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Found 112 results

  1. Hey guys. So as title says I'm not that good. 1500 wn8 is my absolute max in t8-t10 50% wr. I got so tired of my bad performance that I dropped down to t5-6 where I suddenly get 60wr and 3k wn8. I feel so lost and passive in high tiers but in low I totally feel when and how to shoot push and snapshoot. At least that's how I feel. Is this difference normal? And how can I fix it. I have thought about the early damage. It's like in high tiers I completely forget that and when I go to my "usual" spots that works in low I get punished in high for 80% of my hp. Which just makes me want to afk. I am so frustrated in high tiers for not even being able to do my own hp in dmg. Nowadays I feel like 2k dmg in my 907 is a good game...... You get the issue. And just want to add, I've never had much more fun than when I play low tiers in wot since I started playing back in 2011, should I just say bye bye high tiers and actually just have fun in low? My inner warrior spirit wants high tiers. But it just makes me hate the game atm. Please help
  2. Howdy! These are my questions but let me color it in for you a wee bit 1st. I have the combat consumables loaded in their key slots for each tank, I have them maxed out for effect but for the life of me I can't figure out the in match mechanics of how to; Aim the consumable. For example, I hit 7 to activate air strike. right click the minimap to relocate the aiming box to where I want to wreak havok. So how do I turn the box, and then fire the weapon? The artillery. I can move the aiming circle/reticle to a desired location but how do I move it to exactly where I need it to go to drop shit on someone's head? & What key fires the damned thing? I've searched high and low in my capacity of a busy working stiff with limited time to play this game and/or do research and all that I've found so far are snarky responses along the lines of "Dis noob doesn't know shit... YOU NEED TO ASSIGN DEM BEFORE DA MATCH SO'Z YOU CAN USE DEM IN DE GAME, BRAH. GOT IT? COOL!" Which utterly fails to educate me on how they work within the match itself when I need them the most. Anyway, thanks in advance for your help, War gamings historical lack of information about how to play this game & use all of it's features has finally got me down.
  3. Grister

    Tier 9 foch

    This tank is the worst vehicle in this game that I have ever played. The armor is 100% useless because of the massive crippling weakspots on top of the tank. The gun is weak for a tier 9 TD, and also derpy as fuck. The sides, roof, and rear are overmatchable, and basically an autopen for everything. They also take full damage from arty. Literally the only good thing about this tank is the mobility. I am so frustrated with this tank, as it's impossible to carry with it. Every potato 46%er knows to shoot you in the rangefinder. I honestly don't know how to foch. Pretty much every other tank that I've played has come easily to me except this one. I can barley manage to get 1500 damage per game in this tank. So please, anyone tell me how to foch.
  4. I need a new headset, again. I accidentally snapped the one I have in half and had to tape it together again. Now the tape annoys me and the sound in general isn't good enough for FPS since I struggle to determine direction with my current open/on ear headset. New one needs to be: - USB connection (jack thingy on pc is broken, cba to fix, dunno how to fix) - Light and comfortable (don't want wireless because of added weight in battery, got a neck injury) - Around the ear or suuuuuper soft on ear, my ears are extremely sensitive, get a headache for fuckall - Preferably not sweaty leather - Crystal clear sound made for FPS and a static free mic - 150-ish euro max budget I looked at Sennheiser G4ME ONE, looks alright online and has good reviews, but it's mini-jack connection.
  5. I have come a long way from being a red shitter where now I'm getting teal recents. If you stream I have probably bugged you in your stream at some point about getting better xD. Starting to always 1 mark tanks and now am up to 4 "2 marked" tanks I had some of the best game I have ever had today, but I felt like I fucked up alot in them and would like to learn what to do better. If anyone could review one of the games and give me tips i would appreciate it alot. Always trying to improve but i just don't have a unicums view or thought process on what i could of done better Thanks for the help as always http://wotreplays.com/site/3447303#serene_coast-chaosgod4392-centurion_mk_i http://wotreplays.com/site/3425901#sand_river-chaosgod4392-centurion_mk_i http://wotreplays.com/site/3447823#karelia-chaosgod4392-centurion_mk_i
  6. Hey everyone, ive had paris a few times in my least few battles, and realised that i have no idea what to do on this map. i can't brawl in heavies or mediums, and using the north for scouting is campy as heck and doesn't influence the game. i was wondering how you guys brawl (positions) and where you go in a scout. replays, positions, guidance, whatever, anything will help. thanks, garry.
