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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys, Let me introduce you to a collaboration with my dear friend @Alabastrom, where our goal is to create educational videos for games we think we can play better than a fuegian steamer duck. We call this endeavour The Bromato Project. Don't ask why. This first installment of our World of Tanks video series called Tips to Improve features an 8k damage battle in the Bat-Chat 25t on Abbey, where we showcase camo and bush mechanics... and a couple of memes to top it off. We're basing these videos off of TheRiisingSun's work, so if you've ever watched his videos, our ones will be particularly similar in style. For a reason. All credits are in the video description. We really hope you're gonna like it! Appreciate your time! We'd love to hear what you think! We desperately want to listen to the community to improve on our videos, so please let us know how we could bring our videos closer to perfection. Also if we reach a hundred subs, we can give our channel a cool little URL, which is something we could use in the meantime.
  2. Hi I was wondering if anyone would be willing to watch my stream and give me advice on what to do and or what I should have done in team speak so basically I'll steam with a short delay if any and u will be in ts guiding me and criticizing me. Thx in advance
  3. Hey there, the title says it all basically, but here are some thoughts and what I've been doing so far. 3 years ago I had 1.1k dpg in type 59 and was trying to get it up to 1.5k (wot forum post with stats), now its at 1.6k or so. 2 years ago I was working to get my t10s up to 2.5k dpg, now I'm trying to push em to 3k and still don't have it on a single tank yet (50m and bc are 2.9k+ though). I was trying to get 3d mark in BC but gave up at some point never breaking past 92-93% or so, then accuracy nerf came and it feels even harder to achieve. Then I tried it with 140, but hell, I managed to get only 2nd mark in it by averaging 3.6k over 50 battles with 3.8k over last 20 before I finally got it. On good days I do manage to average 3.6k+ first 1-2h, but as the session goes on (weekends mostly), it drops by 300-600 at the session end pretty consistently. I'm watching youtube/streams/replays of best playerers regular, and some of my own better games but I don't see that many mistakes myself to work on. I make sure that my crews/setup is pretty much the best as it can be (forums and videos). Some mistakes/differences I noticed so far: - I end up screwing somehow often by trying to get to a high reward spot, knowing, if their meds/lights will cross X or I don't get support, I could lose way to much HP and not being able to get back, aka being to aggressive early on, esp. in tanks like 215B/62a/50m ending often in me getting killed with under 2k dmg in first 2-3 minutes of the game or being 1-shot for the rest of the game. - I shoot to fast at the targets without fully aiming, often enough missing/not hitting the aimed spot, where as would I wait 1-2 sec longer I could take a well aimed shot at a weak spot. - I see a lot of better players, often ignoring arty, even when there are 3-4 of them on open maps and stick to the same spots longer, but also being able to take more shots because of that (or getting clicked faster in process), whereas I'm pretty paranoid if spotted and try to to back off and wiggle asap and just have close to a heart attack for the next 15 seconds. Not sure its wrong, but maybe not the way I do it. I could upload few replays of more recent sessions, have a replays thread on wot forums and here are my more detailed tank stats: vbaddict profile and open for suggestions. EDIT: DpG development in most played/liked T10s so far, most of them have 800+ games, FV 100+ only: Thanks!
  4. What I am looking to offer is a training experience akin to being in a pub match in WoT though with much more politeness and respect, where you would be watched, coached and peer reviewed on things such as Tactics, map awareness, and reading a team as well as a battle. The overall idea i want to express to you, is that everyone is capable of improving and getting better, and if we do it within a group of like minded peers who are wanting to improve, then we can create an even better community to play in. Just imagine how great it would be to see teammates correctly Echeloning next to you, or pushing right when you go left. I want to help change some peoples minds about the way they play and how they can be an even better asset to their team. I also want you to be able to see a visible increase in your recent WN8 thanks to being more conscious of your game play and roll on the battlefield as well as places to best utilize your tank's strengths and minimize the weaknesses. ultimately i want you to be able to succeed as a tanker! If this sounds like something you are interested in then please continue reading. Here are some some things you need to know: Read the whole post!Do each one of the straw pollsI will contact you to scheduleTeamSpeak3 with working micNo major hardware problems - I cannot fix your 5 fps, packet loss, or 500 pingI can only teach in English! (fine if you have a translator!)Have ready and able to battle with a tier 8 (and 10)Welcome to SmyleeRage's: Unicum School of Tanks. Who Is Smylee and why should YOU care? I am a WGLNA player on team LAMP, a long time WoT player, and recently added coaching to my Repertoire of tank activities. I primarily focus on competitively playing Tiers 8-10, and prioritize winning over damage farming (WN8). I believe that win% and Average XP are much more indicative of what a player is capable