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Found 13 results

  1. So after looking at all 15 pages, there's no official T29 thread so here we go! The T29, while not as notorious as the IS/IS-2 for its alpha damage, not as accurate as the Tiger, not as big as the O NI, it's still often considered by many as one of the most powerful Tier 7 in World of Tanks due to its acceptable mobility, powerful and well-handled gun and extremely resilient turret armor. (Thanks @nemlengyel) Very good turret armor at the front... by bullying the SHIT OUT OF LOW TIERS and even tiers above by holding our ground, defending the ideas of democracy and our values. If angled correctly, its side armor can bounce some shots, soaking up all the Communism, Fascism, and Monarchies. Good AP penetration and if that isn't enough, there's 245mm penetration of APCR, giving the enemy the feel of Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy. Acceptable mobility, making our ways towards victory on the battlefield, pursuing "The American Dream". Good gun handling and aim-time because America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand. Okay-ish Accuracy, shells are guided by Donald Trump because lets #MakeT29GreatAgain. (Thanks @KingYoshiLuca) DPM is a bit poor, but that doesn't stop it liberating the enemy. When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough. - Donald Trump Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. - Franklin D. Roosevelt We are going to have peace, even if we have to fight for it. - Dwight D. Eisenhower It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. - Harry S Truman Oh and its my 2nd favorite tank (IS6 is first) and has the highest winrate over 100 battles in any of my tanks. Discuss.
  2. ThomChen114

