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Found 13 results

  1. So the rumors are confirmed. WG is implementing wheeled vehicles into the game. I, as an excessive light player am pretty happy about this so far (also because french) but it seems to come with some caviats. Just watched quickies video from Gamescom were he answers some questions from some develloper and it seems, while having very good mobility, the new lights will have bad view range and even worse guns than regular lights to push them in an "active scouting role". Not too happy about that tbh because recent map changes and the trend to tunnel maps pretty much takes away all room for active scouting. Also we dont know anything about camo values (will they keep camo on the move just as regular lights?) All this is obviously subject to change and when WG says, they want to release them early next year im hoping for summer if it doesnt get scrapped beforehand. Thoughts? Ideas? Guncars you want to see? Does the game benefit from dedicated active scouts? how to 'track' them? Do noobs have to go to driving school to learn 3 point turning? Is Murazor still getting semen via IV because he cant suck all the Ds at once?
  2. So i dont know about you guys but all "open" maps i have played in the last 2 days seemed to have a lot more bushes and trees. Also bushes on new positions. I, who plays a lot of lights for quite some time now, really like that. Sure, some situations might get a little more campy but at least the small tanks, most of the lights and the ones made out of paint and cardboard have their odds shifted a little more in their favours. IN my oppinion of course. So what do you think?
  3. Are any of the tier 10 light tanks worth getting? I'm enjoying grinding the t54 ltwt and also grinding max 1390 but I don't know if its worth buying the next tier up... most people seem to think they are not so good.
  4. So WG announced plans to introduce light tanks beyond tier VIII for the USA, Russia, France, Germany, & China. Meanwhile, the UK light tank line pretty much, and since 2012, ends at the Crusader, at tier V. Is there nothing out there viable for the UK light tanks beyond tier 5?
  5. http://www.twitch.tv/jacg123 Twat Twitch banned my account while I was not using it for more than a year for spam. Go figure. BEHOLD https://www.youtube.com/user/jacg324/live <--- I like youtube better anyway, even if it isn't as popular. Not much more to say, enjoy!
  6. So with the current FASTBOIS meta in tier 6 skirmishes what should I focus on for crew skills and equipment? Those that enhance firepower / ability to do damage or those that enhance the spotting ability of light tanks? Oh and add why too!
  7. So.... Basically, i have about 8k battles and im a slightly above avg player. now, i mainly play light tanks. so, i noticed i usually play poor in some tanks and better in others. And i know, as many others do, you want a balanced light tank gameplay. Thats why i would really appreciate some good tips and advices. Also, take in mind that i play either as a sniper or as an agressive spotter. EDIT: i struggle alot playing the Chinese lights and practicly this is the first time EVER looking for help on maps and tank... i play as a agressive and passive scouter, and simply sniper. Unless i've learned a map by myself i will struggle to scout. Preferably i play the T49, SP 1 C and the WZ-131. I don't really have the time to write more detailed than this.
  8. Hello everyone! I'm currently looking for an experienced player that excels at scouts/light tanks and is willing to help me improve. I've watched a bunch of videos and streams, which has helped me improve quite a bit, but I'm more of a hands on learner where I can pose questions and receive direct feedback on my actions. I'd prefer to run the Chaffee, T37, Bulldog, or T49. I'm available in the afternoons EST and anytime on the weekends. I'm really excited to start working with someone and improving. Lately my games have either gone really well (partly due to luck I'm sure) or I've died within 2 minutes (and I'm not suic-scouting). Sometimes I last till the end, but don't do any real damage. This has often lead to "worthless scout" and other far worse messages from my teammates. When I contact them afterwards they almost never provide any real feedback as to what I could've done better. I feel like I hurt my team more then help and this drives me crazy. Anyway, it's all part of my drive to get better, so here I am; ready, able, and willing to learn. Thanks, Mike
