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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, for those you don't know who I am, my name is madhouse10101 but most people just call me mad, and recently iv gotten the gooder internets and because of this I am now able to live stream, been wanting to for ever but 25kb/s upload, well that wasnt going to cut it but now Iv got the good stuff and steaming 1080p for everyone to see. A little why you might want to watch me get triggered at minor things that really don't mean anything, First like most streamers put out, i'm a 2600wn8 player (by the new wn8 system not yet updated on wot labs) and a 3.3k recent player, been playing tanks for about 3 years now and for about one and half of them iv been in WGLAPAC started in silver but now in gold, Kinda (at the time of post). I am an Australian so I do in fact speak English, Australian English that is so you will only understand %70-80 of what i say because the rest is slang all though when I type it may seem like I have some case of a syndrome that people are raving about that apparently most of the player base has, I will not add my opinion to that here. But some other things you might be interested in, is that I have a microphone, there cool, right? So ill answer pretty much anything you ask about the game and also commentate any important deceptions I make in the game and explain why, so hopefully you, the viewer can learn something from it, that be the right thing or the wrong thing that's up to my brain at the time. I could go on for a some more but Id like to make a post not a TL : DR of this situation. And to finish it off, I will do tank request of any tanks in my garage a full list is on my twitch. I do play other games here and there mostly right now, PUBG, Dota 2, R6S, ARMA 3 and occasion GTA 5 but they wont be as often as tanks. But ill stop here since this is becoming a really big shit post as most people would put it but I would really appreciate if you would come by once and while drop a follow and say a hey. Cheers Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/mad_house10101 Stream Week Days from 4pm-10pm (AEST) Stream Week Ends from sometime - really late at night (So every day)
  2. [FEED] GIVEME, FEED me moaarr Started as Fun Clan based on platooning, T6 and T8 SH farming... RETARDMENTS: 1) Speak/Understand EngRish 2) Good playeru (about 300 + wn8) 3) Interested to be part of something... 4) Cry like a kid when you lose a game 5) Be Pro Redline-sniper 6) Stat pad and seal club as much as possible 7) Never listen anyone, no matter what! Play always with minimap closed 9) Play any tank without lamp, because no lamp = never spotted On serious note: FEED is an international clan interested in playing Clanwars, Stronghold and Platoons - REQUIREMENTS: 1) Speak/understand decently English 2) 2300+ WN8 (2800 Recent) - 10k+ games - 5 CW tier 10 tanks 3) For rerolls: 5 CW tier 10 tanks & 3.2k overall 4) Ambitious to be part of something new 5) Don't cry like a kid when you lose a game 6) Use of Teamspeak3 7) Good level of teamplay, map awareness and use of brain Activity in CWs and SHs 3/4+ days per week during prime times - We are also looking for capable Field Commanders, always ready to test themselves and not afraid to try something new - TS3: feedmemore.ts3admin.eu or - For info contact our recruitment staff: MadYOLOPotato - Deistic - Mister_Mom - _Sledge_ - MicroJackson - GoldKnight
  3. So first of all, for those new to WGLNA or maybe just new to the Fantasy League might asking "I don't really like Gold League or watch the League, why should I participate in something that doesn't matter to me?", well the whole outlook upon that point of view has been changed for this season with a change for picking players with a chance to win a whole new deal of goodies for not just yourself, but also your clan. For this season there has been a combination of a ton of great prizes, which include Nightly Prizes - (The most interesting thing about this is the clan prizes which I think are a very nice addition) Quarterly Prizes - (Everybody loves a free Type 59) And the biggest and best, End-of-Season Prizes - (I believe places 1-3 are taking the place of previous tournaments which people could participate in to alternatively win a free trip) Read more about these prizes on the actual website - Fantasy League Prizes Information So since the first day of WGLNA was on June 23rd, that means the first winners were already announced! But don't worry, there are matches regularly every Tuesday/Thursday! Honestly, these prizes should be enough to convince anyone to participate in this, even if you don't watch the matches, you can just pick your favorite players in the league and see how far you get! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now with the prize system out of the way, I'll continue with my personal suggestions about what players you should pick for your team - ¡HOLA AMIGOS! Today is Thursday, July 21st and here are your best Fantasy League prediction picks for today's matches. To start off at 20:00 EST - #RU vs. Maple Freedom With Maple Freedom currently at 1-1(1 OTL) (4 Points) and #RU at 4-2, (12 Points) these is a underdog match. Maple Freedom has a chance to take maybe 1-2 matches off of RU and maybe a third depending on map picks, however that's the best I'd have to give Maple. RU would have to mess up pretty bad to throw more than that. However even with the strong possibility of a 5-0 it's still worth to pick one player from this match up, and with that I'm going to go with godzilla_mode from #RU. Next up at 21:00 EST is - Noble Gaming vs. Team Rival This match has a lot more potential to go past a 5-0 than the RU and Maple match above, so with Noble at 3-2 (9 Points) and Rival at 1-3 (1 OTW) (5 Points) it means that this match is very important for both of these teams since they're both towards the middle of the score board comparative to the rest of the league. Overall though I'm going to have to give this one to Noble because they will understand the importance and see Rival as a good opponent since they've overall had a good showing to their matches even if their points don't exactly reflect that. I'm going to pick two players from Noble which will be AkulaV and Dodoma and one from Rival which will be wwii_fanatic. After at 22:00 EST will be - S.I.M.P. vs. High Woltage Caballers This match is very important for both of these teams because both teams will both have atleast two other very strong teams to face after this match. However for SIMP this means even more brought on by the fact that both of these teams have played the same amount of matches but High Woltage has 4 points more than them. At the end of a bias'd day, I'll give this match to Woltage in a 5-2 fashion. From this match up I'm going to pick HeavyTwentyfrom Woltage and Nitts from SIMP. To finish off the night at 23:00 EST - I Love Lamp vs. GAME-OVER This match is basically one to determine who is at the bottom of the leader boards, with Lamp currently on the bottom with 1 point and GAME-OVER with 2. There's not too much to say about this match other than it has the possibility to be long but I don't think it will just because of how previous matches for these teams have gone, which is why I'm going to pick 1 player from this, which will be JoJoJacky from Lamp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teams NOT playing tonight - Synrgy Gaming, o7 Gaming, eLevate and Team Refuse. Do NOT have any players on these teams on your own fantasy team. Thanks for reading and good luck with whoever you pick, view HeavyTwenty's own thread on the WoT main forums to cross check if you're interested, http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/449125-fantasy-league-team-picks-625-updated/ . Pick your team at http://www.fantasywgl.com/players/ . For matches, visit twitch.tv/WGLNA or if you're feeling adventurous visit battleviewer.com to watch all the leagues and watch the vods of previous matches. Visit the Fantasy Website for all of your Fantasy Point needs Follow my team High Woltage Coballers on Twitter, subscribe to us on Youtube and do that thing that you do on Facebook.
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