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Found 5 results

  1. Comrade tankers, Darkest were the days of 1941 when we ground through the T-34 line, clanless and alone. Then we saw the light of the Forum Warriors channel, from which came offers of platoons and friendship. We remember how we became one with PBKAC and fought our campy Swamp battles in Europe. We can still vividly hear the IOC's order on Fisherman's Bay: "one-two line, begin yer push". We recall our victory with a half-baked fascist box strat on Ruinberg and our obscene defeat from "dick in facce" on Cliffs. We were there to witness the conception of hardcore PBKAC Himmelsdorf strats, where once we stacked meds on the hill only to lose to a capfast. We had our moments farming lame points with BULBA in the Americas and doing our giddy M60 count-ins to farm pubbie tears. And of course, who can forget the thunderdome, the fast-bois strongholds, and the anime club. Nowadays the war is over and the soldiers don't know where to go. The WarGods removed all-chat and so we bid farewell to the days of smack-talking baddies. CR/D is dead and gone, forever buried deep in the ground alongside Chairinabasket. We wonder where the veterans from old PETCO are now and what new hip game they play today. We tried the PTSD-inducing Red Orchestra 2, fighting the Great Patriotic War as a conscript with only a rifle and bayonnet, but the community there was small, they didn't insult each other much, and there was neither stat padding nor metagame. We tried League of Legends, finding some of the memes and airhorn-inducing MLG plays entertaining, but it lacked the euphoric feeling of a 3-unicorn hard-carry; there was none of the "us versus them" mentality as the game just makes good players fight other good players. We miss the days of WoT; terrible as the game is, the people playing it are second to none. We dream of fighting with you unicorns in the halls of Valhalla, forever pursuing the 99.9% winrate and surfing on the waves of the Red Sea. Thank you all for our time together. We are here to read through old posts and we would love to chat and reminisce. 8112204 (2011 - 2015)
  2. Do You Have What It Takes To Be Havok Ascending? HavoK Ascending is actively and aggressively recruiting new players that wish to take part in the upcoming new and totally reworked Clan Wars. I know you are reading this page and wondering why would I want to join HavoK Ascending? Otherwise you would not be reading it, am I right? And I could sit here and tell you how awesome and amazing we are and you should not waste your time joining anyone else, but I am not gonna do that. What I will do is let you decide for yourself if you want to join and you can make your own decision based on your current desires for a clan here in World of Tanks. Okay lets get started. First let’s be honest and not kid each other and waste anybody's time, these recruitment postings in this forum are a dime a dozen and every clan has them, even HavoK Ascending. We all know it, and they're all telling you why you should join their clans. But, before I try to tell you why you should join HAVOK Ascending, let me ask you a few questions about yourself and your gaming needs here in World of Tanks and please do answer honestly, okay? (Yes/No answers only please)☛ I want to play Clan Wars competitively and earn awards, gold and special prizes.☛ I want to learn more about playing this game and learning new game tactics?☛ I want a friendly, drama free social experience with my clan mates?☛ I want to platoon, play in strongholds and win while playing this game?☛ I want Clan Officers that care about me as a person and not a tank?☛ I want to be part of a community of that has been in the top winning and gold earning clans in this game since 2011 and earn some gold from playing Clan Wars, Campaigns, platoons, stronghold battles and take part in E-Sports tournaments and skirmishes?☛ I want a clan that is organized, managed, structured and housed within a Community to promote success and fun while in game?