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Found 7 results

  1. WoT Numbers just phased into Open Beta for those who's looking for an alternative to WoT Statistics. It has a pretty fresh user interface that you can customize, and also includes a grind progress tracker. The table columns are also customizable to your liking. Not all features are finished, so expect bugs, errors and other magical stuff to occur. Site: http://wotnumbers.com/ Previews under the spoiler; Image 1: Home page, which is fully customizable. Image 2: Tanks page, which allows displaying of the most demanded statistics, also customizable. Image 3: Battles page, which displays the last played battles depending on selected time table, which surprise surprise, is also customizable. NOTE: DO MIND, I'm not the developer, I'm just a beta tester that decided to viral this here. All credits should be directed towards to BadButton and cmdrTrinity from the EU WoT forums, as I don't believe they're registered here.
  2. For all that ended up grinding through the swamp that was ranked, what did you end up spending your bonds on? Obviously, the equipment isn't insane enough to warrant massive changes in tanks but it'd be cool to see what everyone bought. I personally got a rammer and put it on my 113 to mark. Extra DPM is pretty dope I suppose.
  3. One of the big differences I noticed with the new Clan Wars 2.0 is that it feels like a grind. There is no more, show up at muster, go over the map tactic or training room, fight your battle(s) and be done with it. Now you have to run stronghold skirmish teams every night to earn resource and influence. We need the resources and influence to build up the stronghold, use artillery and air strikes, purchase and maintain the divisions on the map, purchase and use modules, auctions on the map, etc... Most of the time tier 6 strongholds feel like beating up on baddies or breaking a camp. So, it starts to get old after a few nights in a row of running fastbois. The occasional KV-2 or TOG game can keep it interesting. I feel that I have less time to grind tanks for tier 8 and tier 10 clan wars and less time to platoon with people because we are always ruining strongholds. I have friends who are officers in other clans and they told me how much influence they need every day to maintain their divisions on the map. They said that they have to run two tier 8 stronghold skirmish teams for about 2.5 to 3 hours a night to maintain the influence they need. Now I know why our officers are always telling us to start up a detachment and run strongholds every night. I saw this on the WoT forums and it sums it up pretty well: I feel that the grind seems to take a lot of the enjoyment out of clan wars.
  4. Hey, guise! First of all, I'm looking for people to play with. I can play any tier 5+, if you wanna play tier 9/10 then I'll just play my Bulldog. I can adapt my play style. My main objective has always been to win, I won't keep farming damage if I'll see a lost flank. If there's anyone who feels like analyzing gameplay/tactics/mistakes then that's the mentoring part I can be happy with. Really motivated to learn and do better, so we can even set mutual goals if you want. I'll be on wotlabs in-game channel from now on as well. Let me know if you're up for it, send me a message, cya! Oh and happy St. Patricks day!
  5. I'm interested to know what tier 10s everyone is currently grinding for and why. There has been a lot of discussion about the best 10s lately and I would like to see which tanks are still being ground out. I would also be interested to know what tier 10s you've kept in your garage if you want to add that too. My own current tier 10 grinds: T-62A and Obj. 140 from the T-54 T57 from the T69, too slowly Obj. 268 from Obj. 704, on hiatus because I'm bad at TDs E-100 from the VK 3601H, stalling until Tiger buff Foch 155 from the AC MLE. 1946, halted for now
  6. Whatsup guys I am new to the forums and the website and whatnot but not new to the game although my improvements are. I started off as major alpha scrub and now I am just a minor bravo scrub and my recent makes me a..... a..... still a noob. I try. But anyways, HELLO! I am here. I read how2poast n stuff. and I am just dropping in to say hi. I have 5k and a few battles and my username is GuySenseiRocks. I hope to see you all random battling and fighting the war on nerfs and baddies like meself. Good to be here and have fun.
  7. My overall goal at the moment is to build my skill and garage to suit clan wars clans. That said, at my current rate of progress skill-wise, by the time I have the tanks my skill should already be there... SO. The tonks. I did a lot of reading on CW tanks starting at about 8.4/8.5, but the meta at 10 has changed since then and I constantly hear contrasting opinions on what tanks are viable for CW picks. I'll list what I know for sure, what I think I know, and then what I don't know. Fo' Sho: -T57 (yes) -T62A (yes) -BatChat (yes) -FV4202 (NOT VIABLE EVER NOPE LOL GO AWAY) -Fatton (hahaha NO) Not Fo' Sho: -T110E5 (I've heard it's less desirable with recent patches and that it's just a sub-optimal substitute for other 10s.) -Leopard (I've seen it used; word of mouth says it's mostly as an alternative to the BatChat.) -Obj. 140 (Sounds like just another T62A.) -E-100 (I hear it's used in CW but the people I know who have it and are in clans say otherwise.) -IS-7 (I hear it's more appealing because of APCR and is seeing more use.) I Don't Even: -Tier 10 TDs (All I ever hear is that the JPE100 is a no. All the other TDs seem to get mixed answers on their viability.) -Arty (I'm interested in starting down an arty line, but I never really hear anything about which clicker is the most clicktastic.) Ensuant Questions: -Is it possible for any nerf to kill the T57's viability? (I ask because I got my third nine in this line after the Cent 7/1 and M46, and I don't really want to have another garage lemon.) -Is it worth it to persue the IS-7 for CW now, or should I just stop when I get to the IS-3? (At the T-43) -Does the Leopard see CW play often enough to warrant getting it? (At the iPanzer) -I will inevitably get the Object 140 and the T62A, but is there any preference among the two? (T-43) -After I finish my grind to the E-50, would it be a wise choice to sell my Panther II, buy my Tiger, and put my Panther II crew onto the German E-100 line? (I.E. Will the E-50M ever be viable?) -Which T10 TDs are preferred in CW? (The T28 Prot is my only high-tier tank among these; the rest are at 6 or less.) -What clicker is stronkest for CW? (I have some in-roads into the arty lines, but it's all pretty low tier so there's no real issue with picking a line.) Clan Questions: -I'd like to give the petco family a try, but burdy is full and I lack el T10s. Suggestions?
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