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Found 4 results

  1. Just some games in some Russian tanks. No big deal. The first two games occurred right after one another, the last one was much older (about 2-3 months ago)
  2. Vonblunder

    ISU-152 Help

    So I can't find an ISU-152 thread... I am playing this TD purely so that I can knock TD15 eventually, either with the ISU or the next one. I sucked at the SU152, and still suck at the ISU-152, but then again only got the derp gun and it's getting a bit long in the tooth and expensive with prem spam Generally I now prefer mediums and HTs but that's another story Now my question: I can unlock the BL9, or grind some more and wait for the BL10 gun. No doubt I'll eventually want the BL10 as it seems to be what makes the ISU. Should I keep grinding (my teeth) with the stock gun, or get the BL9 and have a longer but maybe easier grind to the BL10? I don't even consider the 122mm guns, as their pen is sub par. And no I don't "free" exp much, so that's not an option for this scrub Thanks!
  3. I've ground my way up through the Soviet Obj. 268 line, and I am at the 'totally balanced' Obj. 704 with the trusty BL-10 from the ISU, always happy to give someone a nice slap in the face and a big "How Terrible". But between all those random shots with the BL-10, waiting for it to reload, I had some thoughts about it: 1. There are two things that the BL-10 does better than anything else (except hitting the enemy's tracks) First one - making the enemy rage Second one - sending you to a state of rage and wishing that this thing never existed 2. The BL-10 is a highly advanced weapon mechanism which includes the gun itself, a loading and firing mechanism, some shells, and a sack of random. 3. The BL-10 is such a highly advanced weapon system, it can hit targets at extreme distance with super high accuracy as proven in practice. However, most of the time the shells just hits their tracks. 4. You don't take shots with the BL-10, the BL-10 takes shots itself. 5. When in a very dangerous situation, BL-10 automatically activates its aiming system to ensure the safety of a situation. After the gunner takes a shot, the shell automatically hits the enemy tank, but in a place which was not selected. 6. Hitting weakspots with the BL-10 is much easier than with other guns. 7. When the BL-10 was being developed, it was planned to be called ЛБ-10 (Литр водки 10-го качества) a.k.a LB-10 (Liter Of Vodka of 10th quality level) by Russian engineers. However, higher military personnel didn't want such an inadequate name, so they changed it to BL-10. 8. Number 10 stands for the 10th level of randomness, which is also probably the highest. 9. The BL-10 is a great gun but the random surrounding it is even greater. 10. If a shell bounced, then there was a bug in the whole system. 11. If physics were introduced on the shells then you probably would see flying light tanks, launched by the BL-10. 12. The reason for ghost shells with the BL-10 is that it creates a black hole just after each shot because of it causing a rip in the time-space continuum, and the shell disappears in it. Now we have 0 damage shots which basically cause the same event but when in contact with enemy tank armor. 13. The reason for why the BL-10 doesn't have high premium shell penetration is that it could create global problems if it was much higher. 14. Just seeing a BL-10 coming around a corner makes an enemy drive backwards. 15. If you score a 0 damage shot on a light tank, then the shell probably went through and the aforementioned black hole didn't even happen. 16. De-tracking an enemy tank with a fully aimed shot is "just for fun" with the BL-10. 17. Wanna get trolled without doing anything special? Get the BL-10 18. Seeing an ISU-152 on the enemy team makes you wonder if he has the BL-10 and some poor guy is going to be in his aim circle. You definitely don't want to be that poor guy. 19. 0-damage critical miss detrack bounce detrack 20. The reason behind BL-10 bounces is "why not?" 21. You can make the enemy go into fifth rear backwards just by pointing the BL-10 at him. 22. BL-10 shots can not only miss but go missing as well. 23. People await incredible damage output from your gun; don't tell them most of shots will just de-track the enemy. 24. I had a battle with 2 ISU-152s as top tanks for both teams. It was like thunder and doomsday for tanks.
  4. So, you're on Karelia in Assault mode on the offense, and your team is down 9-11, with you being the last Tier 8 on your team alive and the enemies only a 100m away or so. You need to try to kill them all, or at least make them easy meat for your allies, and keep your mighty BL-10 Trollcannon in play. What do you do? Here's what I did: http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/1001255214.7864623374457467 replay & decision description: I started off at the #3 spawn, and at the beginning, took some time to analyze the map, see where my teammates were going, and type a couple of things into chat expressing my disgruntled nature due to the things they were saying in chat and where they were going, clearly showing off their outstanding stupidity special kind of intelligence. I then decide to let the heavies move a bit further up, spot a few targets, then make my move up along the 0 line, initially following their path and attempting to kill an ELC which my teammates actually manage to nail, then breaking off and moving over to C8, where I simultaneously covered myself with the rock to my right and put myself into a position to take pot shots at enemies along the 3 line, which I spent most of the game doing. I spent a while tunnel visioned in on a T29 in cover, and although I briefly saw a bit of his rear exposed, I decided not to take the shot, and rather shot at an immobile T20 sitting in the open. I then decided, in a moment of classic pubbie-level stupidity, to shoot at a Sturer Emil's track that was barely poking out, and totally missed as expected with the BL-10 at that range. I then make what was probably my biggest mistake, going down the slope to around C5 to try and get the T29 and other enemies. In hindsight, I probably should have relocated to the safety of the hill, but I was still tunnel-visioning in on the enemies there. I then experienced, as Jingles calls it, "a sudden rush of **** to the brain" and rushed towards the enemies, luckily I stopped myself in time, taking only a hit from the T29 and I managed to whack him back in return. Although I escaped him with only 301 damage taken, as I was scrambling to get behind the rock at C5, the KV-1S managed to hit me, leaving me on a mere 303 health, and missed his next shot. I then proceeded to hit him, leaving him on 81 health for my allies to finish him off. Wary of the fact that the enemies are right around the rock, I staid put, taking a shot at a Nashorn rushing behind a rock, which missed. Wary of the enemies just around the rock, I waited a little bit, thinking about what I could do, and the moment that I moved forward the same T29 from earlier rushed by, and I snapshoted him at pointblank range. I then reloaded, killed the Sturer Emil, somehow bounced the Nashorn's shot, oneshoted him, and while reloading, since I was the last player alive on my team other than arty, got rushed by both the JT 88 and Tiger II still alive and killed. Aftermath, from my perspective: I went down with a respectable (in my opinion) 3 kills and 3715 damage ultimately, with my team losing 10 to 15 So, from around the point where I decided to shoot the T20, what would you have done? Although I feel like I'm definitely more than carrying my own weight in my ISU, I just seem to keep getting windowlicking teams like this one. I don't have the post-battle results for this one, but almost half the team either did 0 damage or got off one penetrating shot, despite the fact that as a whole, the enemy team wasn't very good itself. Edit: I'm not a stats-denier as the replay description might suggest, I just said that in a moment of frustration.
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