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Found 9 results

  1. I have come a long way from being a red shitter where now I'm getting teal recents. If you stream I have probably bugged you in your stream at some point about getting better xD. Starting to always 1 mark tanks and now am up to 4 "2 marked" tanks I had some of the best game I have ever had today, but I felt like I fucked up alot in them and would like to learn what to do better. If anyone could review one of the games and give me tips i would appreciate it alot. Always trying to improve but i just don't have a unicums view or thought process on what i could of done better Thanks for the help as always http://wotreplays.com/site/3447303#serene_coast-chaosgod4392-centurion_mk_i http://wotreplays.com/site/3425901#sand_river-chaosgod4392-centurion_mk_i http://wotreplays.com/site/3447823#karelia-chaosgod4392-centurion_mk_i
  2. Hey everyone. I'm assuming quite a few people here kinda know me, or at least have seen me around before. I've been messing around on this forums since April??? I think, and have loved every second of it. You guys are all such a great community, and have been so encouraging to me. I recently just hit unicum recent, and I would like to thank everyone here for the advice and support you have given me. the road from 2k recent to unicum has been tough, as it has a required a big shift in thinking, as i try to seek ways to outplay my opponents and win the match. The advice you guys have given me, whether it be direct, aimed at someone else, or in an article or post like that, have been hugely helpful. through it i was able to transfer my low tier game-play up into high tiers, then improve on my low tier game-play, and transfer it again. I doubt i would have 1 marked the e75 beforehand, let alone 2 marked (I'm still bad so no 3 mark) without the advice on brawling, positioning, and trading you guys have provided everyone with. I wouldn't have 3 marked the cromwell without all the micro-positioning spots, flexing advice, vision abuse advice, and camo abuse advice, and i have a better understanding of how prem ammo should be used. I also play arty a lot less too now garryallen http://imgur.com/a/UIzhj P.S. I am pretty sure this is in the wrong place, so i dumped it here, hoping someone knows where the heck to put it. PLS HALP P.P.S Still gotta hit that 60% solo recent w/r.
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if people knew of good videos that demonstrate basic skills for World of Tanks. I want to create a playlist of vids to have guys in my clan look at, especially new ones coming in. We don't have strict guidelines on skill level for who joins, since we aren't a hyper competative clan, but I do feel like some basic stuff holds us back in strongholds. Also, I think watching a vid is more informative than trying to show people in team training, since they can't see what you see and vice versa. Specifics of what I'm looking for are: 1. Informative (duh) 2. Easily understood 3. Engaging (not looking for Ben Stein here) 4. Basic tactics, not high level strategy or tank specific game play. Basic skills that every player should know. So, an example of a good video are Sliphantom's recent Unicum Guides to various tanks. They are engaging via entertainment and have a great structure for disseminating information. Of course, those videos are a bit more in depth than what I'm looking more. Stuff I'm looking for are things like how to hull down, side scrape, spotting through a bush and then abusing the 15m distance mechanic, permatracking through road wheels, etc. The only videos I know of are Jingles' "How Not to Suck" vids, which go over basic armor and spotting mechanics. Then, once I put the playlist together, I can just send the link to new guys in the clan, sort a "required reading" program. I would honestly make some myself, but I don't have the time at the moment to learn how to do video editing. Unless someone has a suggestion for an easy to learn freeware editing program? I'll also put a link in this post of the playlist once I make it.
