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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, Hello Friends, I am the newbie member, I like very much to forum, Thanks.
  2. Hello WotLabs, I'm an off-and-on player (mostly at tiers 5 and 6, currently) who's usually into games like KSP, Factorio, or Space Engineers, but every few months I get the urge to shoot pixel tanks. I first came across this place a few years ago when I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong in my Churchill I (my first tier 5 tank). I'd had almost two hundred battles in it with something like a 35% winrate, and was starting to feel really quite bad for the teams that I was on. (It turned out that I was doing a lot of things wrong, and not just in my Churchill. I think my WN8 was around 250 or so when I first found out about it? At maybe 700 battles in total.) At any rate, I've browsed a lot of online resources in the process of learning what I'm doing (kind of), and I've found myself returning to this website more than any other when I'm having trouble figuring out what's going on (which has been often). Thank you to everyone in the community who's shared your thoughts and insights into the game and how to be effective in it, and thank you to Neverwish and all of the volunteers who have made this community possible. Just by being you and doing what you do, you've done a lot to enhance my understanding and enjoyment of the game, and I appreciate that.
  3. Hey all, I'm just a teal wannabe looking for some peeps to learn from and toon with on SEA. If you see me on line, please send me a msg! ps - Thanks for this great site and the info it provides. It's been a fantastic learning journey!
  4. Hi I'm Konrad from Poland. I'm on WoT since 2011 with a lot of "off" time from playing. It would be nice to hear some advices, play with and just having fun. Konrad
  5. Hello WOTLabs forum! My name is Sarcastic Eggplant (In-game 3p1cModZZ) I'm a mostly casual gamer, doing a little competitive gaming every once in a while (such as CS:GO and considering TF2 comp). I am just getting back into World of Tanks and had just heard of these forums. I was hoping for some advice on how to improve my skills at the game in this thread, or any links to some good posts to help improve my game. Since this is my first post I'm trying to keep in kind-of short. P.S. If anyone has a clan that would accept me help me improve my skills, I'd appreciate that very much so (My Stats I was hoping to improve) 3p1cModZZWN8938Win Rate50.09%Recent WN80Recent WR0%WN Rank- TotalPast 24 HoursPast 7 daysPast 30 days60 days • 1000 BattlesBattles28490000Avg. Tier5.550000Victories142750.09%0-0-0-0-Defeats139048.790-0-0-0-Draws321.120-0-0-0-Survived87230.610-0-0-0-Destroyed21850.770-0-0-0-K/D Ratio1.11----Detected18250.640-0-0-0-Damage1621923569.30-0-0-0-Capture Points49651.740-0-0-0-Defense Points29501.040-0-0-0-Experience956704335.80-0-0-0-WN89380000
  6. It appears that it is required to say "Hello" when you come here. "Hello" Anything else I need to do?
  7. Hello, I'm glad to be here. These forums look much more sophisticated than the official WG ones. Right now I only play WOT on Xbox under the profile Caudle Family. My PC is very low end and I have to put WOTPC on the shelf till I can get a sweet PC that runs it well. The Xbox version is very different mostly because of the player base, the Meta (correct usage?) is mostly the same but there are differences. I do enjoy it though very much, obviously, so my second official post in these awesome forums will be an invitation to give the 360 another try and some tips on the controls. Thank you for reading my first post! Caudle_Family
  8. Hello there, after 3k posts in wot forums i decided to check what all the fuss was about, I am from sweden work in norway and currently living on the canaries. I am a member of the dingers community on EU server, currently away from my gaming rig so more time for forum activities until i get back to my main computer in april. Hi all
  9. Hello, I'm new here. Lot of clan mates are here already. I'm looking for improvement to get past that 2200 wn8 barrier and get 3-4k steady Greetings, Vicecomes
  10. Thought I should properly go through the channels of etiquette here and say hello. While I'm not that new to the game or this forum, I've decided to go ahead and register here. I've been using "the other forum" for all of my daily WoT needs. Sadly, it's becoming boring and needless. Same old stuff every single day. I used to drop in here from time to time to search for specific answers. But, I've been coming back more and more. I guess it's best I just stay here to get the proper and up to date information. I'm sure you'll see me in here asking questions because I'm not that good. Btw, I like what you guys do here. It's awesome.
  11. I dont think I did one of these things. Hello, I am a guy hoping to get less derpy and overaggressive in terms of playstyle.