  7. So last night my GPU started overheating and turning off and I realized my fans are not spinning. (I have a GTX 980ti G1 Gaming). The "silent mode" lights are on and the fans turn off as soon as windows 10 boots up. Even when I'm playing graphically intensive games the fans wont turn on. I tried reinstalling the drivers and it didn't work. I'm clueless when it comes to computers please help. Update: I got my fans working but for some reason it still crashes. I don't know what the hell is going on with my pc.
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking to replace my MacBook pro. Thing is about 4 years old almost and it is starting to age really poorly, so I need help/recommendations. I only use this laptop for browsing and video/netflix watching but it can play SC2 fairly well. I don't need a gaming laptop necessarily, just want something that can be compatible, speed and resolution wise. So an SSD is a must with a quick CPU. This thing's resolution is 2880 x 1800, I can't seem to find anything comparable though expect 4k laptops which I was told has very little added benefit. Appreciate your help fellas (and ladies!).
  9. So besides shooting he out of tanks like the T-29 for A LOT of battles (because damage) I continue to YOLO. Habits are hard to break so any tips or new habit to get when the impatient yolo tickle hits the W key. Oh and I think I can say fuck? FUCK YOU Yoko ono purple text e25 homo
  10. Hey guys, had a really good game (imo at least) today and just wondering if there was anything that I could have improved on. Link here Thanks.
  11. I don't know how many people actually do their own XVM config instead of using modpacks, but I thought we could have a dedicated thread for people that actually does this and/or just general questions or support. Kinda the same principle as the Quick Questions thread, just mainly focused towards XVM, but other mods with configs could relate. I myself have been doing this for a year, so I kinda have some experience with the config structure and what not. XVM Related Links: Site: http://www.modxvm.com/en/ Forum: [EN] - [RU] Dev Builds: [Nightly] - [Change Log] - [Commit Log] Documentation: [Readme] - [Macros] - [Macros-Hangar] Recommended Editors: Notepad++ - Probably the best text editor for Windows XCTuner - Editor for .XC files that assists in editing your config - Doesn't support advanced coding features - Recommend for newbies, tho it wont really teach you anything. XCPad - Text editor tailored towards .XC file editing Need somewhere to post your xboxhueg config? http://pastebin.com/ or http://privatepaste.com/ Fire away.
  12. http://imgur.com/a/PPwyb I don't know how to fix i have tried reinstalling restarting launching directly but nothing works. All help will be welcomed.
  13. Add me if you think you can help my social anxiety. Will play anything from tier 5 and up. Or just post below and I'll add when I get a chance. Regards, TEXZ
  14. Hey guys, I got a laptop over a month ago and I noticed that my fps in games was lower then it should be. After looking in MSI afterburner and GPU-Z I noticed that my gpu does not have a clock speed higher than 400 and a memory speed higher than 900. This GPU is supposed to have a 925 clock and 1000 for the memory. My laptop is a Lenovo Y40-80, specs are : CPU: Intel core i7 4510 (hyperthreaded dual core) Clocked at 2ghz stock and 3.1ghz turbo GPU: AMD r9 m275x 2gb gddr3 clocked at 925/1000 ( it is just below a gtx860m and higher then the 950m) It is a desktop 7770 slightly downclocked 8gb gddr3 1600 500GB SSHD All power settings are set to the highest performance and the temperatures are around 50-60 degrees under load. It is not a CPU bottleneck as i have tried throttlestop and it did nothing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers and it again did nothing I tried to force voltage and it did nothing
  15. I have 3500 battles in, and I am not happy with my progress. I am here looking for any help that is offered to me. I would like to find someone who is willing to work with me. Perhaps someone can identify the mistakes that keep me from achieving the stats that I would like to have. Any help or suggestions would be welcome. I am willing to work extremely hard to improve. I can be contacted here, in game, or at vnav.enjin.com Same username at all locations. Thank you all squidy_2016
  16. I have 3500 battles...and my stats are terrible. I am looking for someone who is willing to work with me one on one to help improve my game. I am willing to work hard, accept criticism, and take the necessary steps in order to improve. Anyone who is interested please contact me here, In game or at: vnav.enjin.com I use the same username at three sites. Thank You squidy_2016
  17. I'm in South Korea visiting for another month and doing pubs solo is about to drive me crazy. Pretty much I play from 7pm-10am est. I'll play with anyone fun/not terrible. I mostly play 8-10 + money tanks.
  18. Hi, i am the typical noob who wants to improve, my wn8 has been getting better, but i want more help on how to improve I have a mic, do not like ts however, prefer in game voice chat. Also, i am 14, so my voice isnt as deep as barry white.