  4. It's been a loong time coming, but somewhere in the middle of a 16 hour session last night, I finally started to get meds, and perhaps higher-level play in general Before, whether due to not enough map knowledge or my own mental habit of trying to find patterns in everything - probably both - I was never able to allow myself the flexibility to play meds to their potential. For each med, I'd either treat it like a (lightly armored) TD, or a heavy tank. Naturally, neither quite worked. However, I've been playing a lot of T-34-85 recently, and perhaps due to it being a bit more forgiving, have started to learn the balance playing meds requires. In reality, however, I think the changes are twofold. Yes, I'm learning when to expose myself, advance or retreat as a med, but I'm also getting more flexible in general: watching for opportunities, being willing to fall back even if I want to just take "one more shot", etc. This heightened awareness/flexibility is paying off, and fast: I had my fair share of derps as usual last night, but my average WN8 jump three hundred points over 100 games (i.e. 5% of my total games in WoT, decent sample size) - from an average of 1k, to 1300+. For most of the night it was actually hovering closer to 1500, but I kept playing when I should have stopped, unfortunately. Still plenty of ground to cover, but considering that my minimum mental "that game was acceptable" standard has gone from 1250 to 1900 in the space of one session, I'm pretty happy with my progress this month. tl;dr Better map awareness + better tactical mechanics + forcing myself to play smart => Profit (Higher WN8 and personal standards)
  5. Hi guys, just a short introduction of me. The name is Zoofje and I play on the EU servers. I've been playing this game for a couple of months now, and I'm enjoying it more and more. In my opinion WoT has a very steep learning curve and I'm fine with that. I'm dedicated to getting my stats up and I don't believe in rerolls. I see that I'm making progression, but it's going to take me much more games to get my stats up and become a better player. Not a problem, I want to invest the time in that. The reason I joined this forum is to learn and become a better player, but not to take any shortcuts. I want to learn the hard way! I have a couple of tanks (up to tier 6) I can play with, but I'm not really sure what my favourite type is. I think I like playing TD's and Light tanks the most at this moment, but I also play medium and heavy when I'm platooning with some friends. Thanks in advance for any tips and tricks and I hope to see you on the battlefield.
  6. So, I've recently hit my ceiling at my current job as a network technician. I've cemented my role after 14 months with very very little hope for learning anything new due to other co-workers handling other aspects of the networking world and thinking only about job security so not wanting to teach anyone else what they do. Understandable? Sure. Annoying as fuck? You betcha. Are there plenty of things I could learn networking-wise? Absolutely. But networking was not my degree and I don't plan to only work in networking for the rest of my life. I was a Management Information Systems major in college and plan to get into some programming project management at some point. In order to do so, I need more of a programming background. I took 4 programming classes in college, 3 java and 1 perl. I know the very basics, and nothing more. TBH I probably couldn't remember half the basics if I tried at this point so might as well start over fresh (it's been 4 years). I work the typical 8-5, but also have to work a lot of overtime (200 hours in the past 14 months). While this may seem bad, I do get paid hourly (non-exempt salaried if being PC) and my 8-5 work is pretty chill and at times boring. I probably have 2-3 hours each day in this 8-5 where I could be doing something productive instead of waiting for quality posts on Wotlabs or decent ESPN articles that aren't about what kind of cereal Lebron James had for breakfast. So I bring myself here to ask resident programmers and developers alike the questions I hope to get good answers to: What should I focus on learning? (languages, front end/backend, popular jobs in which fields?) Where can I find this sort of information? (are sites like www.freecodecamp.com or a paid teaching site decent? / should I resort to books?) What sort of tools will I need? A server and a website? (money shouldn't be too much of an issue to acquire if need be) What do you personally recommend? Now I'm going to write down that I don't know what I should be looking into specifically. Are web developers a good market to get into, or perhaps just focus on a specific language? If I had to focus on a language I'd prefer it be java as I have familiarity with it, but you might recommend something different based on industry trends, and that's fine too. Any feedback would be great. Thanks.
