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Found 6 results

  1. Ay. Looking for clan. For this campaign thing. That's it. Add me in game if you want my dek pix,
  2. Yup, just as shallow as the title Looking for people better than me to platoon with, so I can get better by watching them after I get shit on/they can yell at me etc... :]
  3. Allrighty, finished the first 14 missions of the light tanks and can't be bothered to spam battle until I get Malinovka. Some descriptions are rather unclear, so I made a list of them and added info. Also added the tank/tier that I think is best for completing them, almost all of them are do-able in just one battle. Mission #1 At lower tiers, your light tank can easily neutralize every other type of vehicles. Dis is real hard. Main – Win the battle. Be among the top 10 players on your team by experience earned. Additional – Survive the battle. Mission #2 One of the main objectives of light tanks is to spot enemy vehicles. Something fast. Main – Be the first on your team to spot at least 2 enemy vehicles. Additional – Survive the battle. Mission #3 Light tanks should always be on the move. Knowing how to shoot precisely while moving is a great skill to have. Luchs because that cannon is too easy, just drive a little forward and backward if you can't circle targets. Main – Cause damage to at least 3 enemy vehicles while on the move. Additional – Destroy an enemy vehicle while on the move. Mission #4 Destroy the track of an enemy vehicle, thus immobilizing and exposing it to the fire of your teammates’ more powerful guns. HE baby. VK28 is still one of my favourite lights. T49 would be nice, but has longer games. Main – Destroy the track of an enemy vehicle. Additional – The vehicles immobilized by you must receive damage. Mission #5 On these battle levels, light tanks are becoming increasingly vulnerable to enemy fire. Do what light tanks do best—expose enemy positions—to achieve the best efficiency in battle. You want quick battles, so Luchs/T37 for me. Main – Spot an enemy vehicle and assist your allies in destroying it. Additional – Spot enemy vehicles and enable your allies to cause damage to at least 2 vehicles spotted by you. Mission #6 Light tanks are the eyes of your team. They help to spot the enemy and keep the enemy positions visible during the battle. Used RU because I love it, would recommend t6-t8 lights because low tiers are pretty random. Main – Spot 2 enemy vehicles before they spot you. Additional – Survive the battle. Mission #7 Enemy artillery is a priority target for light tanks. If you destroy it, you will greatly increase the chance of victory for your team. YOU HAVE TO KILL IT - LUCHS DOES NOT WORK Try to use a tier 6 light for quick battles with a lot of arty in it. I think I used VK or T71. First battle my stupid brain thought I had to let my team finish off the artillery so I drove circles for nothing. Second battle I killed one in the Luchs but for some reason mission was not completed (killed artillery may have been below tier 4 - yeah, it was a sturmpanzer). Main – Spot an enemy SPG and assist your allies in destroying it. Additional – Survive the battle. Mission #8 Surprise enemy base capture or attacking the enemy from the rear are great ways to turn the tide of the battle in your favor. Low tier so you can abuse lemming trains and convince team to cap. Did mine in Luchs and took me two battles because team finished the last enemy at like 80cap pts. Platooning can help here. Main – Win the battle by capturing the enemy base. Earn at least 25% of the total base capture points. Additional – Do not receive any hits during the enemy base capture. Mission #9 Damage caused with your assistance is the most important statistics for light tanks. If these statistics are high, that means you were an asset for the team in battle. Low tier would be best suited to get it over with, get something quick. Main – Spot at least 2 enemy vehicles or destroy their tracks. Additional – Use the following equipment: Coated Optics or Binocular Telescope. Mission #10 Good concealment means a greater chance of survival in battle. This mission... Camo net hurr durr! Okay, I parked my light (RU) in a bush, kept spotting enemies, got over 3k assist damage but at one point I was the only survivor with 5+ enemies searching me, drowned myself before they could spot me. This one really promotes the trying to win mentality boys! YOU DO NOT NEED TO SURVIVE THE BATTLE YOU DO NOT NEED TO REMAIN UNSPOTTED THE WHOLE BATTLE - only the 1k assist damage has to be obtained while being a ninja Main – Spot enemy vehicles and enable your allies to cause at least 1,000 HP of damage to vehicles spotted by you. Remain unspotted. Additional – Use the Camouflage Net equipment, and have a Camouflage that corresponds to the season. Mission #11 The most efficient battle party for the light tanks is an SPG in the Platoon or a well-coordinated play with your SPG-driving teammates. Platoon an RU/WZ with a CGC (thanks Tedster). Main – Join a battle as part of a Platoon including 1 or 2 SPGs (or 1 light tank and 1 SPG). Enable your allies to cause at least 1,500 HP of damage to the vehicles spotted by you. Members of your Platoon must cause at least 1,000 HP of damage. Additional – Survive the battle. Win the battle. Mission #12 Three small, fast, and well-coordinated light tanks in one Platoon? The enemy is going to have a very bad day. ! DOES NOT REQUIRE THREE TANKS PLATOON ! Finished it in RU with Tedster in another light. I didn't even make 2k spot damage (a little more than 1.9k) Main – Join a battle as part of a Platoon of light tanks. Spot enemy vehicles and enable your allies to cause at least 2,000 HP of damage to the vehicles spotted by you. Additional – At least 1 member of the Platoon must survive the battle. Mission #13 The higher the tier of your light tank, the more firepower you get, in addition to the speed, the view range, and good concealment. Anything really, tier 6 probably would be best for quicker games if you don't succeed in the first battle. Main – Destroy an enemy vehicle that is the same tier as your vehicle or higher. Additional – Cause at least 500 HP of damage. Mission #14 The higher your battle efficiency, the more experience you will get after the battle. Show them what your light tank is capable of! T37, finished it with RU because I didn't check the requirement before entering battle. Main – Finish the battle as the top player on your team by experience earned. Additional – Win the battle. Mission #15 It’s time to show the enemy what a real light tank can do! Still doing it, cycling RU and WZ until I get malinovka. Main – Assist your allies in causing at least 4,000 HP of damage by spotting enemy vehicles or destroying enemy vehicles’ tracks. Additional – Spot an enemy vehicle or destroy its track. This enemy vehicle must consequently be destroyed.