  9. Right all, I'm opening a replay and review center over here. The Format I like to give my replay reviews in the form of pictures, it's a lot easier to see a series of pictures of key critical moments instead of gigantic like I usually do. The Library: A KV-5 Engagement: A lesson in situational awareness: Imgur Reddit My Specialization I specialize at explaining and writing for basic and improving players and in teaching somewhat more advanced vision play at that level. I'm anticipating that most of the mistakes made in the games posted here will be on the more basic level. In terms of my tank specialization, I'm best at reviewing light tank play and in vision control maps, though I also like to focus on microengagements How to get the most out of your reviews: What To Post and What to Expect 1. RE: Posting your highlights Your best games are best games for a reason, they arent a representative sample. It's far better to post an average game than your best games. I dont care or want to see your 7k batchat carry If your average damage is 1400 in a KT, then post me a 1400 damage game, post me a 1600, dont post a 3k carry or a 500 potato. IF YOU ARE POSTING TO SHOW OFF, YOU WILL BE CALLED OUT ON IT, SO DONT. 2.Expect Abuse: The negative WILL be accentuated "You dont call a sewage technician to redecorate your bathroom, and you don't come to me to hear how your play is good." - adapted from Yahtzee It's more educational (and entertaining) to highlight bad mistakes than talk about what you're doing right, good play will be pointed out, bad play will be mocked, and mocked, and mocked, and mocked. You can expect minor transgressions to be forgiven, but do not expect anything less than the most serious abuse for repeated errors. 3. I focus on tactics and technical play over theory and strategy I analyze the actual engagements instead of your overall flank selection (unless you're making a gigantic blunder) simply because knowing where to go is really fucking easy in theory; concentrating on engagement tactics also helps help extract value out of even doomed situations. A review reading "Don't go lakeville valley" is both obvious and entirely useless, so I'll focus on what you do once you're fighting, and not so much on the flank you're at, if you're going to go lakeville valley, I'll focus on HOW you executed your lakeville valley push. More importantly, telling and pointing out how you could have fought your fight better is probably going to help a lot more than a "you should do X and Y and Z" while you struggle to actually execute it. 4. 90% of the review will be on the critical 5% I don't really look at every second, i like to focus on the key moments of a fight, because it's at those moments that the game is won or lost, such as: A. A mistake the enemy made that was or wasn't taken advantage of B. A mistake you made that could have or did cost the game Either one of these could have changed the outcome of the game, and as such, I focus on them. You can expect me to ignore 5 minutes and then spend 4 pictures discussing a 10 second engagement. Good games will tend to be bashed harder than bad games simply because there are a lot more potential game-losing errors in a good game (you can't lose a game that's already lost!) 5. Expect Pictures I love to review using pictures simply because it's faster and captures the exact mistake much more accurately. This site by Adobe is how I find a good contrast for the text annotations. https://color.adobe.com 6. PoV Methodology I always review with the PoV cam to watch replays because it's a far better judge of situational awareness and tactical sense; it's actually harder to see flawed execution from the freecam mode because it'd harder to detect when you're not paying attention to a very real threat. I also watch from the skycam to see whether the PoV you were using missed anything. There's a reason I use the PoV review method: It's because it allows me to analyze your mindset much better and also analyse what your priorities at any given moment are. It helps me speed up the review process and identify both tactical errors and mistakes in awareness. My review legend: I've decided to begin using solid, dashed, and dotted lines in my reviews to denote the way an engagement runs
  10. [TYPE64] CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON!!!! Hi Guys, I have recently began making some movies about WOT content. I started by completing a review one of my favorite tanks the Type 64. It is a great little Chinese Light Tank that can be used in a number of ways. I will let the video present it too you. This is one of the first videos I made so there are ways this can be improved. I called it Crouching 'Tiger, Hidden Dragon' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8so99H9UhcU&list=UUYn6nC-RSPDBKmJOV65SNGw Have a Great day Havoc
  11. So, I was flipping through the NA official forums (don't judge me) when I saw a thread asking which was the best Tier 4 LT. Being the helpful tanker that I am, I started to answer, when I realized - I don't know anymore. After the T-50 was neutered, I'm not sure what currently reigns as the best. I'm thinking Luchs, since the only real contenders are that and the M5A1 and I like the Luchs better, but I'm not sure. Tier 5's not much better - the Chaffee is obvious, but after it's nerfed, where do you go if you're not an ELC fan? (I'm not.) Tier 6 seems to be entirely composed of bad tanks, which means even that's not easy to figure out. 7 seems obvious, with the T71 there, and at 8 both the 13 90 and WZ-132 are supposed to be good. (I left Tier 5 out of the poll to fit the overall question in and because I realized if you don't want a Chaffee or ELC you're stuck with the Leopard) So, now that the balance of power has shifted, what's the best?