  7. Hello wot-labs, unicums, and forum lurkers. I am an average WoT player (1650-1800 recent) and I'm looking to escape my mediocrity and blossom into a young little blunicum. If someone want's to help my with my journey I'd be deeply appreciative and might reward you with something given the circumstances and length of the mentor-ship. I have established a lengthy list of habits, both good and bad in this game. I'm seeking to find someone to scold me like a bad dog when I do wrong, or encourage me when I am doing right. I have a good understanding of the game mechanics, penetration, shells, various tanks, where to aim, what to do, etc... I know I make mistakes, usually positioning, timing, and learning when to push my luck, and when to back off and find a new position. I would shine light on my issues but the problem is they aren't glaring, I just make a lot of smaller mistakes that lead up to not breaking the plateau of blue. I'm not looking to become perfect, as no one is. I'm just seeking a nice instruction on my gameplay, so that I may take that instruction and develop from it on-wards. I routinely watch WoT on twitch.tv and read many articles, study armor diagrams, vision mechanics.. finding those places you can just see enemies at the edge of your bounding box.. I don't want to drone on for too long here but if you're down to the task of taking me under you wing for a few days, or longer perhaps depending on how well we interact; here I am. IGN: Alaxandir S: [uS-E, US-W]
  8. Hey there folks, Millardthemk and Teram here. We want to let the community know about some pretty cool stuff that’s been going on behind the scenes that’s just now ready to release to the public. As many of you know, it can be hard to find competent tutors for your WoT journey as you try to improve and grow was a player in a pretty complex game. We recognize this is a current problem, and that combined with a desire to help others and avoid homelessness has prompted out action, and the creation of group called “World of Tanks Tutors”. WOTT for short. We think it has the potential to be tremendously helpful and hope you agree. Our goals with WOTT are as follows: #1 Fill the teaching void and help player base group as it sees fit. Every game from HALO to WOW to Runescape has had groups available to assist players in their growth and skillz. Oddly enough for such a popular game, WoT has a complete void of options available for players who realize that rather than buy in game gold that they will spend and beno better off because of, they can convert that pocket change into improving their own personal gameplay abilities through instruction, review, and real-time gameplay analysis. All skills which translate into more exp, more credits, and more time playing a tank you want (more fun)! #2 Assist players who are tired of a skills or W/R plateau. Tanks is a cerebral shooter, making it easy to slip into a rut and cease improving. Sometimes all it takes is an outside opinion from a pro to bust out of your flatline and start climbing the skills ladder once again. If this sounds like the position you’re in--we can help. Rather than getting vague or spotty assistance via other routes we’re committed to giving you a great value for your time and money. #3 Help relieve some of the stat hate. The nasty reality of WoT is that players with lesser stats may be ridiculed and insulted regularly. This happens both on the public forums and in game, and while completely inexcusable, there’s really only one way to stop it--improve your stats. Unfortunately, if you’ve already played several thousand games overall or several hundred in a certain tank it can be almost impossible to bring the values up to your current playing level. For those who find themselves in this slippery slope of stats we toss you a lifeline of assistance. Via our platoon teaching packages we will show you the ropes in an easily understandable manner while at the same time increasing your W/R without you breaking a sweat. #4 Give you the tools for competitive group play success. As veterans of countless tournaments we’re in a unique position to be able to provide useful and experienced feedback for your team and can even host group training sessions and work with you to improve your team’s cohesion and tournament gameplay skills. While this service won’t please everyone(nothing does!), we hope it will be helpful to those who truly want to improve and are willing to spend the time and resources required for excellence. Both Millardthemk (Sam) and Teram (Michael) are long-time community members and we have seen a need that needs filling--and decided to step into the gap. Oh, we also enjoy eating meals occasionally and paying rent is also a plus. In conclusion, this is a service we’d love to see take off and assist players while at the same time remaining personal enough that folks are actually more than a name on a sheet, they’re real people who have an applaudable goal: To be good at tanks--and should be treated in a respectful, professional manner. Best wishes, Millardthemk and Teram Click HERE for a link to the website.
