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Found 1 result

  1. So, I made some random comment in chat when a guy was raging during a battle. He proceeded to message me after the battle and below is how this went. * The first few lines cut off. He barged in asking me what he did to me. I said that I was stirring the pot, and asked if he wanted juice. He did not reply and kept calling me asshole and douche. Now the below happened. Maledictus (8:21:27 PM) Tea perhaps? GojiraTX (8:21:43 PM) why are you an asshole. that's all i want to know Maledictus (8:21:47 PM) I may have some coffee around here somewhere I am certain. Maledictus (8:22:11 PM) I am just trying to help you. Help me help you Gojira. GojiraTX (8:22:23 PM) i don't even know you and you're being a douche Maledictus (8:23:01 PM) Gojira, WOT is not about killing tanks, it is about a safe space to grow! Please stop being hateful! GojiraTX (8:23:34 PM) tryiing to see if i can get any kind reasonable from you other than just insults GojiraTX (8:23:39 PM) trying* GojiraTX (8:23:47 PM) reasonable response* Maledictus (8:24:24 PM) I would never insult anyone! I was being cordial by offering you juice, coffee or tea. You seemed upset so I thought those would help. GojiraTX (8:25:08 PM) "mad becuase bad" implying you're perfect. GojiraTX (8:25:19 PM) i asked if i did something to you GojiraTX (8:25:22 PM) and i get this GojiraTX (8:25:32 PM) somantics Maledictus (8:25:33 PM) So no coffee or tea? GojiraTX (8:25:35 PM) thats all this is Maledictus (8:25:43 PM) semantics* GojiraTX (8:25:50 PM) i know sorry GojiraTX (8:25:55 PM) but really GojiraTX (8:26:04 PM) what did i do to you Maledictus (8:26:35 PM) It's ok Gojira. This is a safe space. You can be yourself here. GojiraTX (8:26:56 PM) give me an answer GojiraTX (8:27:26 PM) i know it's a difficult task but you can atleast try Maledictus (8:27:49 PM) I can't tell you if you want tea or coffee or nothing. If I pour the tea/coffee down your throat that would be rape. And rape is bad. GojiraTX (8:28:22 PM) answer please Maledictus (8:28:50 PM) I can assume you would like some soothing chamomile tea? maybe a nice lavender? GojiraTX (8:28:58 PM) answer GojiraTX (8:29:11 PM) that's what i'd like GojiraTX (8:29:20 PM) that's why i started this pm Maledictus (8:29:23 PM) I will go with lavender, you seem cranky, probably from a lack of sleep. GojiraTX (8:29:36 PM) you seem to have something against me and i want to know what it is Maledictus (8:30:12 PM) I have nothing against you, I just want to help you. Please, if lavender tea is not what you want let me know! Maledictus (8:31:34 PM) Gojira? Tea? No? GojiraTX (8:31:44 PM) then why did you assume that becuase i didn't like someone telling me my tank was shit because he likes another tank GojiraTX (8:31:57 PM) that it means that im bad GojiraTX (8:32:03 PM) at the game Maledictus (8:32:32 PM) The same reason you refuse to answer me with what beverage I can get you! Maledictus (8:32:59 PM) Help me, help you Gojira! Maledictus (8:33:10 PM) I just want you to feel better! GojiraTX (8:33:14 PM) i was ass raped by teir 10's in a sherman. of course im going to be irritated GojiraTX (8:33:37 PM) don't see how that shows my skill level Maledictus (8:34:01 PM) I recommend then that you try chamomile. It will help you relax a bit. GojiraTX (8:34:23 PM) im ignoring you retarded tea questions same as you're ignoring my question GojiraTX (8:34:53 PM) your GojiraTX (8:35:03 PM) * GojiraTX (8:36:22 PM) just answer my first question and i'll go Maledictus (8:37:17 PM) Sorry was brewing your tea. Would you like a few biscuits as well? Shortbread perhaps? Maledictus (8:37:56 PM) And do you take your tea with milk or sugar? GojiraTX (8:43:10 PM) please answer my question GojiraTX (8:44:55 PM) you're joke has worn itself thin Maledictus (8:46:25 PM) Gojira, I just brewed the best tea ever! You should have a cup! GojiraTX (8:46:31 PM) as well as my patience, which I'm very sure was your goal GojiraTX (8:46:42 PM) so you win Maledictus (8:46:50 PM) This tea will absolutely make you feel better! GojiraTX (8:47:28 PM) you msde this not only take longer but you've made me think of you less than human GojiraTX (8:47:34 PM) no on's this dull GojiraTX (8:47:38 PM) one's* GojiraTX (8:47:43 PM) made* GojiraTX (8:48:09 PM) no