of. Why should YOU tanker, take a WOT Group lesson? Because you want to improve! regardless of where you are now, you know you want to be better or you wouldn't even be this far down the post and that is something to be proud of. You want to make more of an impact on your team, or you are hitting a plateau which you're stuck at and trying to figure out what will get you up to the next one, or to reach a personal goal you are setting for yourself. All of these are good reasons and i hope that i can accommodate you and help you to reach them. How Much Will it cost? After many variations I decided to make it FREE What does a 2 hour session look like? Roll CallTeam Set Up Meet 'n Greets)Warm-up Match3 Simulated matchesa breakAAR (After Action Review, for the first 3 matches)shuffling of teams3 simulated matchesAARGoodbyes <3What will be required of YOU tanker? A good attitude! Come with at least 1 tier 8 fully crewed equipped the way you like and ready to go, it's expected of you to be 100% ready when you are given the password to the training room so we can move things along quickly, so we can potentially have extra time for more review or more matches, being ready benefits us all you most of all, i am after all on your time. Also bring some patience just in case. it's recommended you bring a tank you also want to improve in! Also having a tier 10 ready is suggested (but not required)as well for JFF (Just For Fun) matches if we have extra time. How will a simulated match work? once everyone is in and ready to go, I will place people similar to match maker on either team 1 or team 2, so one team would not be stacked with any particular type of tank, or so one team does not get all autoloaders and the other gets none. You will then be let loose on each other to play as you see fit so that my comrade and i can watch and find the flaws to address them afterwards. Also allowing us to see things from an angle you can not, so that you can become conscious of a particular bad habit that you did not realize you had. What does an After Action Review consist of? As it says, after the dust settles I will discuss the battles, listen to you talk about your particular issues with the way the fights went and address them and tell you what I saw from an outside view. As well as show you (via replay which will be privately streamed), things you may have missed such as an opportunity to push a weak point, a flank you could have seen coming etc. Also there will be peer review going on at the same time, to hear from your teammates about things they saw from their point of view that you may have missed or did not know you were doing in a polite and respectful manner. Interested? How do YOU sign up? Application Form School Rules: Treat everyone with respectYou will be banned if you break the first ruleCome ready to learnCome ready to tank it up or suffer the wrath of peer ridicule (as long as it does not break the first rule)Be intelligent and thoughtful with your remarks during peer review.ListenDo not be intoxicated to the point of being unable to playHave fun! Donations are not necessary for anything,but are GREATLY appreciated and help pay Bills help my coaching Level Go Well Above 9000! Date: June 13th Time: 11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST Teamspeak: ts101.light-speed.com:4914 I would like it if everyone got on the teamspeak ASAP in the "SmyleeRage's UST Lobby" ChannelIf you have any questions feel free to ask!
  5. After working with a vast compendium of players in both a formal and informal way I’m going public in offering cheap replay reviews. Tanks is a game of fighting through plateaus of skill and ability, something that is not always possible without an outside opinion. I personally have bugged more experienced players in the past to try to glean some secrets and found them strangely useless. My personal opinion on this is that A) Not everyone is good at teaching--some suck at teaching. B) Tanks is such a ‘play by play’ game that it can be hard to give specific advice without actually seeing the action. On the flip side I'm both great at tanks and love teaching. No really, I actually enjoy working with players and seeing that 'light bulb' moment. There are some exceptional tutoring services available already like CrabEatOff’s, and I’m not interested in horning in on his great service. The thing is, 6500 gold is sometimes just not possible for folks who want to improve, need to improve, but don’t have a large budget. Or maybe it’s just been awhile since payday and their significant other will notice a large CC charge. Here’s where I can help. $10 for 20 minutes of replay review in which we will commentate the good, bad, and ugly while talking to you in Skype/Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Mumble/Sign language. • Commentate the good, bad, and ugly. • Give tips on your specific per map basis. • Offer per tank suggestions for ‘kitting’ and tank meta. • Provide useful suggestions on how to deal with problem situations.(Certain camps, unicum platoons, etc.) • (If present) Show faulty decision making and how it negatively effects the match. • Give feedback on exit/entrance routes and terrain usage. • Provide Situational Awareness evaluation and suggestions. My hope is that this will make private tutoring possible for some folks wanting it but unable to afford current rates as well as facilitate a low cost low risk improvement route for your average player. I’m not here to bash reds/yellows/greens/blue/purples. I’m here to help you improve and enjoy the game more. Peace, millard Note: If someone is unable to do the in-game store but wants to do PP instead, I can make that work as well.