  9. LEMON AND LIME: ON AVERAGE CLAN COMBAT COHESION Most of our clan is solid yellow to light green. But the only time we're reliably winning is when we're facing clans that are 2/3 yellow and ⅓ red. We win those not because of teamwork but because 1v1 we are barely better players, not a collection of retards. We can improve and are somewhat-as individuals. Tier 1 clans win for one main reason: they master the basics and consistently provide smooth performances. Thats why you see rotational dominance on the CW field amongst the top units. They master basics execute like swiss clockwork. We work together about as well as a timex that’s been parked under a maus. Collectively we don't use autoloaders effectively nor do we know how to counter them at all (use soft stats like view range, accuracy, gun depression, sustained DPM, alpha hits, camo values). We have no idea how to use artillery at this level of play (having a supportive fire plan, priority of fires, designating a FIST in each subsection, having a FO with a elementary education on ballistics so he doesn’t call for unplanned fires through a fucking mountain). As far as arty goes, we are leaning -heavily- on individual players, and while Tanker and Jen are kick ass arty operators we shouldn’t be forcing them to guess everything. “Do whatever you want because I didn’t bother to think ahead” is not what happens at this level of play if you want to win. If you’re calling a match you should be able to have a rough idea of whether arty can hit targets in certain areas and should only need to ask if its a unique situation. We’ve all played pub matches, learn elementary do’s and don’ts from pubbies instead of during clan fights. As an aside, a conqueror is not the only tier10 arty for a reason. We don't know how to run maps, and consistently fail to evaluate the actual terrain on the ground and how it interplays with view range to establish things like sight lines and points of dominance (sending meds to scout/attack when there’s no way they can actually beat OPFOR to a site they’re nearly certainly going to be at, or trying to push into autoloaders on the same altitude). Believe it or not distance on the minimap is not always a golden rule for how long it takes to get to a certain spot. If every time you run into a tier1 operator like Otter or G (using these because that’s who we most commonly encounter in detachments) and they have a certain type of tank at a particular location there’s a goddamn good reason for it, and that reason is almost always view range dominance over key areas. STOP GALAVANTING PAST THEM. We don't share the health pool at all. Its a team battle for a reason. If you see somebody getting the shit blasted out of him try to cover him before he’s down to double digits. At a more advanced level you’ll see (as consistently happens when we meet Otter in detachments) that multiple players are one or two shots at the end. They’re that way for a reason, they do this well. Also, we don't focus fire or even identify targets to focus down at all. When we rarely identify targets to kill its normally by % health. Which is a shitty way to do it, because 30% of a maus is a lot different than 30% of a T110E5 and makes it more difficult to rapidly determine how many shots its going to take to take the gun out of the match. Likewise, before we advance to contact we have a shitty comprehension of which tanks are most important to kill. If you send three IS7’s around a corner into a maus and a T110E5 the mouse should probably not be your first target. Also, and again relating to issues with autoloaders that are pretty universal, when you charge a AMX50B and he drums your ass and you let him run off, if you see him 30 seconds or so later chances are pretty good he’s got a magazine in the chamber again, so don’t do the same thing. We keep having the same thing happen over and over without acknowledging the real issues, let alone doing anything tangible about it. The sole adjustment we've made is the same one that most other clans with problems implement: the rule "never speak and listen to the battle commander AT ALL TIMES". Assigning one guy god mode doesn’t work when he’s not experienced enough (and I’m talking hundreds of battles here with good -52% MINIMUM- win rates) because he gets information overload and then either starts to micromanage or disconnects from what’s in front of his face, giving calls that are impossible due to vehicle/map/player limitations. This only works if we derprush them from someplace they weren't expecting, otherwise we get 3/4-15 wipeouts. Things like forgetting how many of a tank type you have happen because our tac officer is trying to think for 14 people, and is unacceptable at this level of play. Things like forgetting the 5 mediums that were spotted going down a flank that you left unguarded while you charge at 6 autoloaders across dishpan flat ground are the result. Inexperience and poor situational awareness are, in my mind, the reason our main tactics are either a 1. derp rush or 2. a campfest around green flag. And surprisingly, both are particularly complete shit against 1: competent teams or 2: high burst damage vehicles. We need to delegate and assign groups, even if its just buddy pairs it’d be an order