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Found 41 results

  1. Hello everyone, Im Larsson from Germany. I started WoT a couple of years back and dropped it due to inactivity. Now I picked up the game again and I am looking to seriously improve my game. I got a wn8 somewhere around 750 and luckily it´s been rising constantly. I started a lot of tank lines and thus I have no skills on any crew just yet. I mainly play t5 and t6 at the moment. I consider the KV85, and Firefly my main tanks and currently leveling the czech medium line because i really like the gun depression and the new playstyle it opens up ( at least for me ). I also bought the IS but at its stock configuration I am still trying to accumulate some free EXP to get the better gun at least. I´m looking to improve my game and I love reading guides and theorycrafting and all that stuff. I would love to join up in a platoon with more experienced players to learn from them from time to time and at some point maybe join a serious clan. We´ll see. While I´m at it. I am eyeing the IS-2 deal thats HOT at the moment, can you recommend it? Cheers, Larsson
  2. Greetings all, New forum user here; for some basic information about me: 1) I am bad 2) I like food 3) Booty4life. In all seriousness though. I join because I have wanted to improve my play and my improvement whilst still being somewhat noticeable, I tomato alot, so hopefully I will be able to learn a few things from the Unicorns here (Who am I kidding, I don't learn ) and get my consistency and level of play up, as I hope to sometime not be a liability to my team, especially high tier games. SO, in a nutshell, since I have no english or redaction skills: I want to get gud and learn how to play this game from pros. o7, May you be lucky I am not in your teams because you will suffer -PS, if anyone knows what the correct section for opening a topic to put replays of one of my normal sessions so they can be analized, feel free to tell me so I don't accidentally post it somewhere it doesn't belong like the pleb I am.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm not a new player but I'm constantly trying to learn and improve with every session. I decided, after lurking and reading articles here for about a year and now that I'm more active than ever, that now was the best time to make an account and see if I can push that further. My main goal is going to be trying to fix my abysmal win rate from the damage I did to it during my first 5-6k games and learning how to clutch/carry harder. I look forward to being an active member of this community.
  4. Hi Wotlabs, I'm new to this community. I didn't know about this website until about a year ago!! I've been playing this game for about 4 years now, yet I'm still learning new things everytime I play (good and bad). Its one of the defining reasons why I still hit that Battle button, and why I'm on these forums. My aim is to provide constructive feedback, though don't expect anything of serious note if its about the Foch 155 or Bat chat. Some things about me: I usually play to 3 mark tanks now, I gave up playing heavy tanks over a year ago (arty takes most of, but not all of the blame), and the Foch 155 is horrible. I look forward to seeing you guys in the threads, and on the battlefield! :^)
  5. Aloha all, Been playing WOT for about a year, for a long time I had absolutely no idea what I was doing other than drive point shoot and die. I was introduced to this and other forums, guides and videos, recently joined a pretty good clan and all in all my game play is on the rise. Hope to become more proficient and have fun along the way. Pretty much always up to platoon and am enjoying this group. Thanks!
  6. Hi folks! eschermond here. I played WoT a while back but something stopped me from playing for some reason. Now I'm back and hoping to be able to improve myself. If any Unica wanna take pity on me and take me under their wing, I'd be eternally grateful. ;-)
  7. Hello everyone! Long time lurker, finally decided to post something and say hi. I'm a developing player from EU, striving to improve myself and my winrate. This forum has been a great source of knowledge for a long time for me, I hope I will be able to contribute something to it as well
