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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Wotlabs, I'm new to this community. I didn't know about this website until about a year ago!! I've been playing this game for about 4 years now, yet I'm still learning new things everytime I play (good and bad). Its one of the defining reasons why I still hit that Battle button, and why I'm on these forums. My aim is to provide constructive feedback, though don't expect anything of serious note if its about the Foch 155 or Bat chat. Some things about me: I usually play to 3 mark tanks now, I gave up playing heavy tanks over a year ago (arty takes most of, but not all of the blame), and the Foch 155 is horrible. I look forward to seeing you guys in the threads, and on the battlefield! :^)
  2. Hi All, Here on WoTlabs getting more informed about maps and module locations. From the NA server as : uiil Using the SD client since my rig maxes out around 23 fps, and sometimes drops to 6 fps ... ugh
  3. Salutations! About Me I'm 20 and an aspiring musician. I'm proficient at the piano and have some fundamental grasp of the guitar/ukulele and a tiny bit of drums. Jazz is what I aim to do in the future and some of my current favourite artistes are Dirty Loops, Snarky Puppy, Charlie Parker, Red Garland, Dave Brubeck, Kenny Barron, etc. I have a tiny YouTube channel @ https://www.youtube.com/user/PianoN0ob so check that out if y'all like. I occasionally record some tracks for @Claus Kellerman on his growing WoT channel too! I quote him: "So, you can for like, for subscribe to helps channel. And if you for not, is maybe... maybe you for to be too stupids! Hahahaha!!" On a separate note, when I contribute in whatever small capacity I can to the forums here, I like organising my thoughts in bullet points. No one likes reading a huge chunk of text and I think more people should type information-heavy posts in a concise, accessible manner. My WoT Journey I never really bothered with an intro when I first signed up as I thought I wouldn't stick around long enough. My first brush with this site was reading Lert's guides when I was but a wee tomato (now I'm just a bigger tomato, kek). It's awesome to see that a cerebral game like WoT has a civil/intelligent haven for non-shitters who want to improve at or share their knowledge on pixel tonks. Statistics were not alien to me since my very first battle and I loved how I could see my improvement in comprehensive, quantitative terms. I had my IRL friend (who converted me) to thank for that. To me, the biggest drive to play the game was and still is seeing my growth as a player. Of course, the first 5k games were more exploratory and marvelling at the maps (RIP when I realised how stronk WG was at that when I hit higher tiers) and sheer variety of tanks. I'm proud to say I didn't rush up the tiers like a shitter and explored many lines and grasped the meta around tiers 5 to 7 for that period. Nowadays, my enjoyment of the game is very much dependent on my performance since the lustre or novelty factor has largely faded. I guess that's bound to happen after one plays > 10k games. I prize WR over WN8 which kinda explains my statistical performance and in-game playstyle (TDs are all situational assault guns). There's still so much room for improvement and I don't see myself quitting this game for good before hitting light purple recents. Playing stupid tanks (fuck you Black Prince and incoming Caenarvon) and screwing around at lower tiers still mess my numbers up but I couldn't really care less. I'm also proud to say I have not technically "ground" any tank in the game. If I'm going to put so much time in the game, I want my proportion of games I enjoy to be high. TL;DR Thanks Never and the admins for creating/maintaining this awesome community. This game can be utter shit often so get another game/hobby (or a life) to stop yourself from punching a hole in your monitor! Hope to see this little virtual haven continue thriving for a long, long time to come. 500 POST HYPE. I guess it's better late than... Never. (I'll see myself out.)