    Object 252U

    So, yet another Soviet premium tier 8 heavy tank is coming soon. Because there's never a lack for them. Will it be any good compared to existing Soviet tier 8 heavy tanks like the IS-6, IS-3A, IS-5 and IS-3. And for arguments sake, compared to the Chinese 112, WZ-111 and 110 (because they're pretty much the same deal)
  3. A thought just occurred to me regarding the current state of the game, and what it means for the Chieftain (if and when it is introduced to the game). Players have been clamoring for this thing ever since the British tanks were introduced, but perplexingly with the tier 10 having some experimental and non-existent prototypes, the FV215b and the FV4202. They replaced the FV4202 with the excellent Centurion Action X, but the FV215b remains. Now, the FV215b I'm sure has its utility and fans, and it does fit the role it was introduced in as a support heavy tank, reliant more on its firepower than its protection (though I believe it did receive some buffs in the latter department many patches ago) But with the recent over buffs to some of the super heavy tanks such as the Maus and Type 5, and more new super heavy tanks that share the WG trend of having little to no frontal weak spots, and the Swedish S tanks that can auto-ricochet 120mm caliber guns from the front, the FV215b has remained largely unchanged. Which brings me back to the Chieftain. If they keep the FV215b and introduce the Chieftain in a new British heavy tank branch, what role is it supposed to play? Will it just be another support heavy tank like the FV215b? Or will it be a heavy medium tank, better suited to roll along with the medium tanks (assuming it has the mobility to do so). With the proliferation of HEAT, it would be nice to get the Chieftain with the Stillbrew armor (perhaps as an elite/upgraded turret?), in order to improve its frontal turret armor protection and remain competitive. The only recent changes that I'd considered an upside to introducing the Chieftain now would be the arty changes, since prior to that the Chieftain would get rekt by a CGC etc with WG's massive hard-on for more super heavy tanks, I don't feel any enthusiasm for them to bring in the Chieftain. It'd probably end up getting stomped on by, what should be obsolete by-comparison, the Maus.
  4. So it's been nearly a week since April Fool's Day 2017, when WG decided to instead of creating a special funny event, game mode or in-game feature, they thought we'd all have a wonderful hearty laugh at being enticed by their 1-day offer of an "exclusive" and "rare" pixel tank in exchange for a LOT of IRL money. Maybe we'll see Type 59 for sale next April Fool's 2018? Assuming Drumpf hasn't glassed the entire planet over a tweet.
  5. Any possible chance the Chieftain Mk6 will be introduced within 2017? Maybe like when they brought in the CAX late 2015. otherwise i feel kinda silly hanging on to the 200k EXP i have at the ready in the Conqueror when i should have already researched and acquired the FV215b.
  6. This was a game from patch 9.15, where i finally Aced my Conqueror, as well as complete HT-8 (T-55A) Enjoy!
  7. Just wanted to shamelessly share this thing I did: DPM thanks to loader Orange Pekoe I've heard some gripes about the FV201, and while it may have one of the smallest guns for a tier 7 heavy tank, I'm sold on its DPM. My stats on this tank aren't stellar so far, but mostly because I haven't been playing it as much as I'd like and ASIA server pubs.
  8. Just got back from my trip, been hearing about the new Japanese heavy tanks and seen some lately in-game (haven't shot one yet), just wanted to get some sage advice and opinions on whether i should join (or not) the bandwagon and begin the grind up the Japanese heavy tank line.
  9. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2015/01/13/straight-outta-supertest-fv201a45-british-premium-ht7/ Description: Developed by 1944 by the English Electric company as a part of the new program to create a new infantry support tank to replace the A43 Black Prince. The tank was never accepted in service due to the change in the concept of tank forces, but it served as a basis in the creation of post-war heavy tanks. Hitpoints: 1500 Engine: 800 hp Weight: 55,883 tons Power-to-weight: 14,32 hp/t Maximum speed: 31/16 km/h Hull traverse: 28 deg/s Terrain resistance: 1,151/1,342/2,014 Turret traverse: 37,5 deg/s Viewrange: 380 Radio range: 594,4 Hull armor: 76,2/50,8/? Turret armor: 152,4/88,9/? Elite gun: 17pdr Damage: 150 Penetration: 171 ROF: 14,551 DPM: 2182,7 Reload: 4,123 Accuracy: 0,374 Aimtime: 2,21s Depression: -8
  10. So I've been cruising this section and I noticed that there isn't a discussion thread about the tier 9 British heavy yet, so I figured I'd start one. The tank is of special interest to me as I'm currently grinding hard to get it, so any information you lot can give me about how to play it etc would be great. Because of this however, I can't really contribute much to this topic as of yet So a little backstory about this tank: Development of the tank begun in 1944 as the FV200 project was launched. These were to be a series of heavy tanks of approx. 60 tons, the main production variant to be armed with the 20pdr. It was soon realised the centurion chassis filled the role of most of these and so the project was streamlined to produce a single heavy tank with which to support the Centurions (armed with the 17pdr at the time) in combat. To fulfil this role is must be heavier armed and armoured, and also able to keep pace with the mobile Centurions. In 1949 however, it was decided the 20pdr was insufficient as it was already mounted on the lighter and easier to manufacture, Centurion Universal Tank. No doubt this was due to the new and intimidating IS series being churned out from Soviet factories. The tank was therefor to be armed with the 120mm L1A1 gun, of American origin. As this delayed the project until 1952 the Caernarvon was put into production as a stopgap measure, with approx. 20 units produced with the 20pdr gun mounted in the Centurion Mk III turret. Eventually, with a brand new turret design, the Conqueror rolled off the production line where it served with honour for a few years before being declared obsolete again with the advent of the L7 armed Centurions. I'll leave it to The_Challenger and the Chieftain to give more details about the tank itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu2eONh2GLs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCVzy7z--wE
  11. Hi guys! Let me start saying you that Im a terribad player, 8k battles, made my mistakes and just reached a recent green WN8, I dont play as much as Id like because I have a very demanding job. Ive been improving thanks to this forum and my special mention to Agamemneon who is my personal Yoda Master with his valuable advice my gameplay is getting decent until now. I love heavys, I consider myself a decent player at tier VII and VIII specially with my T29 and IS-3. (Actually my only tier IX is the M103 since I want to get the T110E5). I have only one tier X the IS-7. this last tier is where my real problem starts. When I play tier VIII or IX battles I can do well to my own standards, but every time I ride my IS-7 I got myself in crazy situations when Im useless to my team and I get raped sooo fast. Im not helpful to my teams almost every battle. What would you suggest me to do? 1. Just keep playing more and more tier 8 and 9 battles till I improve? 2. eat the defeat at tier X and keep on it till I learn "The hard way" 3. is it just a mater of keep playing? Tier X is a very different sauce, help me to digest it. Thanks for your advice
  12. First, I want to say thank you for reading my post and possibly answering it. I'm a yellow player that played arty to tier 8 and then tried other tanks and got rekt. After a little struggle I managed to get my win % with my favorite tanks to 52-55%. Now I have a few questions: Some people say the kv line is noobish, and that tanks like the kv-4 are bad and I should stop playing them. Is there any truth to this? I like their playstyle so far. Any suggestions on how I can improve with the kv-4? I saw someone with 70% win on it and I want to get to that level. Heck, I don't care if I'm garbage with all other tanks, I want to have at least one tank that I can be proud of lol. I currently have superheavy spall, vstab, and rammer. Crew has 2 skills: sixth sense, and a mix of other perks/skills including repair. I also like smaller games like team battle, and I have done really well in medium tank companies with the t-150. Issue is that people seem to always want an is3 or 50 100 and not the kv-4 I have also tried to platoon with green/blue players with the sole purpose of learning but they fear getting their stats damaged Thanks
  13. So as I am considering buying the T34, I want to know a few things about it. I assume that I should be using a Vert stab, rammer, and GLD. So for my first question, is it worth the cost? I know that it is quite good at dealing damage and taking hits to the trollishly armoured turret and that it isn't that great at moving. For someone who hated the Lowe is it good? My second question would be what skills and perks to put on the crew? This crew will be going on the 57 heavy when I acquire that so keep that in mind. Finally, Is it better to have a premium repair kit on this instead of Fire Extinguisher? I did my research on this and I know it has a lower chance to burn to it's demise, but I have found them to burn a bit more often, like when a Grille hits the engine deck. Thank you for any responses and If you think any of these are stupid, please don't refrain from telling me so.
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