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Found 15 results

  1. How useful 6th sense on HT? in particular on IS line. I'm grinding from KV-13 to IS currently and training my future IS crew for it in IS-2 got to 2nd skill and was planing to reset CM (with gold) to get 6th sense.. but posts like this http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/113531-is-crew-skillsperks/page__pid__1922843#entry1922843 make me doubt how valuable 6th on HT. On scout, TD it's no-brainier, on MT... I'd say same... but how about HT and not just any HT (e.g. long-range support like US T34/T32 or German Löwe ) but Russian brawler. My current Crew Tank Role Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Req Battles Req XP IS-2 Gunner Brothers in Arms Snap Shot TBD 25% IS-2 Loader Brothers in Arms Repairs Camouflage 25% IS-2 Driver Brothers in Arms Off-Road Driving TBD 25% IS-2 Commander Brothers in Arms Mentor TBD 25% BiA actually skill "0" and by the time I'll open IS, I'll be ~ 50% on my 2nd skill... 1.SO, should I just set rest of "TBD" to Repair to get it max. for this crew and do not reset CM? 2. I also have 70+K free xp and thinking about x5 convert event.. (at the moment it will get me to 98-99% on 2nd skill) so I could get mentor+6th without reset. Good idea? 3.How essential is Smooth Ride for Dr. ? I normally even don't try to shoot on the move.. except in F2F (e.g. circling in few meters) situations.
  2. If you were to choose one of these tanks with the intention of completing the 8000 dmg mission, which one would it be? I have all the preceding tier VII heavies, but can afford only one tier VIII tank at the moment. Thank you for your answers.
  3. Hello forum! Just a quick straight question: do I research the good turret or do I use that xp to unlock the top gun sooner? I have of course the second gun (top gun of the IS) but there's a difference of 50 mm of pen and a good accuracy improvement. On the other hand I understeand that the top turret is a very important part of this tank for several reasons and it's quite cheap to unlock. I, personaly, would go for the turret. Is it ok? While we're talking of IS-3, I can't decide the 3rd equipment, the first two being rammer and vstab. I'd go for the gld to try and compensate the 3,4 days aim time, but I see that someone uses vents instead, stating that the gun handling is already good enough, also on vbaddict I see that vents are used more often than gld. I know that vents helps in a minor way the aim time too and pretty much everything else, but aren't the other thing already ok compared to the aim time? I never had problems penning a still IS-3 except the trolling sides in my other tanks (and I'm not that good) so I think I'd like to bring the aim time as low as possible to minimize the exposure time... I also see that someone uses wet ammo rack, I know that this tank is easily ammoracked, but I already have safe stowage, so I wouldn't bother with war, is sw enough? Cheers!
  4. When tankers speak of the IS-3, I often see them talk about it being the King of tier 8 heavies, Great armor, a great gun, just in general a strong tank. I have a problem with this. I got the IS-3, obviously coming from the IS which I liked quite a bit. Blasting people around corners, not expecting many bounces, the usual. Disclaimer, I don't have the BL-9 gun, but it's not the having the fight tier 10s in a heavy with 175mm of pen that's the issue. It's the armor. . . I don't see it work. Time after time I see shots from tier 7s and tier 8s just go right through my upper frontal plate, the part of the armor I want to be able to rely on but can't. People don't even have to aim for my lower plate under the pike, they go through my toughest armor like butter. Of course, this could all be because I'm playing the tank based on it's fearsome reputation when I should be playing it like the IS and the KV-1S pre-change, but everything I've heard seems to contradict that. So I pose the question in the title again. What am I doing wrong? Why does every shot, no matter how well I try to side-scrape or angle, easily pen what should be the hardest part of my tank to go through? P.S. I'm new to this site. I've heard good things about the expertise on here and come humbly to learn. P.P.S. I also see this problem with the E75, which is supposed to be armored to the teeth and yet T30s can penetrate my lower plate at a 45 degree angle while shooting down at me. What the balls is up with that nonsense?
  5. http://wotreplays.com/site/2238901#stats Close game, had it for a spilt second then the arty hit me and killed me. I know my gun handling was shit, could have autoaimed and kill the Tiger II quicker. Reckless driving in the IS-3 has done me many things especially very good games so I dont think that was to blame in this match. Mainly looking for the points on how I could have survived long by taking less damage. Thanks for all the future replies.
  6. http://wotreplays.com/site/2178395#stats So I had this game on Karelia. I thought I did good but there are couple of points that I know I could do better, I just dont know the better solution. Holding that flank was the right move, I think; but how should I handle the game if the one flank falls when I'm holding the other flank? My gun handling was pretty bad. How do you guys make sure to control your gun handling? Near the end, I turn away from base and head towards the RHM. Should I have gone the other way and possibly dodge the RHM?