  8. Hey! You can call me Kazz. And no, the subject line's not a cry for attention or a sign of some disorder. I just took a long break from WoT and came back recently. Thanks for the content and for the forum! I put what I believe has been a lot of hours into the game. I've only looked things up when getting a new tank or have been completely buffaloed by an issue. But I've forgotten quite a lot and found WOTLabs just today. I did all I could to scream through the first five tiers and do not have a single 100% perk crew member in barracks or any tank. From what I can tell, that can be hard to do. But I'm not disappointed with my roughly 50% win rate. Yes, I'm interested in getting better. But my playstyle and inability to back off the focus and see what's going on around me gets in the way. I'm working hard to try to get better. But mostly, I just really enjoy the game. I find the ability to blow up tanks to be very satisfying. Right now I'm trying to get a grasp on where I am on the tech tree, which tanks are coming up next, trying to grind experience and credits, as well as which intelligent investments to make in order to achieve my goals. Also, I'm trying to optimize my playing time by using everything at my disposal to maximize experience and credits. WoT has some new features for that, I see. If I could, I'd pull up in a big ol' tank and shoot all the enemies in the face with one-shot kills. I really think that'd be ideal. I know that'd get really old really quick. But can't I? Just once? I love the nimble tanks with big guns as well as the ability to engage and disengage. But, again, I'm awful at the big picture. I feel I can sway a game when I focus and keep myself and my tank within our limits. At least with the tanks I have currently. American tanks: Ram II, M4A3E2, M4A3E8, T20, T14, M6, T67, M18 Hellcat, M37, M41 HMC - focusing on the Easy 8, T20, and Hellcat in order to move on. German tanks: 43 M Toldi III, Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf A, DW2, Pz.Sfl. IVc, Stug 3, E 25, Sturmpanzer II, Grille - not really working on this line right now at all. Nothing here excites me. Russin tanks: T-127, T-34, Matilda IV, KV-1, Churchill III, KV-85, SU-100Y - grinding the T-34 & KV-85 with a long way to go. Everything after the KV-1 is unlocked. UK tanks: Light Mk VIC - nothing happening here Japanese tanks: Type 97 Te-Ke - nothing happening here either My biggest focus is to get perks up and be ready to buy tanks and re-train crew when the discounts hit here in a week or two. The T29, M44, Nashorn, Jg.Pz. IV, SU-85, KV-2, and T-150 are available, waiting for me to pay for them and install crews. I've had clan invites but social schedule and general lack of desire to be committed like that so far have kept me solo. I do enjoy the impromptu platooning in-game, however. I'm into PC hardware with an IT background, married, kids, yadda, yadda... OK, enough about me. I'm looking forward to learning and participating!
  9. New to forums, bad@tanks so hello! Also, how do I keep my tiger 1 from getting racked so often?
  10. Hi everyone! After being inactive in WoT for a while. I figured I could make myself useful on the Wotlabs forums! Some of you may know me already, but I'm a random WoT player who has played since January 2013. I'm currently attending college, so I'm still a salty kid lol. I like higher tier mediums and higher tier heavies, and some light tanks. I started playing this game as an arty player and completely rekt myself -__- but after a while, I learned that it was time to stop and learn this game. I like to watch twitch streams as they have helped me develop on my skills in WoT. I may know some of you from the twitch streams as well, so if I see you guys, hey! I am welcome to interact with this awesome community, and keep asking myself why I didn't do this sooner... With that being said, I don't know when I will start to log on to WoT again. My current PC can't run WoT atm, so I've been playing at my friend's house from time to time. With the forums, I want to be able to be a part of WoT even if I don't have to play it. However this game frustrates me a lot, and I tend to be extremely salty. I'm still saving up for my own PC and hopefully I'll get one someday with some high performing specs. With that being said, Happy Holidays! EDIT: oops my wn8 is screwed up on the side lol. still new. my real stats are on wotlabs.net/na/player/Draconis256
  11. Hello everyone, after a lot of work I was finally able to sing up (for some unexplained reason the sing up system didn't like my old German email address), and it feels good to be here. I'am from Germany and suffered in this Belorussian sh...... *cough* masterpiece since mid 2011, doing solo random most of the time (with some breaks ofc). Lurking on this forum became something like a hobby for me, and it kept me busy and entertained for quite some time now. I spend most of my time (on this forum) in the "Name and Shame I & II" and "X3N4's Half man half amazing" section (the e50 replays helped me a lot). My main goal is to improve my overall performance in wot (right now it feels like I've hit a barrier). Well, there isn't much left to say anymore, but anyway.... Thank you guys for having me. Btw. sorry for my bad english
  12. Hi, I have been playing WoT since 2011 (which is what, 0.6.4?) and I only have 5k games. I'm looking to improve my play and finally grind out tanks I want. Most importantly though, I want to have fun. Pretty much it really.
