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Found 5 results

  1. Something that puzzeld me just happened. I was in an M103 behind the windows in C3 on Himmelsdorf and a Bat-Arty kept pummeling me in the face dealing 450+ dmg per shot until I died. From the indicator I know that the Arty was in the J1/J2 area of the map, so no side shots. I don't play arty so I don't really know the trajectories their shots have, but how could he hit me? My guesses: He could hit every shot through the small window (because arty is inaccurate ) He was splashing on the wall above or below the window and somehow the splash reached me (but I thought the Bat-Arty didn't have that much splash damage...) The modelling of that window is not perfect and splash goes through as if it weren't there like on the rock in Windstorm Below you can see my impressive drawing skills that show a schematic of the thing. Replay included for clarity http://wotreplays.com/site/2503290#himmelsdorf-dudixy-m103
  2. I decided to do a write-up to share my experience with how to play the maps available to low-tier tanks. This guide primarily covers starting positions. I don't cover how to play entire maps if I don't play the entire map (for example, half of Malinovka and Karelia can be ignored). TIER <3 MAPS: HIMMELSDORF From the north spawn, with tanks that can snipe well, go west towards the railroad and snipe from here. 300m view range + binocs can see pretty far down the 3 line, and with any hope, you'll be able to shoot at things that can't see you back. No bush cover means you can get spotted easily if anything rushes up the road with decent view range, so be ready to back off. Short tanks poke out the side, taller tanks can shoot through the window. If you get spotted or run out of targets, move west and put your eyes on the railroad. You'll be able to catch scouts advancing up the 1 line and have a wall to protect your back if they get behind you and you need to turn to face them. From here, you could move into the D line to face tanks coming from TD alley. The other decent option is TD alley. I don't like sticking around here very long and leave almost immediately on seeing anything that isn't an easy kill. The only value in sticking around is if you see a lot of enemies moving up the lane and nobody else is around to help. You can duck inside the nearby broken building while taking shots around corners and hope support is coming, but it's vulnerable from the field and typically results in quick death. Instead, you could move further west and use the dirt ramp to get cover from anything coming up the alley. The same dirt ramp can be used as cover against anything coming from the middle or west road. The corner at D6 can be a decent place to hit targets in the field or tanks moving up the west road. If that corner already has the enemy's attention you can continue on the road west to help out the 3 line. This dirt ramp is one of my favorite spots on the map. Of all the ways to enter the field from north spawn, this one probably offers the most cover. You could also just snipe targets on the G line. South spawn can also cross here and make great use of it in flanking either side of the D line, having either a dirt ramp for cover against the east side or a corner to poke around against the west side. That dirt ramp is also a fair source for cover against a south spawn TD alley push, but is far enough away that enemies will be able to duck into the streets north of the D line without much trouble. This area is a little more vulnerable to arty and attackers on the hill. South spawn, starting towards the west, I go to this area. I will either try to get targets to snipe on the 3 line or find targets to hit in the middle. Both areas are somewhat vulnerable to arty, so my preference is that one side or the other clears out that I may advance to the D line without too much trouble. The dirt ramp provides good cover from anything coming from the opposite side. If I start towards the east, I get quickly to TD alley to do the same thing of finding early targets and leaving when something tough comes my way. I make my way towards the middle to get shots on the field and 3 line, taking opportunities to fire out the windows on my way if targets show up. MINES Mines north spawn is a lot of fun thanks to this island. The best play is to take a fast tank with lots of view range to the bush at the end of the long rock to catch out and destroy anything crossing the water. If something gets by, it's not the end of the world since there's plenty of bush cover to drop out of vision and enough hard cover to eventually back into to avoid fire. There are lots of holes with bushes between these rocks that can be fired from, either in offense or defense. If you decide to go the hill way and manage to make it in, there are three bushes that give decent vision into the enemy base. Just be sure to back out and go around to get to different bushes instead of crossing the gap of open air between bushes like a moron. This position's value is pretty self explanatory. Bushes near the south spawn provide an easy way to approach the base to not be spotted and get cover for seeing remaining enemies in the base. It's also a fair way for south spawn players to protect the base, along with the hard cover