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Found 1 result

  1. Tanager

    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran doesn't have it up yet, so posting stats will have to wait for a bit. I know that over in the Upcoming Changes thread there was much discussion of this tank, but now that it's out, it seems appropriate to create a thread for it. I've played one battle in it, and I'm sure the better players will weigh in with more battles under their belts soon, but here are some initial thoughts: It looks like a catamaran with a turret. Seriously, it's weird-looking. The 350 mm of frontal turret armor is nice, the hull is reasonably pennable from the front (LFP is not tiny, and you sit up high enough that it's easy to expose it, if you aren't careful). Maneuverability is pretty good, but you aren't going to outrace the T-10. The hatches are pretty small, but they are there and pennable with standard ammo (I put two through the cupolas of an opposing 257). I never really had a chance to hit front idler wheels, nor did I take shots at mine, but it definitely looks as if Circon's fears will be borne out. They are mounted well in front of what would possibly be any hitbox, and the boat-shaped underside of the hill is going to ricochet plenty of shots. The gun is pretty nice - APCR as standard ammo may make longer-range shots a bit easier to hit. I ran a retrained-for-credits (so 90%) BIA crew, no food or vents, I think that left my dispersion at the stock .38, which is not horrible at all by Russian standards, and I'm guessing you could get that to .36 (maybe .35?) with a 100% crew, food, vents - and iVents might even take it lower. But .36 with APCR in a Russian heavy? The gun handling is reasonably comfortable, which may make this a pretty good medium-range tank, and the wonky armor model might make getting caught in the open less painful. Base VR in top configuration is 390, but even losing 10 meters with my 90% commander, BIA + SA got me to 401, so I ran rammer/vstab/egld and didn't sweat the view range. (edit) I shutdown my game client and am currently too lazy (also in a rush to get to work) to restart it, but I think the prem ammo is HEAT...with 311 pen. That's well below the 340 you get with the T-10 and more in line with the IS-7, but with 122mm alpha. It doesn't bother me personally overmuch, but it's worth noting.