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Found 5 results

  1. So, before we get to the boring details, let's just start off by acknowledging that it's a very attractive vehicle. It even has temple-mounted machine guns. And here's after I reinstalled my custom camo masks. Now, actual information. Mind you, I've only played a few matches so far, as I unlocked the vehicle all of two days ago (finally), but the easiest way I can sum things up for you is a mix of IS-7, IS-4, and Chinese 110. Stat sheet comparison between IS-4, Object 260, and IS-7. With but a couple exceptions, the hull is an IS-7. Seems to be the same pike, same lower plate, same raw thickness, same sides, same 30mm skirts, etc. The sides behind the skirts aren't curved like the IS-7, rather they are a linear slope meeting with a vertical plate, which results in a tiny bit more unsloped armor low on the side hull, but this does not seem a consequential difference. The thing that does seem to matter is the triangular plate over the driver's head. It's 45mm instead of the IS-7's 140mm. It is sharply sloped, yes, but you can still get some rounds through there that wouldn't go through on the IS-7. The turret trends more towards the IS-4 than the IS-7. It is quite strong frontally, but shares the 30mm roof that is easy to overmatch, though it is both a bit higher up and not sloped forward like the IS-3/IS-4, making for a more difficult shot. The cheeks are mildly sloped but a whopping 350mm thick, so will largely not be a concern. The sloping bits above and below them are a very sharply sloped 170mm, similarly quite strong. The biggest problem is that the turret has a large overhang, and this overhang can serve as a shot trap that redirects rounds into the 45 and 30mm armor sections below it. I have had a few rounds do this very thing. It's not common and it doesn't ruin the vehicle, but it is something to keep in mind. The mantlet has a small, flat 250mm section and a well sloped 150mm top and bottom, covering an exceptionally large zero armor hole surrounded by more 350mm armor. The starboard cupola is 120mm, but well sloped and quite small. Turret sides are lightly sloped and range from quite strong to decent in three horizontal bands of armor measuring 185mm, 210mm, and 240mm (top to bottom). Overall the turret isn't as good as the IS-7's (what tank's is?), but it is still solid. The two things that most readily set the 260 apart from its sisters are the mobility and gun. The gun is somewhat akin to the IS-4's, save that it is much less clumsy and fires APCR primary. HEAT and HE are the same. The APCR has slightly lower effective penetration than the IS-4's AP round, but is 34% faster at 1,259 m/s. It's not quite tier 10 medium velocity, but it's markedly faster than any standard AP (and many premium APCR) round. Also, like tier 10 mediums, it has very low penetration dropoff of only 15mm. The best improvement is the handling. It blooms less and aims faster, more like an E5's gun than the IS-7's. Unfortunately you can only carry 30 rounds, and unlike the IS-7 there is no "strictly better" round, so you may find yourself out of the type of ammo you really want more often than other vehicles. I currently carry 20/8/2. Gun depression is -5° instead of the -6° of the IS-7 and IS-4. Not great, but workable. The reason I referenced the 110 earlier is, like the 110 vs the IS-3, the 260 trades the IS-7's raw damage for better DPM and more precision. The gun handling is sufficiently good that I have not mounted an EGLD on top of the Vstab, but rather vents. Optics could be useful as well. To taste, I suppose. The most attractive part of the tank, I think, is the mobility. The terrain resistance values aren't stellar, but they're not the "shopping cart in the mud" values the IS-7 has, and you get an additional 14.3% horsepower, as much as the 50B, while weighing about 7 tons less than the IS-7. While the IS-7 requires a downhill slope, a good tailwind, and rocket assist to reach its top speed, the 260 will actually see the far side of 50 kph now and then. An IS-7 hull, even one slightly weakened, moving around at that speed is an intoxicating thing. I've always found it a cruel irony that the heavy capping the Soviet "speed" tree isn't fast, but manages to be better protected than the "armor" heavy (which is also not fast). The 260 is mobile enough to, I venture to say, deserve the "heavium" tag. I've not raced it against a 50B yet, but I think it would acquit itself reasonably well. It certainly outstrips IS-7s. Does it make extra cash? - No Does it take any Soviet heavy crew? - Yes. Commander (radio op), gunner, driver, loader. Matches the IS-4's layout. Is it a better IS-7/IS-4? - I don't think that's a good way to think about it. It is sufficiently different from its sisters, trading some good traits for other good traits, that calling it a better or worse anything is insufficiently nuanced. If anything I would call it a tier 10 110, though there is difference enough to warrant an asterisk on that comparison. Was it worth it? - I'm going to cop out on answering this. The value of your time and the enjoyment you'll get out of the vehicle are subjective measures, I can't decide that for you. I can say that I think the vehicle is solid and has use. It's not a useless crappy trinket like the Stug IV. I would not look askance at its use in CW. For all the cash, XP, premium time, equipment, consumables, female crew members, and tanks I got, I would say the missions were worthwhile to me. Obligatory .gif - Some replays, cherry-picked for damage dealt to make myself look better. I vouch not for the strategic or tactical decisions made, I can't be held responsible for past-me's actions.
  2. If you were to choose one of these tanks with the intention of completing the 8000 dmg mission, which one would it be? I have all the preceding tier VII heavies, but can afford only one tier VIII tank at the moment. Thank you for your answers.
  3. StranaMechty