bunker. R.I.P. this spot, I'm still mad. This was a decent enough spot a long time ago and was a good counter against the north spawn's island play, but removing the bush killed it. Stubborn players or scouts could still use this tiny hill by poking in and out of the bush that remains, but it isn't very hard to be spotted doing that and isn't all that effective. If your interest isn't in rushing the hill, your options from south spawn are pretty limited. I would say that there's only one spot to really play south spawn from, but compared to what I was doing before, it sucks. You can still hit targets on the hill or on the island, but you're much more dependent on your team spotting for you. If you aren't getting the action you want, there are several further forward spots that can be played, but they are all much more open to being flanked. I avoid them unless I can be sure that I won't get punished too hard for using them. Players often camp the hill above north spawn and don't get spotted easily. If that happens, this is the kind of approach I take in order to get close enough to spot them or start capping the base without being seen. Work the bushes on each side of the hard cover to see if anything lights up, and if not, take a wide path to the next bit of hard cover. North spawn players being chased from this hill can also use this cover to get shots in at their pursuers as they retreat closer to their base. MALINOVKA North spawn rock is the cover that dreams are made of. Large hard cover with ample soft cover on both sides. The tree can be knocked down for extra cover, though this is even more useful if you are a south spawn attacker because it can create bush cover around the rock's west corner. From the west side of this rock, you can have eyes on the open field and the river road and reasonably hit both. Poking from the east side will give you shots on the ramp down from the church, the ridge along the lake, and anything crossing the swamp into the base. If enemies have been cleared out from south spawn, the rock can also be great cover from enemies approaching from behind the north base. You can use these bushes for vision of the field near the lake or to catch things crossing the swamp or the lake ridge. It's doable, but I wouldn't recommend going to the furthest bushes, as you're more likely to get caught by something dumbrushing the field and getting hit by someone camping in G7. This spot doesn't have an easy time of dealing with rushers along the river road. I only ever really used these bushes in the low tiers when playing the T-60, a low profile target with ample armor. For larger tanks with good armor, this bush in front of the fence is a better spot. If you have problems with gun depression, drive through the fence and into the bush until you can get a decent shot at the enemy base. This spot stands directly in the way of anything moving up this road, allowing you to at least punish anyone who tries to advance here very hard. Alternatively, fast tanks that are comfortable with a little risk can rush these bushes in the middle. These bushes should not be fired from unless you are far enough away from the front bushes to be completely concealed. Neither of these spots are very arty safe. These bushes in the back also offer a decent option for facing river road rushers head-on, and the hills are sloped enough that they can be used as hard cover. They're also a decent fallback position for when enemies are flanking from behind the base. This is the spot where I used to go all the time from south spawn, but I don't tend to use it very much anymore. I would sit on the west end of the building, sniping field targets from behind the bush and ducking behind the building when getting shot at. I stopped using it because recent changes have made it near impossible to do anything against enemies traveling the river road. Using these bushes to defend against enemies pushing through the swamp or coming down the hill is still viable. I spend more of my time in this area these days. I try to rush into the bushes as fast as possible to spot anything that could approach along the road, but if something comes my way, I have to back down the hill and sit behind it while artillery or suicidal teammates dig out the rusher. Sitting in the bush grants decent vision of the field. Instead of advancing along the river and diving behind hard cover to the west, I prefer to go behind these bushes to try to scout anything still sitting around the north spawn. I only move into this position if I'm reasonably confident that I'm not going to get spotted by something sitting in the bushes around G1, because this maneuver is otherwise pretty dumb. PROVINCE One of the quickest positions you can get into from north spawn is to just poke out from the corner of the building. Using the bush for cover is probably the better thing to do, though it will take you more time to get back into hard cover if you eventually get spotted. If you're really fast and act quickly, you could always rush the opposing ramp, though there is danger of being spotted either by G3 or G7. You could also move down between the houses. The houses offer good cover from the opposing cliff, but not great cover from anything that's crept over to the 7 and 8 lines. There are many firing lanes