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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys Today I finished my 100th game in the Emil I. Suffice it to say that I have not been enjoying the ride. The tank itself is fine. The gun is a meatball shooter that will almost never hit or pen all four shots, but we knew that. What I don't get is how in hell I can have a 39% WR after 100 games in this tier 8 heavy when my stats in it are pretty similar to other tier 8 heavies. I mean, FFS, bots get a better WR! Getting tier tens in 7 out of 10 games and nines in 2 out of 10 is part of the problem. As is the fact that arty seems to love shitting on this tank above anyone else with the shitty side armor and the novelty factor combined with XVM fapping. I got shot by arty, while moving, when close to a stationary Grille (we had similar stats, both blueberries, and both were spotted). I know it's not helping that I played the damn thing for about 30-40 games during the holidays (when you can't even begin to guess what the 29 baddies in the game will do and why is that fucking bat suiciding by yoloing me?) but that can't explain the stats. Looking at the stats I note that I have a damage output similar to most of my other tier 8 heavies in the Emil. I have the 110 as a comparison but the rest are pretty similar, depending on how long it has been since I played them. Between 1700 and 1800 seems pretty normal for me there. The AMX 50-100 is an exception, but then as it is a mobile autoloader with a good clip it excels at cleaning up at the end of the game and assassinating lonely targets mid-game, something the much slower Emil I wuth it's smaller clip and derpy gun gets less of. And I get even less of a chance to clean up when I lose 61% of the games. I spot fewer opponents in the Emil. That is clear. I am trying very hard not to yolo in the damn thing but am still fairly aggressive, and in the tier 10 games there tends to be an overabundance of meds and lights that spot the baddies before I do, and I tend not to lead the pack when I have to go with the heavies. So, eh. Help?
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