  12. Now first off, Im not even trying to kid myself about being a blue. All I want is consistency in my performance. My real goals right now are overall consistency, about 100 more points of WN7, and driving my tier 10s towards a 1.0 damage ratio. But, I have found a couple things are killing my upward progress.... 1. Grinding the WZ-132 from the Type T-34. WZ-132 is a beast and I love it, but the predecessors were real stinkers for me. My stats dove like a Stuka until I got there. 2. Starting the Russian medium line, crossing from the KV-1S to the T-43. Im basically learning a whole new play style. Also, I hear that the T-43 is UP. Ammo rack, ammo rack, fire, fire, ammo rack.... My question is this: What should I do to effectively grind tanks that are notoriously UP? I think I'm cheating myself a bit by not grinding for the play-time experience, but Its hard enough making forward progress; no need to be a masochist. On the other hand, I also think its a bit weak to just free xp through it. I've seen a lot of guys that obviously bought their tier 10s, (25 games in the T95?) and I think thats kinda bitch. I want to play the tanks, but I dont want to yell at my screen either. I've heard here in this forum that you play best by serial grinding instead of round robin doubles-clearing, but in the 13 games I played in the T-43 last night, 7 of them were in the 1100-2000 eff range (acceptable to stellar for me), and 6 were total potato, under 1k wn7, and like 5 out of 14 wins.... Sigh. Any advice appreciated.
  13. This question is multifaceted. It deals with several of my shortcomings and my inability to figure out how to fix them at the moment. Part the first: T71. Poor performance overall: Defeat!, T71, South Coast, 7/29/13 8:13 PM: 334 nXP, 294 dmg Poor scouting at the very least: Defeat!, T71, Airfield, 7/30/13 3:14 AM: 769 nXP, 1,580 dmg Poor scouting, nearly got myself killed a few times had I been against competent players: Victory!, T71, Ruinberg, 7/30/13 3:49 AM: 1,662 nXP, 2,411 dmg I've attached some replays (with links) above. I've had a few high damage games with this thing but never have I had a game where I truly felt I did well. I just feel lost in this tank, and I know several of the reasons I think, but not how to solve them: 1) I'm generally a poor scout to begin with. I don't know sight lines well enough, nor do I know proper deployment. I also don't know where to go after my first scout run, or after I find my first passive bush. This usually results in me getting less than 1k spotting damage (as I'm sharing the spots with everyone else I'm sure), very little direct damage (targets too close to fire without possibly breaking camo), and I fall in the middle of the pack on my team. 2) I have no idea how to use my mobility. I've been an arty main (yes, you may loathe me) and heavy tank specialist (KV-5 mostly) for almost my entire career. I tend to overextend very easily, get a few shots in, then have no exit strategy in mind. This is partially due to the fact that I don't know about 30-50% of the maps. I understand where to brawl with my heavies most of the time but that means I don't study the parts of the map more open to faster tanks. What I need to understand, especially with the T71, is how to properly scout and when to pick my engagements (and how the hell to plot an escape route at the same time). Any advice I can get here is invaluable. Part the second: Mediums. More specifically, the T-54 Yes, I actually have trouble with mediums. My problems enraged me to the point last week where I actually ragesold my T-54 to get the funds to continue progressing through other lines (T57 Heavy Tank line, AMX 50 B line). Simply put, I have no idea whatsoever how to play a medium. I don't know where to go, I don't currently understand timing, proper positioning, exposure time, vision control, anything. Something about playing mediums simply eludes me. Unfortunately I don't have any recent replays to put up for my T-54 so I don't know what specific advice I can request, or how much help you can be. Part the third: Platooning and learning The issue that complicates all of this is twofold. I tend to gravitate toward only platooning with a select few people that I feel comfortable with, and I don't know how to follow through on intense practice. The second part is rather embarassing considering I'm a musician and composer, but the fact remains. With regards to platooning, the people I tend to platoon with are good (one green, one purple), but I don't really grow at all playing with them. I've been stuck at my current level for months now. I know my 60-day stats are all green, but in reality I've been performing at the same general competency level (statistically and subjectively) for quite a while now. I don't know where to go to find people to help me (outside of these forums obviously), I tend to be way too timid about platooning with people, even in my own clan, and as a result I feel stuck. If I had the funds I'd pay Crab for a session with him, but, well, I'm a musician so I'm poor *grin* I would appreciate any advice on ANY of these points from any of you. What do I need to improve on, how do I improve on it, and how do I get to the point where I can KEEP improving?
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