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Found 9 results

  1. I have been in contact back and forth with support tickets for the past few days, doing pingplotter, WGreport, disabled antivirus, restored vanilla client etc. etc. I use a Tmobile unlimited hotspot, but I live on a hill with a tower nearby, 40ms 30-50mbps up 25mbps down. It isn't fiber but it is very impressive with it's stability, I use a dedicated wifi antenna. (I also have no tower traffic as I live in a cornfield I get all the bandwidth ) Normally I see the occasional lag spike up to 999 and I disconnect, though it is very rare..or a few seconds of lag here and there. But the past few weeks my normal 50-60ms latency in game has risen to 80-180 and stutters every second. I have played on 250ms stable latency in the past(had 1mbps dsl from 2011 to 2016 when I pulled super uni stats with 250ms) I could handle it if packets were consistently being sent and received. WG is claming the issue is my ISP so I installed a VPN in case I was throttled and the issue was exactly the same only slightly worse because of extra VPN routing... What do you guys think? I know there have been several telia.net posts years ago, but I think the issues are back. I played fine on this setup for the past year or more, it has slowly degraded the past few weeks during peak hours it is horrible, 3AMt it is playable ish.
  2. So I've had this problem in World of Tanks for as long as I can remember. I even made a naive post about it back in 2014 (asking for premium time to get reimbursed, lol). http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/371438-unplayable-999-ping-freezes-upwards-of-20-seconds/ In the post I say that it "began two days ago", but really it just hit a state of complete unplayability at that moment in time. I remember quitting WoT for a solid two months until this issue got resolved. Every time they would come up, I'd get frustrated as all shit (cause I couldn't play the fucking game!) and try to fix it. Every time, I'd be shit out of luck. Haven't had problems with these spikes for a good long while (maybe 6 months?), and now these motherfuckers are back. I'm really going to try and fix them this time around. I've tried a whole bunch of shit over the years to try and fix this. Contacted support, they basically told me to get a wired connection or GTFO (did the whole PingPlotter adventures back and forth with them for a solid 2 weeks). I cannot get a wired connection because there is no way to stretch a wired cord all the way upstairs to my far ass room. Maybe one day I will do it through the ventilation pipes, but that day will not come anytime soon. Contacted my ISP many times and asked them what was up. All it came down to was "reset your router" or "there's high traffic in your area right now" answers, both of which didn't solve jack shit, especially since these spikes happen absolutely regardless of time, day of the week, month of the year, etc. Played around with the router: changed channels, many settings, firewall, port-forwarding, etc. Tried many fixes on my machine. Uninstalled many useless drivers; updated, downgraded, tried all kinds of shit with my wireless router; even bought a USB wifi adapter (which did help, although with ping and not these motherfucking spikes). Modified World of Tanks files on my machine: disabled some values, edited others, all kinds of "tricks" and whatnot. I'm all out of solutions. Perhaps a wired connection is the only solution, but it would be a massive pain in the ass to stretch it all the way to my room. A project left best for the summer. So I turn to you guys for help, in hopes that some of the smart tech guys at WoTLabs would know what else I should try (or even retry). I'm open to mostly anything at this point, however the house isn't mine (still living with parents), so I'm not going to fuck around with things I cannot touch. All help is appreciated.
  3. I live in the midwest (Nebraska) and am considering installing this. Before I waste a lot of time, I had a few questions. The biggest problems I've had with WoT center around lag/ping spikes and arty trash. Some of the connectivity is my ISP but some isn't and thats why I started this thread. For players who live in the CST US; I'd appreciate your insights on any stability, ping/lag/latency issues in AW v WoT if any? I've got 9600+ games in WoT and am enjoying WoWS but I well remember that 7,000+ of my WoT games were played on a computer where a 14 fps was a good thing and below 500 ping was great. Things have changed as my fps runs into the 70s and my connection and lag are usually 59-120 or so (with a W/R bump from 46 to 50+ over time) but things can still get dicey and I'm sensitive to that. I started off playing arty due to my shitty connection and old computer but now I absolutely despise it and I hate getting one shot shat upon. I know AW has arty and the new player guide in this section gave some examples of why its different but I'd like to hear some 1st hand perceptions from other fellow WoT arty haters how things are in AW? Thanks
  4. Hi! I'd like to get a feeling how much of a difference a WiFi connection makes compared to a cable connection to the router. I had to use WiFI because my wife wouldn't allow a 3m ethernet cable across the room, but now my router got way closer to my desk and I can use cable. So far, the intermittent packet loss I was having seems to have gone, but I'm not convinced it is the router (good WiFi connection anyways). What is your experience in that regard?
  5. Hi all, So a very very long time ago I started having internet problems due to the nodes heading to my house being too crowded. My question is, if I change my internet provider, will it fix my problems?¿
  6. I've been bitching about random FPS drops and "lag spikes" (because I'm stupid and don't really know what those are) for a couple of weeks and just happened to start WoT without my headphones/music running for the first time since... well ever really. Noticed my hard drive constantly running and chattering as soon as the client opened. Did some research and found out that after 20+ years, Windows STILL does not have an automatic disc cleaning tool (as of WIN 7). After looking into it I realized the following: I have an 80G primary hard drive (yes, I'm cheap). I had 4.2G free space. Something about WoT needs my main C: drive, even though it's installed on a peripheral drive. I had 27G of bullshit temp files etc. After cleaning my FPS went from ~28 to ~60 and the weird "lag" that I thought I was experiencing on some maps (Severogorsk) was actually my PC choking itself to death trying to do whatever mysterious shit it needed to use my C: drive for without enough room to do it. Page files? Some kind of temp file for loading textures? Who knows? Anyway, doesn't matter. Saw a huge increase in performance with a 10 minute search and clean up. Thought I'd mention it just in case anyone else is having trouble. Peace out. -Tank
  7. Hi! After terrible lag in the past couple of weeks and paranoia-driven PingPlotter sessions I noticed this morning that the IP addresses to the World of Tanks Servers (NA East) have changed: wotus1-slave-64.worldoftanks.com OLD: (now unreachable) NEW: Didn't have the time to play yet but MAYBE they have done something about their hardware... or not. Interestingly, the West-Server IP still seems to be the old one.
  8. So after 5 games where I was able to do absolutely nothing due to spiking 1000+ ms indicated latency (probably just 100% packet loss for a second) every 5-10 seconds, I decided I've had enough for the night. Trace shows its *all* within L3 (West) and Telia (East). W? T? F?
  9. Hi All Well, the Gestapo mods are now out in force on the EU forums, deleting all the threads which discuss or mention in game Lag since 0.8.8. If it isn't posted in the "offical" lag thread in the Forum & in game trouble sub forum, it gets deleted/junked/locked in double quick time. Heres the quote from RogDodgeuk: new LAG issue threads are being deleted because there are two Official threads relating to lag issues, here http://forum.worldof...ince-update-88/ and here http://forum.worldof...s-glitchesbugs/ but from some reason the users are not paying attention and using those existing threads to post their issues. Making threads that have the same topic as existing ones is against the forum rules and as such are dealt with accordingly. Thread closed regards RogDodgeUK I had a thread deleted by Acapellarose and a 1day ro + 1 warning point for using the word shit in my opening post on a thread about lag(4 days after the thread was started). Ironically, on the first page Iscending(an eu mod) responded to my post and actually praised it. Who says mods are inconsistent. Going by the above, every mm thread/td op thread/bring back arty thread will now be junked and appropriate sanctions taken against the thread starter. It really is a joke over there now.
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