  4. Hello WOTLabs forum! My name is Sarcastic Eggplant (In-game 3p1cModZZ) I'm a mostly casual gamer, doing a little competitive gaming every once in a while (such as CS:GO and considering TF2 comp). I am just getting back into World of Tanks and had just heard of these forums. I was hoping for some advice on how to improve my skills at the game in this thread, or any links to some good posts to help improve my game. Since this is my first post I'm trying to keep in kind-of short. P.S. If anyone has a clan that would accept me help me improve my skills, I'd appreciate that very much so (My Stats I was hoping to improve) 3p1cModZZWN8938Win Rate50.09%Recent WN80Recent WR0%WN Rank- TotalPast 24 HoursPast 7 daysPast 30 days60 days • 1000 BattlesBattles28490000Avg. Tier5.550000Victories142750.09%0-0-0-0-Defeats139048.790-0-0-0-Draws321.120-0-0-0-Survived87230.610-0-0-0-Destroyed21850.770-0-0-0-K/D Ratio1.11----Detected18250.640-0-0-0-Damage1621923569.30-0-0-0-Capture Points49651.740-0-0-0-Defense Points29501.040-0-0-0-Experience956704335.80-0-0-0-WN89380000
  5. Good Day - Wanted to say hello and express how lucky I feel to have found a game that is worth the time I have put into it. After 740 games I am grinding some tier 3 and 4 tanks and I hope to be driving a heavy tank(T1) by weeks end. I have read alot that warns against going up the tiers too quickly so my plan is to stay at tier 4 and 5 until I have learned more. I have become a member of an active and very helpful clan and hope to be a contibuter to Clan Wars soon. Feel free to friend me, platoon with me, or just say hello. See you out there. Captain Gonzo.
  6. Hopefully your recent Wn8!! Been lurking for a while. Recently got my first tier 10 (T57 heavy) and want to get a bit more competitive and consistent with the game. Good bunch of peeps here. So, hi -Weasel
  7. Been playing WoT for just about a year now... At one point I was 7000 games in with an amazing WN8 rating of 264... So now it's a long, very slow climb up for my overall colours... I've been lurking this site for a while , reading and soaking up as much as possible. What really perked me up to WOTlabs was Dissidents Guide to Competence. I had issues registering months ago when I first stumbled upon here. I'm hoping a mod could contact me at their convenience since it's an ongoing issue. I hope to be able to continue improving, especially on my situational awareness and team play . As a recent stat greenie, I hope I can platoon with my betters and will follow instructions as I am here to learn. Cheers all John
  8. Hiya! I've been hanging around in the in-game channel for a while, picking up on platoons and throwing out random thoughts/opinions. I use the tracking site regularly, eventually found this forum and thought I'd introduce myself. My nickname differs a bit from game2game, but I mostly go by AshenShugar or Ash. I'm from a multi-game clan that picked up a bit of an interest in WoT, so here I am. I'm the "tank trainer" for my clan, so I'm always looking to up my game and pick up new tricks.
  9. Hiya Wotlabs community! I'm just introducing myself here, seems like I could learn quite a bunch from this forums, all the purple poastin and whatnot looks extremely useful! I had an account when I was a little younger (Moosetraxx) and that went terribly wrong so I wont be playing that account again, onto Moosetracked account now. I'd say I've played around 3k games total, and I play Medium tanks almost exclusively. If there are any blues/purps out there that could platoon and give me tips that'd be great! I'm glad to be diving into this community :3 -Moose
  10. Hi, I am a fresh 'noob' to this forum. Altough I have been never utterly bad, just simply bad and careless since this august I have decided to play more focused and try to improve. I have started playing WOT in 2012 january, before I have played some other MMO games like WoW and LoL. Altough I was not super good at any of the games I have played, the math 'behind' always interested me, I like to read up on tactics, watch streams etc., so I have a basic idea what I am doing in game. I hope to continue my path of the improvement both ingame and out of the game. Edit: I like to play mediums and fast heavies and are grinding trough multiple lines all the time. Br, tuzvihar