☛ I live by, play by and believe in these words; "Teamwork, Dedication, Hard Work and Commitment" If you desire all these things in your next clan and you HONESTLY answered YES to the 8 questions above then WE ARE THE CLAN FOR YOU, your search is over and that is why YOU SHOULD JOIN OUR CLAN RIGHT NOW!! Right now HAVOK Ascending is SELECTIVELY recruiting only highly experienced Clan Wars players that meet or exceed the minimum requirements listed in the section below. Of course some special considerations will be given to other applicants based on many variables including being open to learning and improving your play any way necessary, personality and fit with the clan, its members and goals, ability to take orders and many other characteristics we carefully look at when you apply for HavoK Ascending membership. HavoK Recommended Requirements: (what we would like for you to have) ☛ Must be on Teamspeak while in game ☛ CW tanks: 2 Tier 10 Tanks☛ 55% W/L Rate and 1900+ Overall WN8 or 2200+ WN8 Recent *Stat requirements will be waved for any PROVEN battle caller with cw experience or player we feel is a right fit for our clan* Note: Limited time there will be exceptions made for 60 day Wn8. Once you have put in your application it will be your job to join our team speak @ ts.burninglegion.org and then after connecting contact one of our Personnel Officers and let them know you have applied and would like to be evaluated. The Personnel and Recruitment Officers are available for immediate contact when you are ready to speak with them. After you have contacted the Personnel and Recruitment Officers and let them know of your interest you will then be scheduled to platoon for evaluation for membership as quickly as they possibly can. What happens during the evaluation process you may ask? This process includes time getting to know you as a person. Setting up time for you to meet some of the Senior Officers so you can learn more about the leadership of the clan and their goals for the clan. Learning how you play and assessing your skills and abilities while taking the time to learn what you desire from joining our clan. This process can last between 1-7 days depending on your ability to be available for our Evaluators and Officers. When joining our Team Speak, if by chance a Recruiter is not available at that time, please ask for any officer or you can simply sit in the recruiting lobby and someone will be with you as soon as possible. Lastly, this clan is designed for players not so experienced with CW and are interested in building the skills needed for CW. Please either post stats here, or PM me directly in game or on the forums. Or Contact officers from HavoK main, or the recruitment officer from Havok Ascending myself included. Current Recruiting Officers: bluechillycheezypPraiseGabeN633 E_A_S_T_E_R_N_S_T_A_R Any other Havok Main Officers.
  3. Just thought i would start this topic because i was wondering where the havok engine went? has anyone heard anything about it or did wargaming forget about it, because its been a year now and when they did the ASAP video on it looked like it would be a huge change to the game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qft0DocNIM I understand if it is going to take a while to put this new engine into the game but in the ASAP video he said 9.0 and its 9.3 now so its past due... if wargaming just gave us a little update I would be happy again he did say this year so I guess there's a little time left
  4. None of these are awesome, but if you're looking forward to a tank or just want to watch someone play one I'll put some easy to watch replays in youtube format here. If you have any issues sit tight or watch a little later, I might have just uploaded the videos and youtube is still processing them fully, or editing them. T-34-1 Lakeville Radley-Walters
  5. I was told that i am officially not our clan's recruiter by my CO, buuuuuuuuuuuuut, Here is the Official recruitment thread. The official seems a little cut-and-dry to me, so i figured i would make a post on Wotlabs. CLAN DETAILS Currently, we are getting some fights with a majority of Evil Gaming and sometimes Cartel Gaming. We also have been able to scrim HavoK during peacetime. SO, IF YOU WANT TO FIGHT SOME OF THE 1ST-RATE CLANS, PRACTICE WITH SOME OF THE MOST EXPERIENCED PLAYERS, AND BE APART OF ONE OF THE FEW POKEMON RELATED CLANS! (NOTE: We are not officially related to Pokemon, it wasn't intended but we are referenced as "that Pokemon named clan that no one cares about") JOIN ARBOK! THE RECRUITMENT REQs APPLIES TO ALL At least 3 CW tanks(Plz No Maus), Shows strong damage and WR in tanks Don't be a dick to Clanmates or other clans(unless in CR/D), Be a dick to pubbies >53% WR or >56% 60Day WR >1800 WN8 or >2350 WN8 To apply, post your favorite Pokemon, your stat sig, and your t10s. If you work out, then i will send you to our recruiters, as well as our TS so you can platoon with some of the clan (If you want, i guess, I'm not your mom).
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