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Found 2 results

  1. Title says it all. Seems like south spawn has a disadvantage, since getting into town unharmed is not easy due to hill snipers and spotters, and once you're in A3 there is very little room to maneuver. You can only pray that the enemy is not already in A1 sidescraping. What playstyle would you recommend for this situation, and which alternatives? Cheers, -Graukatze
  2. Hey everyone Been playing Conqueror a lot lately, It is a tank i really enjoy. However, I got Live Oaks about 7 times in the last few days, mostly north spawn. I seem to be terrible on that map with that tank, especially as only top tier heavy (which was the case all the time). I know it is a very specific circumstance, but I seem to do absolutely terrible, and it might indicate some issues with my support heavy play. So from north spawn I go city, trying to fire on the move at all the scouts at C5. However, every single time I get bogged down at the buildings at A3, only able to shoot at people poking A1. Every time, it was against a VK or E75. I was able to do decent damage to them, but the trade is always bad, since they can pen a lot more shots than me. I cant back up and change angle on them because the hill can snipe me if i try to reverse. So i feel (and am) very useless. I cant seem to be able to figure out that map from the north with something slowish but without good armor. So first question. what do you do in that scenario? How do you approach such a situation? From the south, I go snipe from the hill, then go near the little white church and can get decent shots on their heavies. However, after i win the city fight I lost a few games by charging at their base and being destroyed over the open field. So my second question is, how do you apply pressure after winning town? thenks CernoAlpha
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