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Found 4 results

  1. In an effort to break my premium rounds addiction, I've been packing less gold rounds on all tanks (sometimes none). Does the KV-5 have a higher credit multiplier than others? Even in games where I deal a paltry ~1,000 damage, it seems like I'm earning more credits than I would in most other tier 8 premiums. What gives?
  2. We are [YOUJO] [NICO]! A pair of competitive and tightly knit clans full of your favorite anime cliches along with normies who still wonder why they joined. We focus on tier X battles and thoroughly enjoy getting good fights on both the global map and in advances. In addition to that, we like to do community nights that go well beyond just this game. If any of that interests you, please read below! As a guideline we are looking for players who can meet or exceed the following: - 2700 Recent WN8 - 60% Recent Winrate - ~5+ Clanwars Viable tier Xs, and maintain two viable tier VIII's and one VI - Relatively active(3-4 days preferably), inactives will be kicked first to make room. - Teamspeak and Discord are required <3 In addition, NICO is looking for players who can meet or exceed these requirements: - 1800 Recent WN8- 55% Recent Winrate- At least 2 meta tier 8 for strongholds (if you have a 10 that's a big plus)- Active 3-5 days - Take part in clan stuff (CWs, strongholds, tourneys, etc.)- Join and be active on the Discord and TeamSpeak If you feel like YOUJO is the right fit for you, please contact one of the following officers either in game or in our teamspeak. For Anime and interacting with the community, please request a discord invite! Tamagakure Dincus Mannimal A_Kawaii_Nekomimi If not, but you feel like NICO is the right fit for you, please contact one of the following officers either in game or in our teamspeak. <3 Rowogue Nico666 JxMAN20 For any further questions or concerns, please message Tamagakure or Mathleey. Until then, gl/hf! <3
  3. Kawaii nano desu~ Edelweiss: Softstatsu: Tier: 8, Medium Tanku HP: 1400 Power/Weightu: 25 Max speedu: 60/-20 km / h Hull turning speedu: 42 °/s Turret turning speedu: 38 °/s View rangeu: 370 m Hull armoru: 120/60/60 mm Turret armoru: 120/80/60 mm Alpha Damageu: 240/240/295 Penetrationu: 190/224/44 mm Reload timeu: 7,5 s Accuracy at 100 m: 0.38 Aiming timeu: 2,3 s Depressionu/Elevationu: -8°/15° Armoru: Basically a Panther-2 that trades penetration and accuracy for insane speed Nameless (actual name of the tank) Softstatsu: Tier: 8, Heavy Tanku HP: 1600 Power/Weightu: 16.76 Max speedu: 50/-14 km / h Hull turning speedu: 28 °/s Turret turning speedu: 26 °/s View rangeu: 370 m Hull armoru: 220/80/80 mm Turret armoru: 240/150/80 mm Alpha Damageu: 300/300/360 Penetrationu: 215/260/44 mm Reload timeu: 9 s Accuracy at 100 m: 0.37 Aiming timeu: 2,3 s Depressionu/Elevationu: -5°/15° Armoru: Basically a mix between Liberte and Tiger 2 with good speed and a huge tumor on top. Most of the softstats copied from TAP-senpai~ These beauties will sadly be Asia-exclusives but considering they lack the exposed boobs of the O-No line they are clearly inferior Anime tanks anyway.
  4. This is going to be a thread where non-weebs can ask (serious) questions about anime and mango, and the generalized stereotypes surrounding it. Im sure me, and several other willing resident anime fans will be willing to answer your questions! ask away!
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