on common locations where tanks sit or pass through, which you can try to spot or avoid. Backing out into the street to get shots on C3 is also an option. It doesn't get any better than this. You can lay waste to nearly the entire map from this rock. Even enemies coming up the long ramp and approaching from the south can be hit. What's more important than understanding what this spot will let you do is understanding what it won't let you do. Tanks with bad gun depression will have a difficult time dealing with enemies that come up the hill on the other side of the rock. There are also a couple blind spots in your base that can't be hit from here. If it gets to the point where you want to cap the base, make sure you pick a good spot to sit. One spot will give you cover from things on the hill to the west, another will protect you from things further along the cliff to the north. Gauge where the rest of your opponents are and choose wisely. South spawn also has a decent sniping position, though it takes longer to reach and doesn't provide as much vision or protection to the base. It's also more vulnerable to artillery and being rushed, but it's far easier to defend a rush as well. The closeness of this position to the enemy spawn makes it very likely that you'll spot enemy arty that choose not to move very far. Be careful of enemy tanks hugging the ramp that can spot you through proximity. Tanks that aren't decent snipers can fight out between the houses in the valley. This house line is better protected from enemies on the hill to the east, and there tends to be some enemies that try to travel the 4 line that can be picked off. From the house line, you can continue up the ramp to the east, or move across the valley north. Climbing up the hill in the middle can be very dangerous and expose you to artillery and enemies camped out in the northwest corner. There is some bush cover to help you deal with enemies in the valley. If you can make it up the hill, this is the best way to dig out a player behind the rock and to cause chaos in the enemy line. Would only recommend doing this with a high armor tank. North base only has one blind spot, but it grants cover from both general directions. Defenders will have to come down to dig you out, which you can expect along predictable lines. TIER 3+ MAPS: PROKHOROVKA These three sets of bushes provide good control over the west road and some ability to hit enemy scouts cresting the middle hill. Farther bushes have better vision and better shots, but higher risk of being spotted or being disrupted by a scout crossing close from the 3 line to the 2 line and are more difficult to escape. Instead of going to any of those bushes initially, my preference of late has been to sit much farther back, knocking down this tree and sitting in these bushes. It doesn't do much for getting vision, but it's a good enough spot to get shots on scouts coming up the road or moving around the top of the hill. After some enemies show up and I know how much support I have, I can make a decision about whether I want to move farther up and which further bush I should move to. This group of bushes can be moved in and out of to get vision further down the west road. The slope of the hill gives you more cover from targets coming along the road, but makes you more vulnerable to enemies along the F line. An old strategy of mine was to sit behind this rock. Anything that rushed over the hill toward the base could be eliminated by poking out from either side. If an enemy comes over the railroad tracks near the base, you can put the rock between them and yourself as you keep them out. I ultimately stopped using this position because it depended too much on the enemy being overly aggressive at the start, and there are better places mentioned before to deal with and punish that. It's one of the only good options though if being totally covered from cancer is your priority. These bushes give south spawn a way of hitting targets coming down the west road without fear of getting spotted or attacked by enemy scouts buzzing around the middle. It doesn't offer anything in the way of hard cover from enemies north of your position though, so not getting spotted is very important. Like the sets of bushes from the other side, the farther out you go, the better shots you'll have and the more danger you'll be in when things go wrong. This is what I currently do. Any of the bushes on this side of the road can be used, but I prefer this set in particular because of the double bush opportunity that peers straight up the road. The cover from scouts is moderate, and if you do get spotted, you can make a quick getaway by backing down the slope of the hill. You can also push forward from here by following the bushes to get a more aggressive position. If you don't want to play the west road from south spawn, you could play the west side of the train tracks. There are bushes to move in and out of and some hard cover to hide behind. Also, from some positions, you may be able to hit enemies in the city or climbing the big hill. KARELIA I was never that comfortable with going to the hill from north spawn, and recent updates have just made things worse. I will usually go full speed ahead to reach the hill and get up it as fast as possible, keeping in mind that arty