  4. Hi, so what are best tanks in theirs classes for getting individual missions done? Im sure it was asked before, but I was unable to find topic.
  5. Some of you might remember my first attempt at this, in which I played 5 Bat Chat games and proceeded to quit the game for a couple of months. College workload has died down, so now that I'm playing again I've taken up the challenge once more! _pip_ has kindly lended me his account. Target is 70% WR, I'm undershooting quite a bit thus far ;[ We'll see if I can salvage it. Stat images are rather large, so I'm putting them in spoilers. Setup: Overall stats: Wins: 41/62(66.12%) DPG: 3312 Survival Rate: 46.43% XP/G: 1122 WN8: 3497 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Notes: My main issue right now is definitely rust. When I land a new or reworked map, I have no clue where to go or what to do, and often end up overextending and dying a horrible death. See my Murovanka/Stalingrad games for examples. I switched from the Bat to the 50 M for specifically this reason... results have been mixed, as you can see. Ping is manageable, only ~40ms more than West server and very stable. It's not really been an issue, although I have missed some shots in very derpy fashion. I'm doing a poor job of converting opportunities to damage dealt. Part of the issue is I'm so scared of losing that I'm not putting myself in positions to win, and am getting completely shut down for it. The other part of the issue is that I simply cannot aim- I'm missing so many "gimme" shots that I really shouldn't be missing. On that note: I doing an absolutely abysmal job at clutching games. I'd like to blame it on rust, but it's fucking inexcusable. Day 1, battle 3, I lose a 14-14 scoreline game by failing to 1v1 an IS-4 at 900 health, instead bouncing repeatedly off his turret, roof, and hull- even with HEAT. Day 3 battle 1- I throw away an easily clutchable 1v3 scenario, with me at full health against a 600 health STB, 100 health T54E1, and arty by derping across the middle, getting sandwiched by the STB and arty, and smacked around. And those are only the most egregious examples- there are plenty of games that I could have swung simply by being less stupid. I remember one game on Abbey that we lost with 14-12 to capout, in which I got greedy, chased a Type 59, and was summarily nailed (and killed) for 1800 by an arty very early in the game. Had I been around, perhaps I could have swung that game. Shamefur dispray EU server has a lot less arty. So much less. It's a fucking godsend, and the only reason I haven't tanked completely. Only thing that matters is winning- I've capped out on a couple of occasions, for example, and thrown away my tank if I thought it would help stir the pubbie horde. Take a look at day 2 battle 5 on Steppes for an example of stealing the game from a definite loss... I honestly started jumping around IRL when I stuck it ;D Ironically I plan on taking the week off to avoid EU's 5x win special, but I figured I'd put up the thread with what I have so far.
  6. I just left my clan recently because I had been with them for half a year but hadn't really done anything in World of Tanks with it. I'm sort of just seeing who would be willing to take me in if I decide to try clanwars or a tourny team. Maybe I'll just try to find a place to get some solid platoons fun times. I have gotten offers from a handful of clans just from playing in game but like I said, I just kinda want to see who would be willing to take a complete novice in CW but isn't terrible at tanks. I do NOT plan on joining anyone like right this instant but I might get lonely in this coming week and feel the urge to join a clan again. I've got mostly useless tanks for CW (since I decided to finish the brit tree first) But I do have the batchat, and CGC (but who wants a non specialized arty player?) I'm also something like 70k from my T57 I'm not sure if 8s are something for CW also, I cannot remember. But I'm at the IS-2 heading to the 110 and I'm at the KV-1s for the IS-3. I can re buy the T96 and am at the AMX m4 for the 50-100 Basically I've got shit for tanks but can grind to what I need in a month or two. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/Burdenedfungus I'm not sure what else I might need to add to this post so I don't have to come back and edit it at a later date. Short story is that I'm not a moron (sometimes), I know how to shoot internet tanks, I have a lot of useless-for-clanwars tanks, and I just want a nice home with a possibility of trying CW or tourneys.
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