  19. Hello! I am a new player that has been reading your tips. It is going really well for me. I have ~55 % win rate so it has really helped me! I want to know what equipment I should use on the Panzer III which is a mobile medium tank at tier 4. You can skip the text below if you don't want to read it. I can now afford to buy my first tier 4 tank. I am going to get the Panzer III which looks like a very good medium with nice armor, good mobility and good 5cm gun. I like to play in a platoon with 2 comrades of mine and we all play the German nation with the same tech-tree. We are aiming to all get the Panzer III to be able to play as an effective medium platoon. I have been playing more than my friends so I am a little bit ahead and ready to buy the tank with 75 % crew right now. I will probably spend a lot of time in this tank and I want to upgrade as much as I can (no matter the cost) but I am not sure what equipment I should get. Some people recommend using: - Vents - Gun Laying Drive (GLD) - Gun Rammer But would it not be better to use Coated Optics instead of GLD because view-range is so crucial? People recommend to play this tank as a mobile flanker. The GLD only affects tanks that are stationary... People recommend GLD because the tank shoot fast (24 rounds/min) but has slow (2.3 seconds) aiming time. I have a hard time choosing. I want this tank to be as good as it possibly can be and I think that you can probably give me better advice than other internet people. So please tell me what you would use on a tank like the Panzer III with good mobility and high rate of fire! Thank you very much for all guides and help! And thank you for your reply!
  20. Heres a link to the replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2692705#stats I know that when I was going against that KV1, I should have gone from the other side, but I was shaking and didnt think that hes gonna cross the hill. I was trying to shoot his tracks but everything bounced. Was there any way of doing it better? Pls halp
  21. Hey! Long time no see guys, So its been a while and hopefully not all of you have forgotten me ;_; but in the past few days ive gotten the urge to play tanks again so after a year and a half off i have returned. I've also decided to start streaming again while i shake off the rust and try to get to unicum. Currently in the first 30 games ive played i averaged 2k Wn8 so im not quite at the point i was before i quit but im still doing better than i thought i would. If you want to learn, ask for tips and watch someone make the transition from blue to purple come tune in! I'll usually do analysis of my game after the fact and try to explain what I did right and what i could of done better. I should stream fairly often especially considering i'll be on summer break soon. I appreciate every follow! My stream: https://www.twitch.tv/triffels
  22. Any help to improve, and what I did wrong would be appreciated. Let the criticism flow. http://wotreplays.com/site/2553767#malinovka-crashandburn-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t Just some background: I'm relatively new to the batchat, currently with a shitty w/r. I understand the tank to be a tier 10 light to spot early on and get flank/snipe shots on enemies unaware... I'm pretty shit in terms of like map positioning and stuff like that right now.
  23. OK, here is problem. No code editor (as i'm aware), and you end up with mess. Any tips about formating?
  24. Hy there guys, as you probably guessed I made myself a a YT channel. I'm from the EU server and I am not a unicum, but I do have some tips I would like to give to everybody. I gained my inspiration from the likes of SirFoch, Zeven, Circonflexes and so on. I will try to put up videos as often as I can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29Bk-Vto_bU Here is the first ever video. Hope you will like it. Open for critics as always. Will try to update this as soon as I upload a new video(s). More videos:
  25. ATTENTION, TALKING ABOUT THE CHANCE OF IT BEING BECAUSE OF AN AIMBOT, NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT A MOD THAT MAKE ENEMIES AMMORACKS DETONATE My clan had a skirmish against players from [2L4G]... Now, what happened would have been hard even for good players to pull, but for red/orange? Now to the point Basically every shot that hit us was aimed to an ammorack, there were even a lot of shots that hit walls that seemed to be aimed to the position of the module, but with the wall inbetween All my team got a damaged ammorack in the first one/two shot recieved and we got three explosions (7 damaged ammoracks? 3 of which destroyed with successive shots? Really? Patriot shells?) Is it nonsensical luck (or unluck )? Or something else? Should i report them and what's the most effective way to do it? Replays incoming as soon as i get them from my mates (ignore the noobieness pls, it's not the point) Thank you for your cooperation http://wotreplays.com/site/2442783#stats http://wotreplays.com/site/2442785#stats http://wotreplays.com/site/2442911#stats ATTENTION, TALKING ABOUT THE CHANCE OF IT BEING BECAUSE OF AN AIMBOT, NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT A MOD THAT MAKE ENEMIES AMMORACKS DETONATE
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