one living this long could be this fucking stupid Maledictus (8:48:12 PM) I am sorry you feel this way Gojira. I am just trying to help. I want you to feel better. That is all! GojiraTX (8:48:53 PM) you're doing the exact opposite GojiraTX (8:48:57 PM) and you know this Maledictus (8:49:01 PM) I know why you are upset! You are from Texas where they drink sweet ICED tea! How inconsiderate of me! GojiraTX (8:49:08 PM) that's why you continue GojiraTX (8:49:46 PM) look Maledictus (8:50:03 PM) Can you wait here for say, 30 minutes? I can brew up some Liptons tea and make you some refreshing iced tea! GojiraTX (8:50:08 PM) i kno it's hard for someone like you not to be a dick but you can atleast try GojiraTX (8:50:11 PM) know* GojiraTX (8:50:47 PM) i wanted to know what it is that you have against me. it must be something quite big if you decided to do this for this long Maledictus (8:51:01 PM) Ohhh, just thought about this, it's close to the holidays and you might like some eggnog! GojiraTX (8:51:17 PM) why do you hate me Maledictus (8:52:01 PM) Gojira, I don't hate you, I am trying to be friendly and offer you a beverage. It is you who are being rude and not answering. GojiraTX (8:52:43 PM) dude. the only reason i even started this pm was for one fucking question GojiraTX (8:53:00 PM) once you aswered i'd be on my way GojiraTX (8:53:15 PM) but you won't even do that Maledictus (8:53:15 PM) I am just being a good host. You literally just barged in here and now you won't take my beverages. How rude! GojiraTX (8:54:31 PM) i know what you're trying to do. it's not working. I'm not going to give up until you give me an answer Maledictus (8:56:33 PM) Well, I am not going to sacrifice my being a good host, just because you want to be rude! GojiraTX (8:57:16 PM) how am i rude. i wanted a simple answer and you decided to do GojiraTX (8:57:20 PM) this.. GojiraTX (8:57:42 PM) you're treating me like an idiot Maledictus (8:59:51 PM) I am sorry you feel like that. But I have been nothing but nice and you are all upset and being rude. You sir, are not a good guest. GojiraTX (9:00:32 PM) wth are you even talking about GojiraTX (9:01:33 PM) I'm sure you're sitting there laughing your ass off right now. but for me this far from funny Maledictus (9:02:20 PM) You came over here and barged in my place, therefore you are a guest. As a guest it is rude to insult your host! Don't you know etiquette? TL:DR: Such trollz. Much mad. Very wow! Still going....... GojiraTX (9:03:08 PM) it's pm chat on world of tanks GojiraTX (9:03:26 PM) what ettiquite is required for that GojiraTX (9:03:30 PM) nome GojiraTX (9:03:32 PM) none* GojiraTX (9:03:49 PM) you sound like someone who enjoys rp GojiraTX (9:03:58 PM) the way you type Maledictus (9:04:37 PM) This is my safe space. WOT is about safe spaces not killing tanks. GojiraTX (9:04:59 PM) a tank is not alive GojiraTX (9:05:04 PM) you cannot kill it Maledictus (9:05:50 PM) You came to me, not the other way around. I offered you a beverage. You have not answered. I cannot help you feel better unless you want to feel better. GojiraTX (9:06:24 PM) i came to you becuase i wanted to know something GojiraTX (9:06:34 PM) what you had against me Maledictus (9:06:35 PM) Do you want to feel better Gojira? Maledictus (9:06:46 PM) I want you to feel better. Maledictus (9:07:00 PM) Your unhappiness is making me unhappy. Maledictus (9:07:08 PM) Help me. Maledictus (9:07:15 PM) Help you Gojira. GojiraTX (9:07:19 PM) it's not wrong to ask a question like that is it? what do you have a against me GojiraTX (9:07:36 PM) .. Maledictus (9:07:59 PM) Gojira, if you have hate in your heart let it out! GojiraTX (9:08:08 PM) kys Maledictus (9:08:55 PM) Hate leads to the dark side of the force Gojira. You don't want to be on that side! GojiraTX (9:09:09 PM) kys please Maledictus (9:09:30 PM) YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE GOJIRA!!!!!! GojiraTX (9:09:39 PM) k GojiraTX (9:09:40 PM) y GojiraTX (9:09:40 PM) s Maledictus (9:09:50 PM) YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BRING BALANCE TO THE FORCE! Maledictus (9:11:11 PM) Why did you turn away from the light Gojira! GojiraTX (9:11:31 PM) why did you not answer my question Maledictus (9:11:50 PM) We could have helped you!
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