  12. Aloha and Mogethin from Maui, Hawaii. I have been a lurker here for a little too long. Its about time to quit being the creeper. I have used and applied the strategies and information shared on this forum even at almost 19,000 games. It never too late. So Mahalo/Kamagar to the people that take their time to share their knowledge of the game here. I am usually on west solo and platooned east. Mostly, even in ACES I like the freedom of soloing. I get to absolutely try new strats and tomato out of sight. Say hello! Again to the posters that contribute to the success and improvement of the wot player base. Thank you. (edit: if i said something mean in-game, don't worry about it. It was me probably failing at being a bad troll. Fire and forget. There's 10 people on my ignore list ,I have thickskin lay it on )
  13. Hello friends I have decided to make this in order to; 1) Address several questions I have been receiving 2) Say Hello and attempt to break the NTR Stigma To Address point 1: "Tom are you a Tioga Shill?" "Tom you seem to know an awful lot about tioga, how?" "Tom will you sign my mousepad?" To answer these questions 3, No, I'm friends with tioga to a degree, and Sure if you pay postage and handling To Address point 2: Hi, My name is Tom12126, I enjoy long walks on the beach, in my spare time I embezzle clan wars gold for NTR and deal with diplomacy. I also have a bad habit of poop posting, but it always seems to work out. You may know me for such classics as the BADGR Anime Club, Darelic - Chipstorm and countless other badpoasts I also see anime is a pretty strict topic on where it can an can't be posted; So I'ld like this thread to be anime friendly~ (ps always looking for pref 8 plats pls need stats n credits ;_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTWbRCFV7K0
  14. Hello ladies, hi guys, googling some WoT topics I found a post on http://angryjoeshow.com about WOTLabs. In simple words: Stay away from the WoT forums and join WOTLabs. At first I was very skeptical about a website encouraging those annoying "statistic prophets" – but luckily, I was wrong. I read a few topics giving really useful tips. Well done, everyone. I don't consider myself a good player. I only play because my son is such a huge fan of WoT. But with time, I finally have a tier 9 tank in my garage. My biggest problem is that too often I play emotionally and irrationally. Sometimes I need to vent off and play like a true noob, like suiscouting with my ELC – which of course is not beneficial for my stats. Despite all the things that really suck about this game (yes, there are some), I have the wish to improve – not my stats, but my gameplay. Survive (at least longer), do more damage, kill more enemies. When you begin to battle all looks so easy. But somewhen comes the point when you realize it isn't all fun and games. My son seems to know everything about every tank, when he yells at me: "You can't pen a TankXYZ at the turret. Hit the lower glacis!" – Oh, my noob... Thanks for the tips, I'll have to read them again and again and keep practicing out there on the battlefields. Good hunting, Mouse Hunter
  15. Hi everyone (maybe you had seen my posts - not many of them) Working on my stat atm (a.k.a. playing with low tiers...)
  16. Hello. I've been lurking for quite a few days, and I've finally decided to post an introductory thread. [/Lazy] So... Well, I play WoT and I'm terripotato at it. I like terripotato. I know I can be even MORE potato, and I want to learn that. How to be the best potato ever. I MUST be the mighty monsterpotato. If I can't be the best potato ever, though, I think I'll eventually settle for being not bad@tonks. Guess it depends on what is easier and more fun. Well, I'm not a CW player, I am in a scrubby-pubby clan that is in no shape to CW. We're all terribads, although I think I'm the least terribad of us all. (In the land of the blind, he who has one eye is king, I guess). I don't play to win. I play for the challenge, and to have fun. I like the challange of being a little better each day (Hopefully), and I usually have fun when I can challenge myself, win or lose. If I challenge myself and I do well enough, I win. That's my prize. I'd rather lose a good fight than get carried into a victory I don't deserve. That said, well, I'm here to try to learn something... Hopefully not get bullied around too much while trying to.
  17. Hello all I read this forum very often and it's really useful. Thx for sharing all these tips. I'm not a great player and there's a lot of things I feel I have to improve... like my damage output. Thx again for the help (and if you have some comments on my stats... please tell me what I should work on).
  18. I'm The_Alaskan, commander of SNOO, and after hearing Strana_Mechty sing this forum's praises, I thought I'd create an account.
  19. Hello from me. Wotlabs as my new standard forum after the incoming perma Ban in the noob-whine-cry-official-wg forum.
  20. Hello all, Found this website by invi-browsing almost every new topic in the NA forums. Invisi-browsed this site for a couple days and found that this was a great site to talk with other tankers and get better and not be a dead weight on my team. I'm mostly a JRPG/JMMORPG player and WoT was actually the first non-JRPG/JMMORPG that I have played. I started playing WoT on the KOR server when it first came out and was hooked on the game instantly. I think I played over 45-80 games on average every day when starting off, skipping school club activities and studying in order to do so (taking a lot of heat for doing so). I rushed up the lines as I had seen how end-tier play was, which was a major mistake, as I didn't take care to learn the game and progress at my own pace. I think by my 5k battle mark my average tier was along the lines of 6.2 or something and was only doing 280 average damage with a k/d worse than most bots. It was at that point that I realized that I wasn't doing my team (or myself) any good and tried to learn how to play. Sadly, I don't know what my WN6/EFF was as the KOR server didn't have that metric at the moment (as far as I could see), but I could easily tell it was black (well below 500). However, the lack of a high peak playerbase led me to come increasingly drawn to the other WoT servers. Finally, one of my friends convinced me to make the jump over to the NA server and here I am. Even with all the insults, whining, bots, AFKers, etc, I don't regret making the jump at all Always looking for criticism on how to get better at the game so I'm not a dead hole or a dead weight on my team Feel free to be as harsh as you want if it'll help. P.S. Please don't be fooled by my stats. I'm really bad@tanks and most of my stats are padded by clickers. I'm always looking to improve to be more of a help to my team.
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