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Found 1 result

  1. Going through this forum, I found a few threads on the t37, and the old chaffee, which was similar to the t37 as it is now. However, I saw nothing on the "new" chaffee, (yell at me if I'm wrong) which surprised me greatly, as the chaffee is a hidden gem on the us light tank line. It is probably a better pure scout than the elc, and its gun rips apart anything without armour, with dpm an elc could only dream of, and manoeuvrability that can make the elc look slow, and the little vk 1602 leopard look like a slug. It is the only good combat scout at tier 5 (elc is quite different to the "normal" combat scout), and is hilariously fun to play. Firstly, the speed, acceleration, and manoeuvrability are unparalleled at tier 5, and even compared to high tier scouts like the lttb, bulldog and even the ru251, it remains amazingly good. It has the SECOND HIGHEST top speed among any tank (excluding ru251, correct me if I missed something) and the good ground resistances accentuate the 25hp/ton even further, while also having those typical american ridiculous traverse values. This tank flies around the battlefield, able to be where it needs to be and relocate in ways the leopard could only dream of. The traverse speed and straight line speed, as well as the turret, makes circling big dumb stupid heavies so easy. Secondly, the view range and camo make it a great passive scout, and an AMAZING active scout. It has 380m view range, the same as the leopard and 20m more than the elc- view range is maxed out easily without the need for binoculars.The camouflage values, which is retained on the move are also quite good, though not elc levels. however, the extra view range means it can outspot almost any tier 5 6 or 7 tank, and only some of the tier 8 mediums come close (excluding scouts). With a camo crew, it becomes very easy to invisinipe tanks, as with optics and food if you feel like your view range alone leaves a decent window of invissniping oppurtunity without accounting for camo. with camo added, it is possible to have huge carries without getting spotted, unless the distance is closed by you. (you have the speed to keep at range), allowing the chaffee to win the late game easily. Thirdly, THE GUN. While at first, it may not look that good, it is a gun that suits the tank. It is the only tier 5 light tank with good dpm- (leopard with 5cm is a turd, not a tank). The elc mounting the 90mm and the leopard with the mk 103 both only have around 1200 base dpm, while the chaffee has almost 2000, before crew skills or rammer. That's only 200 less than a cromwell. Also, the chaffee isn't like the elc, where the dpm is reduced by the awful gun handling. This tank has a 1.8 second aim time, and the same accuracy as a cromwell, at 0.35. However, the gun handling on the cromwell and elc is made worse by bad dispersion values, however the chaffee does not have that problem. It has 33% better dispersion than the cromwell on the move and after track traverse, 75% better on turning the turret, and a whopping 150% better dispersion on moving the turret than the elc amx. Plus is is one of the only tier 5 tanks, if not the only tier 5 tank, with vertical stabilisers, reducing dispersion even more. For a tier 5 tank, the gun handling on this is absolutely monstrous. While the pen is mediocre, the chaffee is more than fast enough to flank, and dabbing the 2 key (which is necessary quite a lot, but hey its tier 5, you're still gonna make monies) gives a decent pen boost. oh and ten degrees of gun depression mean this tank can poke ridgelines, and use its good dispersion to outaim opponents, snapping a shot off while they have only just started aiming. so what does this all mean? It means we have a tank with very good mobility, very good scouting potential, and a very good gun that can shred apart enemies easily. it quickly became one of my favourite tanks, and i hope people agree with me when I say it is one of the most exhilarating tanks to drive. oh and did i mention it craps out wn8? i know this is starting to sound like a review but I love this tank soo much anyways while i love this tank, I would like to hear what everyone else thinks of it, so please tell me about your experiences with the chaffee.
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