  13. Hi there forum! I'm zywrek, a 27 year old system developer, powerlifter and father of three (actually just one, the other two came with the package ;)) from Sweden. I first registered in WoT around christmas 2012 if memory serves me right, spent a lot of cash on tier 8 premiums which I unfortunately used to unintentionally piss off the majority of the EU server. I thought of wot as a rather casual mmo at this stage, more fitting to a family man with limited gaming time (used to play eve for 9 years). I had this mindset for my first 1500-2000 battles, then in november 2014 I started watching the amazing content of Jingles and QB, and also sir havoc to some extent. It didn't take long before I realized there was a lot more to wot than I originally thought, and I decided to get better! Discovered xvm and various other mods such as sights and minimap viewrange indicators. I got my wn8 up to orange level (now talking the 5 color scale) within a few weeks, and decided to join a clan. Parallell to working on my general understanding of the game I played some tier 6 stronghold, further improving my understanding of the importance of teamplay. Now, pretty much a year later with 5200 total battles played, my WR has gone from 46,5% to 50,7%, and wn8 from maybe 500 to 1330-ish. I decided to join this here establishment after watching a jingles vid where he was nervous about getting roasted in your AMA with him. If you guys are as harsh and disciplined as he made me think, then this is where I need to be to improve my game =) I think I have reached a state where the next major improvement step is managing frustration and temper (already know armor layouts, guns, mobility etc. of most common tanks, to use as an advantage in battle), as many games could have ended a lot better for me personally, had I not been greedy/impatient etc. I think my last 1k battles has been with a wn8 of around 1700, so steadily improving! The next step after that I think could be delving into the different meta/tactics of the individual maps. At the moment I just observe my team and try to work with them as good as i can, without trying to lead. Opinions: gold ammo I keep a stock, fire it in tight situations with hard targets, rarely out of frustration nowadays, but still happens. Others are equally welcome to throw their stock at me. arty we seem to kill eachother more or less equally, no hard feelings there. lemming trains "What the..? FFS!! oh well...better try and lead that train of destruction to their base" (cause what can you do, right?) overly passive/camping teams Fine, I'll camp too. If i see an opening I'll go for it though as i like agressive play. So that's me for you. Hear to observe and learn from the best
  14. I thought I would introduce myself formally to the forums. I go by Masshureando or Mass for short. I have about 3.5k games played and I am constantly striving to become better at WoT. I started playing WoT about a year ago and stopped playing because I wasn't having fun and didn't understand the game. Around the beginning of the year my buddy had started playing WoT and I decided to dust off my account and start playing again. I learned some basic tactics from him and started to improve my gameplay. I've since started to browse wotlabs and delve into the wealth of information here, as well as follow some WoT streams to become a better player. I would like to thank you for everything I have learned and I am constantly learning from these forums. Peace, Masshureando EDIT: I'm bad at engrish.
  15. I am new to Wotlabs but have been playing WOT for about 2 years. I rushed like an idiot for the Leopard 1 because it looked cool and made just about every newbie mistake possible including buying t8 premiums before I had much experience at t8. Wotlabs seems like a good place to talk about tanks and to learn how to be more consistent as a player, look forward to chatting with you all.
  16. Hello WOTLabs forum! My name is Sarcastic Eggplant (In-game 3p1cModZZ) I'm a mostly casual gamer, doing a little competitive gaming every once in a while (such as CS:GO and considering TF2 comp). I am just getting back into World of Tanks and had just heard of these forums. I was hoping for some advice on how to improve my skills at the game in this thread, or any links to some good posts to help improve my game. Since this is my first post I'm trying to keep in kind-of short. P.S. If anyone has a clan that would accept me help me improve my skills, I'd appreciate that very much so (My Stats I was hoping to improve) 3p1cModZZWN8938Win Rate50.09%Recent WN80Recent WR0%WN Rank- TotalPast 24 HoursPast 7 daysPast 30 days60 days • 1000 BattlesBattles28490000Avg. Tier5.550000Victories142750.09%0-0-0-0-Defeats139048.790-0-0-0-Draws321.120-0-0-0-Survived87230.610-0-0-0-Destroyed21850.770-0-0-0-K/D Ratio1.11----Detected18250.640-0-0-0-Damage1621923569.30-0-0-0-Capture Points49651.740-0-0-0-Defense Points29501.040-0-0-0-Experience956704335.80-0-0-0-WN89380000
  17. Hello i have been playing world of tanks and world of tanks blitz for 1 year and a half and i have reached tier 7 in both games in the american HVs and meds and my skills are i dont know average i guess i also play world of warships although my computer is broken
  18. I have been playing WOT for over 2 years now. I think I understand the game for 80% or so, looking to learn the other 20% to get better in this game
