times MM went full autism and put you into a hilarious match.
  10. So I just wanted to know what separates the bad, good and elite? What are the biggest things that these players so differently? I'm a solid player but I feel like I'm missing something that could make me even better. Even in a game where I do 6k+ damage, I just feel like it was crude the way I did it, and it could have been smoother. I get to the point where players i know I can beat are doing high damage to me and I'm struggling to kill them. What are the big tips I need to know so I can elevate my game beyond where it is now?
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