  7. ADeadMan1

    IS-3 Help

    So I recently purchased the IS-3 and I am looking for some tips has most of my games so far have been pretty crappy http://wotreplays.com/site/2154022#kharkov-adeadman1-is-3http://wotreplays.com/site/2154024#karelia-adeadman1-is-3http://wotreplays.com/site/2154025#serene_coast-adeadman1-is-3http://wotreplays.com/site/2154026#steppes-adeadman1-is-3http://wotreplays.com/site/2154027#kharkov-adeadman1-is-3All five are from the same session My basic strategy is always to find places where I can sidescrape, peekaboom, or just frontally face the enemy. I am still stock but I dont think the lack of BL-9 radically changes how poorly I am doing in this tank.
  8. 384 battles and still no ace .I got the ace in the IS right after I unlocked the D-25-T(did 3.4K dmg which I'm quite proud of).My average dpg in this thing is 1166 and I have 1 MOE(current ratio is 66%).I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.Some haalp would be greatly appreciated.Replays are here: http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/21757-2nd-worst-player-in-the-worldneed-some-haalp/
  9. Hey Guys, So, I've played 2 games in this vehicle and hated it in almost every aspect, hence why i sold it straight away. I struggled massively with the pike nose because I kept getting my lower plate penned if i tried to use the nose, and penned everywhere if i angled it. I just need some tips on playing this vehicle, some replays to see how its done or just highlighting interesting vehicle tactics or situations the vehicle does well in. Also spots to play on different maps would be nice. Cheers in advance, Olly (aka Gunny)
  10. Hello tankers, I would be very grateful if someone more experienced could take a look at my replays. I am a new player with only 1300 battles under by belt, however I am trying to improve. Today I've played 4 nice games (no picking) and I'd like your tips on how to improve and what to change. Average WN8 is over 2500 over those 4 games (1500, 3000, 2750, 2650), which is very good for me. I am not posting worse replays intentionally since in these games I am able to identify all mistakes quite easily (not looking at the map, poor sense of surroundings and a bad positioning are usually the case of my death or poor WN8). IS-3, Karelia, 1500 WN8, WON: http://wotreplays.com/site/841798?secret=c28d622cc7c2819a498b807b513d45d7 IS-3, Redshire, 3000 WN8, LOST: http://wotreplays.com/site/841801?secret=c28d622cc7c2819a498b807b513d45d7 IS, Hills, 2750 WN8, WON: http://wotreplays.com/site/841805?secret=c28d622cc7c2819a498b807b513d45d7 IS-3, Himmelsdorf, 2650 WN8, WON: http://wotreplays.com/site/841812#winter_himmelsdorf-janroman-is-3 Thank you for your time and good luck
  11. This forum has been great to me, I must say. My stats have improved, slowly, but surely, I can see becoming overall yellow in the near future. But now I have a problem. So, I just recently got my IS-3, and so far, it's been ok. I can recognize it as a great tank, but not in its stock configuration. I've had my ups and downs in it with these past 28 battles, but up until yesterday I had a 50% W/r in it with 16 battles. Now its down to 42%. Yesterday I just got crappy battle after crappy battle, and I believe two of them were as top tier. Is there a way to influence a tier 10 battle with 217mm of penetration? Or do I just buckle up and wait till I get the BL-9 before I worry at all about my IS-3 stats, and then I can start "fixing" them? Another thing I have a problem with, is open maps. I play solo mostly, used to platoon with a friend irl but he doesn't play anymore. How do I play open maps in my IS-3, when I am blind? I can't push forward without being spotted and destroyed by snipers. P.S.I had one pretty epic battle before yesterday as top tier on Lakeville, I got 4 kills and 3.9k damage, highest I have ever gotten on the live server. I must say, I am liking this tank a lot more than the IS. It can bounce D25Ts that aren't slinging gold fairly regularly!
  12. A long time ago... in 8.8 (I think) I was playing some tonks, when suddenly a wild IS-3 challenges me to a fite, yo. Hilarity ensues.
  13. So, I just researched the IS-3 and T-44. I have a designated research path for the T-44. Free exp turret/enhanced suspension+mount ID10T gun->Tracks->LB-1->engines For IS-3 I am not sure. The upgraded turret is really good thing, but I am not sure if I should go for that or BL-9, or maybe an engine first. I don't have enough free exp to research the BL-9, unfortunately. Note that I have not bought these tanks yet, partly due to me not having enough creds for the IS-3 (enough for T-44 though), but mainly I don't want the temptation to play them yet. Also I would like any pointers, if any, for tier 8 gameplay. Hey, check it out, I'm purple by botting!