of magnitude better than what we’ve got now. Platoons exist, use them not just for improving stats but to actually learn to work together. Our battle callers are not experienced enough, and won’t be for a long time, to be at the level when they can stay track 14 people while maintaining situational awareness. Stalin delegated to his army commanders in order to overcome the Wehrmacht because one man can’t run everything efficiently. We micromanage way too much for the level of player skill (caller and fighter) and teamwork we have, and flat out refuse to use tactical teams/groups, let alone delegate down responsibilities to section commanders. Most of these wins against clans on our level and higher are because they had a passive strat or we just get flat out lucky. The reason you white chat with Tier 1 clans and be at least civil because they are tier1. It shows you respect them, their level of achievement and that you aren’t assholes. This isn’t middle school where you don’t talk to somebody that’s not in your clique. If you are going to do no white chat, make it for the teams of tomatoes that are going to do nothing but troll you. And even then, if they reach out and aren’t dicks then you return the greeting because its civil and polite and you’re not a troll living under a bridge. You chat with the Tier1’s because if they see that you’re learning and improving and aren’t total tools/retards you’d be amazed the level of inroads it will give you for diplomacy, or even just friendly suggestions of what to do differently. Which, ultimately, if we’re ever going to actually win and hold land we are going to need. Nobody worth a damn allies with people that can’t fight or are assholes. You solve half that equation just with a friendly “howdy-do gents, good fight, and nice use of terrain T-62”, so why would you not do it? I'm tired of losing 100k in a night because we keep brushing this off and saying its because we "dont listen to the caller" or "they're just gods compared to us". Both of those are bullshit excuses, and if we're ever going to be as good as the average stats in this clan suggest we should be doing we need to actually learn tier5 level skills. You don't start the learning process by having some shiny platinum fucking plan/caller, you do that by applying the basic skills of clan wars, or any organized battle for that matter. which we consistently suck at. Just because you want to be getting free gold/detachment bonuses doesn’t mean you’re going to get it handed to us. Frankly we're not ready to win reliably at tier10. We are losing millions of credits and with tank locking preventing access to vehicles that we should be learning how to operate in pubbies so we’re at least competent in. We ought to work on the basics in platoons and tier6 detachments then gradually scale up as our teamwork develops. What we’re doing now of having 2-4 CW matches and a couple hours of tier8/10 detachments is just pissing away credits/xp we could be using for vehicles while simultaneously reinforcing piss poor habits. From where I stand we need to do one of two things, and both are equally viable-but totally separate. We need to decide if we’re fine being a noncompetitive social clan and continue what we’re doing now while we stop pissing into the wind with 2-4 hours wasted on uppertier-detachment/CW charges and campfests every night constantly reinforce poor habits and demoralize the people that want to commit and win until they quit. Or we decide we at least want to compete on a level that our stats suggest we’re capable of, in which case we need to implement ALL of the above, and start deliberately kicking anybody that either can’t or won’t follow the above, until we get to the point where we see a Tier1 clan in the matchup and don’t instantly think, “well this is a wash”. But we need to collectively make a decision, because right now about 30 people are carrying this ass backwards combo, and that can’t function in the long term. I’ve seen clans that chose to go big league. If they commit they can compete and possibly dominate eventually. I’ve been in clans that chose to stay small time, and they were a great bunch of dudes that made me laugh my ass off. If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading and chime in below with your thoughts on the topic. I originally put this together for my own clan, but I think it can likely be used by a lot of other people clans. If you’ve got comments or suggestions please PM me either in the forums or in game. I will edit this to try to keep it up to date. Ideally I’d like it to the start of a discussion about how to improve clan-level operations, similar to Tazillion’s scouting guides and Lert’s great series (Lert’s awesomeness here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/197648-collection-of-guides-tips-and-helpful-links/ and here:) And I would absolutely love if one of you worldbeaters would deign to invite this common peasant to a platoon where I could bask in your radiance and absorb some of your knowledge. I’d both love a chance to learn some habits from players much better than me and I promise I’ll try to contribute enough that you won’t be totally disgusted by having me around.
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