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Found 9 results

  1. I'm looking for a clan to die in after my recent exclusion from Youjo. I can only play on weekends and hate speaking. I was kicked from Youjo for not doing clan wars. Apparently they're too competitive for me. I have ten tier 10s and some tier 8 op prems for stronks. A lot of the 10s are three marked. I'll pretty much never show up to CW because of reasons I can't control. It's ok though, I'm cute~ Here are my padded stats. Decent improvement over the last few weeks. What I have to offer: -Basically nothing -Stat Padding & Chai Sniping -A very bad platoon mate -Bad chat memes -Complaining -Blacklisting people in the clan who shoot me with arty -Decently active in discord or slack I'd rather not talk in TS for an eval, unless I absolutely have to. Thanks ^_^
  2. Well, time to sell myself on the internet... again lol. I'm an all around chill guy. Love to platoon, SH and CW. I'm active a lot, so any expectations for nightly CW, I can meet (IRL stuff might hop in the way, I'm on the West Coast ^_^). I'm not toxic, yet I love running toxic strats/tanks Skills: Revive Otherwise Dead Clans ^^^Recruitment^^^ Calling/Map Experience Forcefeeding I can also do magical things like photoshop stuffs Tanks: Tier X: Russian Mediums (140, 62A, 907), STBae-1, E5, T57 Currently Grinding: Batchat, TVP, E100 Tier VIII: IS-3, T32, T-54ltwt, Skorp G, 13 90, T49 (etc. tanks) Tier VI: Anything fast, some derp Fun Fact: Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth. Lemme know if I work out for ya! Side note - if you have any prevalent questions for me that might induce argument, I just ask that you pm those to me. Thanks! (trying to keep things positive) Edit - I am not in 5LINE anymore, just taking awhile to refresh
  3. Rat Trap You know, back when I was young, man, I had seen some cheese on a board. I was like damn, that cheese look hella good I gotta get me some of that [edited], man. So I gets to nibblin' on the cheese and smadadat. Guess what it was? Rat trap. So the moral of the story is, watch ya selves. They hypnotize you with dat [edited]in them booty shorts twerking for a brotha and next thing you know, she pregnant, askin you for money. Man, these ho's is cheese on a board. We are a good group of tankers. We enjoy playing tanks and have a good time. Requirements: *Must have Teamspeak and a working MIC. *Participate in tournaments and strongholds. *1500 overall WN8. *Exceptions can be made for stats (Except for immature players) We always make room for good people. For recruitment talk to one of these gents. Commander XO Recruiter
  4. Bla bla bla, we won A lot of T95/chieftain during the "i dont remember the name" Campaing! (i am lazy to type this) [Y0L0] You Only Live Once CURRENTLY WORKING ON THIS THREAD, IT IS NOT FINISHED YET, BUT MEANWHILE: Requirements: We are looking for good, active players that match these requirements: WN8: 2100+ Overall & 2700+ Recent -or- Recent WN8 3100+ with any overall and Active At least 3 T10s for Events and CW MUST have Teamspeak 3 And USE IT. (Exceptions can be made by our officers) Contact: If you meet (or Exceed) the requirements and are interested in Y0L0: Reply to this thread Contact any officer/recruiter Pm O_P_hacker or me, Chuny77, Ingame or in forums Stop by our TS! yolo.teamspeak3.com (Move to Recruitment Waiting Room) Good luck on your search for the perfect clan!
  5. Not really looking for anything amazing, because I know I'm not. Just looking for a clan filled with players of similar ratings to hang and improve with. Sitting at 55% Recent WR, and 1,855 Recent WN8, but I'm still making my way up the scale. Only hit top tier in some of the TD lines, but after realizing my mistake, I've started grinding down more useful tanks.
