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Found 2 results

  1. I've been running my i7-6700K overclocked at 4.6 GHz since shortly after I installed the CPU and motherboard in my PC. My 6700K has been cooled by a Corsair H100i V2 AIO liquid cooler for over a year. I noticed that my i7 6700K's temperatures seemed to be a bit higher than they use to be while gaming. The CPU temperatures were a lot higher than they use to be while running benchmarks. I heard that Intel's' stock TIM(Thermal Interface Material) between the CPU die and the heat spreader can lose some of its ability to transfer heat over time, especially on overclocked CPUs. So, I ordered the Rockit88 Delid/relid Tool and some CoolLab Liquid Pro. While I was waiting for the tool and Liquid Pro to arrive, I ran both the Intel Burn Test v2.54 on the Very High setting for 10 runs and Prime95 v28.9 for 30 minutes and recorded the max temperatures. I used Prime95 2.89 because I read its more CPU intensive and gives higher temperatures than earlier and later versions of the program. The delid tool arrived a few business days later. I followed the instructions in the video on the Rockit88 web page and my IHS(Integrated Heat Spreader) popped right off using the tool. Some cleaning with rubbing alcohol and my fingernail and the IHS and CPU were clean and fre of the stock TIM and black adhesive. I applied the Liquid Pro to the CPU and the bottom side of the IHS and put a very thin line of black high temp RTV on all edges of the IHS and a small dot of superglue in each corner. I used the relid tool to reattach the IHS to the CPU and held it in place for 15 minutes before putting the CPU back in the motherboard. I recorded some maximum temperature results with the same benchmarks that day. Then I waited 2 days later and repeated the benchmarks again recording the maximum temperature. When I ran the benchmarks again 2 days later, the room temperature was about 2-3 degrees C higher than it was the day I did the delidding/relidding. I should have recorded temperature difference over ambient temperature, but I didn't think about that until later. These were the results: As you can see, the results with the Intel Burn Test were a difference of 21-23 degrees C. The Results with Prime 95 28.9 were 12-15 Degrees C. Idle temperatures are also about 3 Degrees C cooler. Overall, I'm happy with the results. I'll have to see if I can overclock the CPU at a higher speed now also. At first, I wondered why Intel doesn't use better TIM on the K series CPUs. Then I remembered reading that K series CPUs are less than 0.5% of Intel's desktop PC CPU sales and setting up a separate production line to attach the IHS to the die probably isn't financially worth it for Intel. Also, I read that Intel gets tax breaks in some countries for using TIM over solder because its a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process. The TIM probably doesn't cause enough problems for enough K series CPU users to make Intel spend the money to change their process.
  2. As there is a never ending torrent of computer build threads in this subforum, rather than bounce between threads, I thought that perhaps a couple of reference builds could provide a nice starting point for these types of discussions. The goal of these builds are five-fold: • Cheap as sensible • Plays everything on the market at medium settings without upgrades • Upgradable to high settings without waste • Excels at World of Tanks (both pre-Havok and post-Havok) • Future proof for three years I don't plan to chase sale prices in this thread. I will only list a build price, which is what you would reasonably expect to spend with a typical collection of discounts. For example, the AMD processor typically enjoys a steep bundle discount at Microcenter which is not listed on pcpartpicker; it is up to the reader to hunt down such sales. First, common components to both of these builds: Low-end productivity/gaming build, using an AMD 6-Core processor -- $650 The budget Intel build, using a unlocked dual-core processor -- $700 The mainstream Intel build, which uses the current-generation Core i5 Quad-core. -- $1200 Choosing a CPU: Intel or AMD Hope this is useful. I encourage any questions and/or criticism. Edit 1: Added specific PSU recommendations. Edit 2: Make the AMD use cases more explicit. Edit 3: Add a section that discusses the choice between AMD and Intel CPUs. Edit 4: Update for February-March 2014 markets. Edit 5: Update for April-May 2014 markets. Edit 6: Update for June-July 2014 markets. Edit 7: Update for Nov-Dec 2014 markets.