  6. First, I want to say thank you for reading my post and possibly answering it. I'm a yellow player that played arty to tier 8 and then tried other tanks and got rekt. After a little struggle I managed to get my win % with my favorite tanks to 52-55%. Now I have a few questions: Some people say the kv line is noobish, and that tanks like the kv-4 are bad and I should stop playing them. Is there any truth to this? I like their playstyle so far. Any suggestions on how I can improve with the kv-4? I saw someone with 70% win on it and I want to get to that level. Heck, I don't care if I'm garbage with all other tanks, I want to have at least one tank that I can be proud of lol. I currently have superheavy spall, vstab, and rammer. Crew has 2 skills: sixth sense, and a mix of other perks/skills including repair. I also like smaller games like team battle, and I have done really well in medium tank companies with the t-150. Issue is that people seem to always want an is3 or 50 100 and not the kv-4 I have also tried to platoon with green/blue players with the sole purpose of learning but they fear getting their stats damaged Thanks
  7. Hello there all, Im new to these forums so nice to meet you all. I am reletively new to wot..i started in feb but played 5-10 matches and went bleeh as i didnt find it interesting, but basically i enjoy it now. At first 1k-1.5k i was COMPELTELY useless, still am but i think im SLOWLY improving. Would like to platoon with any1 as currently grinding t8 mediums for russia and t7 IS line. Ty
  8. Hey, I heard of WotLabs before and have been meaning to ask for help here, finally, after Jingle's video where he mentioned there are some great players here, I decided to come forward and ask for your help to improve my gameplay. I watch Quickybaby and Jingles to pick up tips, although the latter is mainly for entertainment, and although I do learn a bit from them, I feel that platooning with a good player, and discussing my gameplay after would help me so, so much more. If a knowledgeable player could platoon with me and help me improve, I would be very grateful. I want to be an asset to my team, not just another member of the team. Right now, I am playing my A-44 (which I seem to be doing fairly well in - for me) I have every tier except 10, but I would rather stay away from tier 9 if at all possible, since my skill level isn't high enough yet. I play on the EU server, and I can get on most times, just reply what times are convenient for you and ill try to get on. Thanks for reading, look forward to hopefully getting some help:) (Btw, my stats: http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/Jack_E/509981135/)
  9. Isolated Self-Efficient Ravenous Beast clan is recruiting for platoons/team battles/tournaments and possibly (in the future) Clan Wars. The clan is dedicated to helping newer players improve before its too late. Your right we are not the best (far from) but are trying to improve our gameplay and knowledge of the game. We have 2 requirements at the moment. They are have fun and continuously improve your gameplay. Isolated - We don't mind playing solo, if we are unable to platoon Self-efficient - We don't need others to carry us Ravenous Beast - Eager to learn and destroy our enemies Come join a clan that has fun and tries to defeat that fool called "MM". For More info, please feel free to send me a pm in game or comment on this post. We now have a teamspeak channel feel free to check it out pw pancakes Now doing monthly contests for GOLD!
  10. About Me: - I've finally felt my recent WN8 has started to plateau a bit, since I've reached the 2100 band it's been going up and down. Right now it's sitting around 2330. - I'm looking for a purple mentor player to get me to a target of 2600 recent WN8, which is across the purple threshold and well into safe territory. I hope this isn't too hard of a target. - I've platooned with purple unicums and other uni-blues before. It's either because they think of better tactics, or I play better under the fact that I have to show purples what I'm worth. Usually, I should end up right behind them in terms of XP, and occasionally in between both of them. - My GMT is +8. Which means if you are a morning player, good. - I can speak English and Mandarin fluently. - I like scouts. However I'm proficient with heavies, mediums and TDs. What kind of Mentor I am Looking for: - Tell me where to go generally or a spot(s) for my tank that I loaded into the game with on said map, quickly before the start of the battle. - Tell me immediately if you think I screwed up somewhere. Yelling is optional. - Silent platooning works, however it is making it hard for yourself with Point No.1. Tanks: IX: Conqueror, M103 VIII: AMX 13 90, Pershing, T28 Prot, Centurion I, IS3 PS: Also looking for platoon buddies. Add me if you want.
  11. Hey, just want to see if anybody would like to platoon that are playing to win and improve. I didn't care for this game till around 10k battles. So now I'm trying to wash out the crap stats that I have created over the years. Thanks. Also I'm running Conqueror nao and E-75, and WT tier 9 P.S Throw the invites
  12. Hello Everyone! I am a newcomer to these forums and today I want to ask how can I improve in the game. I currently have a 48.27% winrate with 723 efficency and 453 WN7. I only have 7 tanks in my garage. Here is a link to my stats if anyone needs it: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/Cris738
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