  19. Hello WoTLabs forums community, My in-game name is vurhd1 and I've been lurking around the wotlabs forums for a couple months and I've finally decided to make an account. For the longest time, over 9k battles, I'd consider myself to be a forever-noob. I was stuck at about 1200 recent WN8 and no improvement at all. I just powered my way through being a noob and was able to push that number up to 1400 recent, but it took me over 4k battles for that little improvement. Back then i really didn't understand how WN8 worked, I just thought it represented how good you were and that damage was important. One of the major things I really didn't understand was that each battle matters. When i got 1 bad battle I just shrugged it off and said, "It's just 1 bad battle I won't hurt that much." To get past this notion of 1 battle not making a difference I got a session stats mod. (I was already running XVM but my modpack didn't have session stats as an option then.) Session stats really showed me how far a 0 damage game can really drop my stats. Suddenly my stats just shot right up. My 1400 recent WN8 just to a 2000 recent WN8 in just 1 day. Also strangely, instead of playing non-stop hellcat, kv1s (I'll miss you), and cromwell, I started getting more into high tier games and for some reason I did much better in them. I'm currently plateau'd at my current WN8 level as I've heard many people have been and I'll just have to figure some way to break through it just like last time. Right now, I'm mostly playing: Bat-Chat, AMX 50 100, T49 (Help me), and Nashorn. I've gained lot of experience in playing mediums and heavies. I've always been ok scout player, but I have no clue how to play tds at all. I can't get over the no turret thing. And arty is against my religion. So I hope to learn and improve a lot from these forums and make my own contributions as well. Thanks for reading, vurhd1
  20. I really suck at saying who I am so my best advise is to make your own opinions and judgments about me, Im in no place to tell you what you should think about me or anyone else for that matter... If you want to know what I do here in world of tanks Im currently a Personnel Officer in My clan MITS (Men In Turrets) I call strongholds and try and teach whoever I can whatever I can, My offical function in the clan is currently as head recruiter as well as what I have already mentioned. if you need advise or a second opinion on something fell free to ask me I'm generally an open minded guy but please forgive me I am a smart A$$ sometimes and I know it, I accept your opinion as long as you accept mine. I hope to meet many new friends that I don't yet know and enjoy the company of the ones I do.
  21. Hello Wotlabs forum, i was given a recommendation from one of my battle buddys to join Wot labs as i ask too much to times So here i am hoping for dem uniqum tips and ticks to help me improve as a tanker. Also my main reason for joining the forum was to hopefully maybe find a clan to join and/or someone willing to platoon with me, also with the upcoming IM (or personal missions) i would need someone to play with. I only got one friend on EU able to platoon up with me, but he is not always online when i am and he got his own clan to contribute for (also he is kind of a bad player). I am usually online for a long period of time (between 12:00 to 24:00 GMT+1) this is because i am currently not allowed to work (medical condition). I started off as a TD player in the beginning, but have now recently been trying to focus more on the other ones (except skycancer). Currently playing E 75, T 55 and a bunch of different premium tanks. Hope we all get along and thanks in advance, you guys have already helped me out a lot
  22. Hello everyone. Call me Statios. (stateeeyowws) I have been playing World of Tanks for more than a year now, still stumbling my way around the lines, finding tanks that suit my playstyles. For the past few months I have been lurking, seeking to get better until I decided to join the community. I am currently a college student (physics major), so I neither play whenever I want nor afford prem and gold. Still I am looking to get better at the game with the help of you beautiful (mostly) people! <- this is pretty cool, too.
  23. Hello all, I am Lieutenant_Peter and I am playing wot for like seven months. Recently, I found out that my stats were crap and decided that I wanted to improve. A guy from PBKAC introduced me to Wotlabs. I found this site really helpful and decided to register. I believe that my journey to Unicum will be fastened if I am an active member of this site. Thanks, Lieutenant_Peter.
  24. Hi everyone it seemed apropriate to introduce myself this way. Im relativly new at this game (8k battles) and came here to fasten my progress to becoming an unicum. Im currently playing alot of tier X( t62a,fv4202, e100, t57h) and my trusty is-6. I would apreciate and could use some advice from better players (i have replays ready if someone wants to see them) Thanks for beeing such and amazing comunity and helping players reach the top of their game .
  25. Hello WoTLabs community, Just thought I would introduce myself, as it seems like the thing new poster do. I have been reading WoTLabs for awhile now and have recently gotten back into the game. I joined M-I-T as it was suggested on here that it is a good training clan, and I have not been disappointed. I enjoy all of the purple/blue post content and use it to try and get better. Thanks all and keep up the good work.
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