  11. So I have heard lots of people mention the WoTLabs forum while I badpoast on the official WoT forum, and quite honestly I have no idea what caused me to wait so long to visit. I've been reading all kinds of topics full of useful information for the last few days and decided to actually introduce myself, as I would love to eventually become a helpful and contributing member of this community. First, though, I have to get rid of my serious case of the bads that has been plaguing me since forever. This introduction is liable to be an intense case of tl;dr, but I'd really like to have a 100% honest and sufficiently detailed introduction, so anyone who cares to help me knows where I'm coming from. Hi, my name is Kuroth_, and I am bad@tanks. I've tried (for a long time really) to convince myself and everybody else that I'm not really bad at tanks, but deep down I know I'm much worse than I'd like to be. My 1800 (1770? I don't know anymore) 60-day stats are basically a lie and I'm not entirely sure how I even got them that high to begin with. I suspect it had a lot to do with KV-2 and M4 derp HEAT spam, and a lot of T49 play when grinding to the Hellcat. Lots of 2000+ days resulted from the T49 spam. Either way, they are very rapidly collapsing back to a scrubby level, which is probably where I deserve to be based on actual skill. I am a terribly competitive person, and I play every video game competitively if it's remotely possible. I've played semi-professional level CoD4, Halo 3, and SSBM back in 2008-2009, and I currently play TCGs (mostly Magic) at a respectable level. I don't have nearly as much time to play video games anymore, but I do know what kind of mindset it takes to be top-level competitive. As a general rule, unless I am performing in the top 1-2% of all players everywhere, I am not happy with my performance in a game. This leads me to my problem. I enjoy WoT, but it is VERY different from the other games I have excelled at in the past, and I just cannot for the life of my wrap my head around how to be truly good at it. I can 'fake' being good by playing high alpha/'OP' tanks (like the previously mentioned M4 HEAT spam) and posting "good numbers", but that kind of hollow performance isn't what I want. What I really want is to be actually good at the game, and to be able to perform well in any tank, on any map, at any tier. Right now I am extremely far away from that goal, and I feel like I've hit a serious mental block preventing me from improving that I just can't place a finger on. That's where I'm hoping you guys can step in and mentor me to an extent. I already have the basic mechanics down pretty darn well (at least I think I do...). Things like camouflage/vision mechanics, pen mechanics, differences between shell types, etc. I certainly make bad choices still, and sometimes I get caught off guard by something 'dumb' about vision mechanics ("That tank can stay camo'd THIS CLOSE TO ME?" is a somewhat common one...), but I don't think those are the basis of my problems overall. I feel like it's more about my mindset in general, my knowledge of maps and strategy, and not knowing how to deal with really bad situations/teams to pull out victory. AND DEAR GOD, I do NOT know how to get my gun effectively in use. I spend way too much time either trading shots 1 for 1, taking hits for nothing, or being completely out of position to be useful to my team/relocating during important engagements and thereby missing them completely. The problem is, every time I try to address this by trying something new, going to a new position, whatever, I end up either being torn apart or useless anyway. And the absolute worst part is: I know I have these faults, and I try to fix them, but I still have no luck. I don't know where to go to be most effective much of the time. I don't know when to stay hidden, and when to peek for a shot. I don't know when I should take a hit to accomplish a goal vs. when it's completely unnecessary risk. I've come to the conclusion that I just can't do it without some form of outside help or a wake-up call of some kind. ---- So basically, here's what I hate about my current play: I cannot play Medium tanks. I just can't. I am so terribly bad at them that it's embarassing, I regularly post 0.5 or worse damage ratios whenever I hop into my T-44 and end up gimping my team of a tier 8 medium. I am competent in heavy tanks up to my personal top tier of 8 (though I am notably BAD at my T34 for some reason). In fact, all of the shortcomings I mentioned are primarily focused on when I play my mediums/T8 tanks. I am very comfortable playing and carrying games at tiers 5-6 in my HTs, TDs, and certain MTs. Part of it is lower overall enemy skill level, part of it is a more forgiving environment in general, and part of it is probably the vehicles I enjoy driving. However, I don't want to be stuck playing those tiers forever in order to carry games; I want to learn how to carry T8 games like that. Then T9 (once I research one). Then T10. And who knows, maybe I'll start playing CWs with one of the better clans sometime in the future. But that will never happen unless I figure out what I'm doing wrong right now, and start learning how to play this game for REAL. So yeah. Like I said, my name is Kuroth_, and I am bad@tanks. But I don't want to stay that way. One day soon I would like to be gud@tanks and in a position where I can help others improve as well. For now though, what I think I need is for some uniscums to tell me why I'm bad and beat me up until I am black and blue. And then, eventually, purple.
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