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Found 1 result

  1. So after the Panther 8.8, T-34-3, Mutz, Patton Kr, STA-2, the IS-3a and probably a few tanks that were too bland to remember, WG in its infinite wisdom has given RU players and ASIA servers a chance to get yet another clone - yes - the T-44-100. What is this tank, you ask? It is nothing more than a T-44 with a gimped engine. Add smexy side skirts and you have a brand new Premium tank. Why WG called it 44-100 when the existing T-44 already mounts the same gun is something that must only be known between Serb and RNGesus. At this point, however, any crew trainer that isnt the Matilda IV is a relief to me. Best of all? The tank is free. You don't have to pay a single cent to WG and you can still redeem this alluring Soviet wedge. The caveat of course is that, at least in the world of red SEAtards, you have to grind 150 kills and 150,000 damage for each line, in 28 days. After 2 weeks of nonstop playing and no-lifing and tilting my way to Red WN8 levels of baddery (this is not an exaggeration), I have thus earned my sweet new waifu tank. Voila. After about 20 games, I've got a feel for how this thing works. I have kitted it out with 1. vertstab 2. rammer 3. vents I opted out of optics thinking I was in a brawling med like the Karkov mediums. This proved to be a mistake as the T-44-100 seems to be often forced into the role of a spotter when bottom tier. The other reason, of course, is that I'm too cheap to use optics. I will poast my experience with optics later. I do want to note that I've never played the T-44, and my experience in the glorious Soviet wedges is limited to the 430, so your mileage may vary. This is my review of this piece of Proleteriat-forged steel. Gun: DPM: 1,931.22 Damage: 250 Penetration (mm): 183 Reload Time (sec): 7.77 Rate of Fire (rnds/min): 7.72 Aim Time (sec): 2.11 Dispersion (m): 0.34 Bloom on moving: 0.20 Bloom on tank traverse: 0.20 Bloom on turret traverse: 0.13 Shell Velocity (m/sec): 880 The gun is the same as in the T-44. By the way LB stands for Lavrenty Beria, who was incidentally Stalin's right hand man and the executioner (of his will obviously). The aimtime and the bloom are both improved compared to the vanilla T-44, meaning that the gun's soft stats are rather impressive for a tier 8 medium, and the accuracy is also rather impressive for a Russian gun. The DPM is middle of the pack. Sadly, the penetration even after the buff to 183mm remains, to say the least, severely underwhelming, The APCR pen at 235 is also nothing to boast about, and stuff like the front of IS-3s will still give you trouble. It goes without saying that the gun is not the reason you play the T-44 or the 44-100. Armor: Hull Armour: 90 / 75 / 45 Turret Armour (f/s/r mm):120 / 100 / 100 The armor is the same as in the T-44 save for the addition of the handsome 6mm-thick side tracks. I am honestly a little taken aback that they didnt go ahead and give it 30mms of spaced side armor because that is what they give Russian tanks but it's better than nothing. The front of the tank is about 150mm effective and will bounce the ubiquitous 122mms occasionally. The turret is well angled but the cheeks are weakspots at 120mm. As you might expect, the tank's best protection is by maximising camo and minimising exposure, both of which the T-44-100 is rather good at. Having said that, once forced into brawls and/or raw DPM fights, your 1350 HP pool will melt quickly while your driver gets obliterated, your ammorack damaged and your engine set on fire at least twice. This is where the 6mms of spaced side armour comes in. Placed at near autobounce angles, those skirts will help you tank low rounds that you normally have no right of tanking. Moreover, 75mms of side armour is still rather good for a medium at this tier, bested only by the FCM 50t, so sidescraping will sometimes save your ass even if you can;t exactly count on it. Mobility Forward Speed (km/h): 52 Reverse Speed (km/h): 20 Power/Weight (hp/t): 15.65 Tank Traverse (°/sec): 51 Terrain Resistance … hard: 0.48 … medium: 0.58 … soft: 1.44 15.65 HP/T is bad. There's no two ways about it. For a tank that's supposed to be a flanker this falls awfully short. Despair not. The mobility is salvaged by Hovercraft Inc terrain resistances which push the tank to one of the best in tiers excepting the real T-44, the CDC and the Mutz. The traverse is almost blisteringly fast and will allow you to outmanuver most things that aren't Russian although brawling is really not this tank's forte. There's not a lot to say about it: the tank keeps it's top speed in all kinds of terrain but chugging up hills will slow you down a lot. Misc: Gun depression: -7 Engine health: 190 (the T-44 has 370) Ammo Capacity: 56 Shell Cost: 252 Viewrange: 380 There is not much to say about other stats except the appallingly bad engine health. I have got set on fire by things like T37 more than once in single games. Do not let them shoot your side armour. Do not expose your rears. Your engine can not and will not take a beating. I'd almost say that Preventative Maint is mandatory if you're playing just this tank. That said, the rest of the stats do not disappoint. -7 is comfy enough for a short tank like the 44-100 and will let you abuse terrain quite well if not seamlessly. The ammo capacity allows for a healthy mix of AP, APCR and even some HE, in contrast to the Type 59 and the 54 Mod 1. The shell cost at 252 is cheap and gives you a rather good credit earning potential if you do not spam APCR and run food every match. I don't have the exact camo values but it suffices to say that they are rather good. Almost 1/3rd better than the CDC and higher than anything in the same tier except the 416 and some TDs. This allows you to scout quite well when needed and maintain vision control using your superior speed and adequate viewrange. The package: Overall, the T-44-100 performs similarly to its regular cousin in most respects except sidescraping and taking engine damage. As a premium it's a pleasure to play and I feel that it is far more forgiving than tanks like the CDC and the Mutz while retaining similar levels of credit-making potential. Compared to something like the FCM-50t, it is much better at winning games via vision and not being a gigantic target in general, although I'm not sure if MM weights the tank like a heavy or not (I suspect it does not). At the moment, the options for training Russian med crews are the Matilda IV, the Rudy, the 34-85M and the 54 Mod 1, out of which only the Rudy and the T-54 are viable. What does the -100 bring to the table? In my opinion, this tank is much better at being a true medium thanks to its speed and viewrange. I would think it as a significantly better earner since it doesn't need to fire nearly as many APCR rounds as the Mod 1 does, but then again the Mod 1 is also monstrously strong at carrying low tier games. Is it worth the 2 weeks of time I put into it? The question is whether if you have a life. If you do, then the tank is definitely not worth the grind and you would be better off with buying a Mod 1 and gitgud @ it. If not, I suppose it doesn't really matter if you squander your time wanking to watching Chinese cartoons (cue intelligent social commentary) or play pixel tonks 24/7. You might be less of a nuisance to your neighbours if you stick to tanks. I for one enjoy riding my new waifu tank into the battlefield and watch the Russky fanboys drool over this sleek piece of Soviet engineering. If you do choose to buy or grind out this tank (I sincerely hope it's the former), be warned: friendlies will goggle at you and the fact that you have just wasted 2 weeks of your miserable life at a badly-balanced game, and red tanks will YOLO you to oblivion just so they can get that elusive medal to boost their non-existent e-peen.
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