    Got this a few days ago after the 263 once again went Killdozer on an enemy team, and there weren't many surprises to be had. If you wanted a T-54 with lots of bits bolted on to it, this is almost your vehicle. Compared to the T-54... Cons Loses the 120mm plate, instead has the 100mm plate of the production models.-6 kph top speed-7 rounds of ammo (43 instead of 50)Slightly wider turret580 horsepower instead of 700.~2.5 tons heavierPros +5 meters view range+50 HP28-36% better terrain resistance1.3% faster rate of fire9% faster aim time6% better accuracy~15% better gun handling on chassis movement or traverseSo the general trend is a T-54 that trades the glacis plate for slightly better gun stats and other improvements. I haven't done any sort of comprehensive mobility comparison, and I haven't driven the T-54 in some while, but the T-55A didn't feel sluggish. It shares the D-10T2C with 201mm AP penetration, which means the muzzle velocity is a bit low at 895 m/s, but not the end of the world. It uses German crews, but Russian camo, and the carousel icon is a weird mix of Soviet and Chinese colors. Can't put any inscriptions on it, all the space is taken up by spotlights, toolboxes, poster holders, etc. Overall, pretty good. Not as good at bullying lower tiers, but still quite competitive. Not much more to say, mostly just a small variation on a well known vehicle. Edit: It does have better nuclear protection than the T-54, so that's a thing. I guess.
  4. Paaranoja

    Paaranoja looks at IM's

    This will be a mini review of overall experience on IM and i will also address some criticism about IM. The name Individual Missions... A lot of hate has been towards the naming of these missions, the usual criticism is that they are not in fact individual as they are the same for everyone. Well the name is actually quite fitting, i doubt people were expecting different missions for each and every player on the servers,s o how are they actually individual you may ask. Look at it this way, there are 4 tank missions, each with 15 different missions for 5 different classes, take in account that there are 30 people in any given match its likely that all of them (or most) really have different, individual missions that they are grinding in that match. Even with the platoon requirement its quite expecting that you will have different missions than your teammates. The naming is good. The Skill/Luck/Persistence ratio Obviously the more you have of the two you can influence the less you need the third to reach your goal. And i really do think higher tanks will be unreachable to many many players since you need to be really good in four different classes (at least) to get it in under a normal number of battles. I dislike the mission with the burning part thou. All in all, it is skill based it just has the lottery part to attract the general populi to grind more. Skill players will spend much less time finishing the mission. The rewards This amount of silver showering hasnt happened in a long time, the piles and piles of silver and some free xp are amazing. The girls are also fantastic, getting any crew of your choice already finished on two skills is brilliant. The tanks are yet to be battle tested before i draw any conclusions, but they at at last look good enough to have decent fun, especially the Russians. There is no doubt, rewards are the best we have seen so far. The meta For starters, lets just make one thing clear. Most of us spent a lot of time playing randoms with our palms over our faces because of the amount of stupidity the sea of randoms can spit out. With that said, the missions do not change that, pubies doing stupid things is the same as pubies doing stupid things playing missions. The missions however have changed they dynamics of the battle, there is just more stuff going on because people are trying to do different missions in plethora of different tanks, many of than not suited at all for the task. The missions overlap, combine, conflict with your team and the enemy's team in a new way. For me, that state of new, different, chaos is fun. It sure takes away something from the suicide/camp bi-mentality and changes it in to something, at least in its essence, positive, they are all trying to achieve something after all. Conclusion: WG has done it right, with room for a lot of expansion and improvement.
  5. There's been a lot of discord on the forums and in the game lately with the introduction of individual missions. Many people are frustrated over how they named it or how missions are bugged or how the metagame is being ruined by people doing stupid stunts to finish their mission, and so on. To all of these complaints, for those who wish not to face the current implementation of individual missions and everything that comes with it, I'm here to offer a solution. As you may recall, individual missions can only be completed by tanks from tier 4 and above, so anyone playing with tanks from those tiers risks running into those playing for their missions rather than for the win. In other words, it's never been a better time to play tier 2! Here in tier 2, the highest tier of tank you'll see is tier 3. Let those monkeys deal with the 4s and 5s above them that are diving arty lines and drowning themselves. They can queue in against you after they've had their soul broken. You'll also find some new players in tier 2 who have come down from higher tiers in order to start new lines of tanks to grind for their other individual missions. New steel has been added to the battlefield that isn't even a month old yet in the forms of M2 LT clone and gifted-gimmick-tank-that-only-idiots-would-play, the latter still being fresh enough since the holiday to still make driving an H35 enjoyable. You don't have to care about the missions in name or principle or selection because nobody is completing them or doing them. For the same reason, the metagame is just as it was before individual missions. And as for diving arty lines or drowning themselves, that at least isn't happening any more than it was before. Tier 2 remains untainted by how individual missions are set up right now, so if IMs are giving you grief, why not take a break and give tier 2 a go?