tends to have an easy time of hitting targets near where the hill flattens out. I also have to keep in mind what enemies are moving around on the low ground, or else I risk being badly flanked by them and whatever climbed up the hill from the other side. The alternative is to not go up the hill, but to swing wide and sit behind this massive rock. You can poke out and shoot targets hugging the opposite rock or targets coming down the hill, but the rock doesn't seem to provide enough cover to protect yourself from both sides, unlike the south side's rock. If you get to the top of the hill, you can fight it out with whoever is there from the enemy side, or you can swing out wide either to flank that enemy or use the bushes to hit targets going through the middle. This area seems to be rather vulnerable to arty, and if you should get spotted by anything, enemies traveling to the far northwest may still be able to shoot at you. The south approach to the hill is much better I think, and the alternate option of the rock is better than the north side as well. From the rock, there are clearer shots on the north's side of the hillside, and the shape of the rock is such that you can avoid getting hit by both an enemy on your side of the hill and an enemy sniping from the opposing rock. Again like north, you can swing wide to flank things on the low ground or use the bush cover to attack things in the middle. Watch out for artillery and enemies on the far side of the map. South may have the advantage on the low ground, but the new ramps opened up to the hill from the field seem to favor north. The path to the ramps is straighter, the water is less deep, and there are rocks you can duck behind for cover if you get spotted and need to fast avoid getting hit. South has to move farther north to reach a rock for cover or do a weird snaking turn to duck behind the larger rock. Fast tanks from north spawn that want to play the hill should use this ramp if you can stomach the risk. ENSK There's little that is consistent about starting on Ensk. Begin by going west into town and fighting over the city block on lines D-F. Much of what happens after that depends on where the rest of your allies and your enemies go. The most important thing is to keep an eye on the base to make sure you can go back and defend in time if need be. Slower tanks can stay in the G-H lines instead of pushing up to F if the enemy is already there to zone them out. SHITTENTARD There is no strategy for this map. You rush down the hill, shoot at idiots that didn't rush down the hill, don't get shot at by enemies on the hill, and then have a stupid fight in the city against a flanking force of artillery. This map only ever shows up for matches between tanks of tiers 2 and 3. CUT_MITTENGARD_FROM_THE_GAME
  3. Who said light tanks suck on city maps? AMX-13-90 Best_NotScout_NA I call that a MAXican Standoff
  4. Does a Kolobanov's lose its luster when gained via seal clubbing? It does not, in fact, and it looks quite nice pinned on my nice new warm seal skin coat that matches the seal skin hat, boots and gloves. It was the first match of the evening, so it was nice to have such a good one. Now, to be fair, I had the following things going in my favor: I drove a top tier KV-1 on Himmelsdorf Encounter sufficient teammates actually pushed the hill teammates who went to the cap area managed to reset when needed and gave their lives to do so I got some lucky bounces that T1 HT at the end had the stock gun dem tracks! Did 2,398 damage, and my armor absorbed 3,975 damage. After the match I actually complimented a couple people on both teams for a good game - I'm sure that BDR guy was pissed he only tracked me - and specifically I thanked the resetters for resetting. Some of these people were honest-to-God bad players, but they did the right thing and were new, so I figured a little positive reinforcement couldn't hurt. The video: http://youtu.be/1_1dvaXut7M The replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/1098661#himmelsdorf-florbfnarb-kv-1 The end-of-game screenshots:
  5. What do you guys do when the window licking mouth breathers your teammates abandon the hill on Himmelsdorf? Usually I soldier on up the hill alone or with the one or two other souls brave enough to mount a defense, get rofl stomped and then load another battle. Occasionally I carry the hill despite overwhelming odds. See my w/r for how often that might happen (sarcasm intended). Today I decided 'fuck it' and told my team to abandon hill and defend the lower city from north spawn. I had a decent defending position in that wrecked building @ A4, and held off the hill rush as they came down. They just drove straight into my LOS and I pounded them until the last KV1S got smart and backed up to go another route. We still lost the battle because the force that went to cap forgot to do important things like kill the tanks in front them, and take cover. I had to go hunt the KV1S and potatoed into the LOS of a sniping hellkitty. But is it viable map tactic? (ie not just situational) Keep in mind the hill force was basically unmolested when they came down the roads, I wasn't just cleaning up kills. I'll put up a replay when I get a chance to convert something to youtube.
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