  6. EMPYR - Dark Side http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000021911/ udder.ts.nfoservers.com Who Are We? We are a new clan but our members have a history of playing together in several different prominent WoT clans. Where are we right now? We're a casual clan focusing platoons, strongholds, and working on personal missions. Clan Wars are not on our radar but if the membership expands and calls for it, we will raid the global map from time to time. What are we looking for in any possible recruits? (Minimum Requirements) - 50% Overall W/L - 52% Recent- 1200 Overall WN8 - 1400 Recent- Tier 6 and 8 Stronghold tanks (T37, Type 64, Crommy, IS3, 110, RU, T54LT, WZ, AMX50/100, etc)- Suitable tanks in different tiers for platooning- Active in platoons and strongholds- Be on Team Speak While in game (we have a silent channel for playing solo)- No age requirement but members must be mature enough to handle adult content in TS- You must have thick skin, a sense of humor, and a willingness to adapt and learn new tactics. - ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA - Raging in channel, constant whining, racism, or extreme negativity will not be tolerated. Also looking for stronghold legionnaires and peeps to add to our platoon friends list. You don't have to commit right away to our clan to hang out with us. See what were all about before making a decision. What do I as a player do if I'm interested in joining? Get on our teamspeak (udder.ts.nfoservers.com) and talk to one of our clan officers, send one of them a message in-game, or post your interest here. Potential recruits will be evaluated for skill level and to see if you are a good fit personality-wise. We're not in a rush to fill our roster and would rather slowly grow a close knit group of competent players that will mesh together.
  7. Hi Hi I haven't posted a thread about LFC on here before, so I will try to list anything I think I need to. Just say if you need more info! -I live in New Zealand. My connection is bad and I don't play east because 300+ ping is gross. -CW is hard to get to because midday priorities do usually not involve sitting at my laptop. I can probably make Sundays (in America Saturday), but I have stuff on the rest of the time. Though depending on upcoming schedule maybe able to make 2 days a week. -I have tanks of tier 10: M48 / E100 / Object 140 / 62a -Tanks of tier 8: T32 / can get the Is3 / can rebuy the M26 Oh I don't have a mic but I can hear people through TS. I don't really play any video games besides wot, which I downloaded by mistake anyway. So that's why I don't have a mic. I like platooning and playing my M46 / M48 :] So yeah, hope to hear from some of you!
  8. So I just got back into playing tanksies but don't have a lot of guys willing to platoon with me anymore, and that is something that needs immediate fixing. My stats are bad, especially recents but i guess thats something one can expect after a long break and loads of arty/tds stock tanks that i've been playing for missions. I still pull purple numbers in my favourite tanks even though I can't into overlord yet but thats not much to brag about since I guess anyone would carry his weight in batchat after 2600 battles I have basically all the tanks a commander would ever want to field in CW/SHs other than some i've sold and 50b/e100 that im grinding right now. Well, there is arty too but one 261 is enough for me thank you very much! Its not like im very good with arty/tds anyways.. I like to play with people that don't flame pubbies too much and can carry their weigh in tier X too. If your clan consists of such folks and You don't require players to attend CW a fixed number of days a week im Your new token blue shitter. I like playing CW and SH (even played ESL back in the day) but due to my work/social life i wont be able to play much clanu warsies, so if thats an issue, im not your man. Obligatory cat pick in spoiler (i hope i got i right!)
  9. x 27 We won 27 tanks for our clan during the third campaign! [Y0L0] You Only Live Once "We don't always Y0L0 but when we do, we do it with STYLE" Y0L0 is a brand new original starting clan, looking for new active recruits. About Us: You can find a little of everything to do in our clan. Platoons Tournament Teams (To earn A LOT of gold) Strongholds Team Battles Tank Companies Clan Wars Over all, Y0L0 is a great place to hangout and play together. Requirements: We are looking for good, active players that match these requirements: WN8: 2000+ Overall & Recent -or- WN8: 1950+ Overall with an impressive recent + 2+ Tier 10 Tanks MUST have Teamspeak 3 (Exceptions can be made by our officers) Contact: If you meet (or Exceed) the requirements and are interested in Y0L0: Reply to this thread Contact any officer/recruiter Stop by our TS! yolo.teamspeak3.com (Move to Recruitment Waiting Room) Good luck on your search for the perfect clan!
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