  14. Hey. I have a model of an IS-3, and would like to paint it. but I don't own an IS-3 in WoT SO, could you guys with an IS-3 please take some screenies of it in the garage from different angles and post them here? I don't mind if it has camo on it but would prefer the Summer patterns. thanks for the help ill see if I can post the finished model when its done.
  15. Yes I am taking internet tanks too seriously but if I can't do that here where else can I? TL;DR Version: I suck at high tiers I'm playing IS and IS3 for the first time for the next 500 games and will analyse more thoughtfully to hopefully speed up and embed my learning. Thanks to platooning with different people in the last few days, installing xvm this morning and a comment made by a tentacled chap in another thread I have come to an epiphany about me and internet tanks. I STILL suck after 4k games. I'm not terrible up to tier 5. Above that I'm shocking. The tentacled one, in his analysis of other players, pointed out that the longer you spend in lower tiers the more bad habits you will acquire. Not only that but considering the progress and stats of others at 4k games with the same W/r as me are superior, especially in higher tiers, I would seem to lack talent and will have to work at this systematically. Currently I have more to learn from pubs. Map knowledge and SA are definite weak points. As is avoiding weaknesses of the vehicle being exploited. I tend to have only 3 styles of play. Nasty sneaky, stab you in the back scout, a sniper and a, punch you in the face until you stop struggling, heavy. I do not get angry but sometimes that particular tank just has to stop annoying me. Like most people, if my opponents give me time to think I can react, plan, predict and prepare quite well. Give me multiple enemies from different angles or a badly deploying team and I can freeze or derp. if you look at the past week on noob meter it's funny. A good win rate yet shit damage. I am genuinely, deeply proud of achieving a 1-1 k/d ratio. it was 0.7 2 months ago. To me the last week was good. Metrics say otherwise. I don't know terrain. I just push until I find red tanks, I have stopped isolating myself so much, that alone explains w/r improvement I think. I can do well in spots I really know well, like river path on abbey. I know it's fire lanes and where I can plant my nose to side scrape. Lost elsewhere. Note from stats that mobile tanks with a fast rate of fire work for me. Only now after over 1000 games in low RoF heavies am I getting it. Weird as it sounds, using the terrain and cover so that I can shoot, hide and shoot was really hard for me to get. I sat in the open a lot. Moving admittedly but still in the open. A habit acquired from light tanks and meds in my first 2.5k games. The Plan My IS has been sitting in the garage waiting for a crew retraining special to come up so I could put my 2 skill KV crew in it. That Moment has come. For the next 500 games it and the IS3 will be the only tanks in my garage I play. I will play 2 games then watch the replays. I will briefly note cause of death, anything right/wrong I did and WHY I did it. Rinse, repeat. I have to start thinking about what I'm trying to achieve rather than how I'm going to do it, that's just point and click. The tank has tracks and turret plus any bits from kv1s that crossover. Vents, rammer and GLD. It will be camo'd. Standard consumable of med pack and repair. Auto fire extinguishers though Crew skills, I have 2 full ones available and reset is half price so open to suggestions. I have both view range skills as I like to see as far as possible. 6th sense is a given. The rest I'm open to suggestions. Big fan of repair. Safe stowage needed? That crew will go to the IS 3 if I start using it. Ammo load out-:2 HE rest 50/50 split AP and gold. Goals. Match my KV-1 stats. 1 kill at least per game, my own hp in DPG and at least a 55% WR in the sodding thing. Have at least three choices per spawn, per map of sensible places to go depending on what my team decides to do. These shall have terrain/cover that is advantageous to me, good lines of sight and fire lanes. They shall have an escape route if I am out numbered. I will use that escape route, stay alive and do more damage. I will not give up or sit with my thumb up my arse if we lose six tanks in the first 2 minutes. I will have a plan already of where to go and try to use terrain to engage one tank at a time. I will understand why I failed and why I succeeded. I will print out Sela's map guides and have them to hand and in the crapper to read. I will raise My DPG and KD ratio at a faster rate than I have so far achieved How can you help? I will post random replays of both good and bad games. I'll probably ramble a bit about each one. If anyone cares to offer critique, either publicly or via PM then I will be grateful for your input. Map guides of a quality approaching Sela's. I can google but I'd rather go by recommendations. An invite to a training room just to show me some features of a particular map that you use to your advantage. I am on NA server as well my main EU account so timezones permitting it's do able. Put more Boobs in the boobs thread please. I will need comfort. Edit to add: Can XVM display stats for the tank my opponent is in rather than their global stats? I really do mean it about the boobs. I am currently YELLOW on the xvm loading screen. Oh no, that will not do. I have little natural talent so green will only be achieved by hard work and getting far too anal about it. This game is similar to poker in terms of how I approach it. I play for fun. My fun is crushing my opponents. I do very little of that at the moment. Off to play my last few games in the KV1 and t49 before the weekend special starts and I can begin my quest. Gibbon
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