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Found 1 result

  1. Yea so, there really isnt much public face from my clan other than the odd member commenting on the official forums. Now I left the clan a while back because I was losing interest in clan things. I rejoined a few days ago because there is a campaign coming up. Ive had a handfull of friends i know in OTTER try to convince me to go there because "ESPRT is shit". Almost everytime I go into wotlabs chat I have Assad sperg about how im in "dads hideout 6". Now i know what you're thinking: "Its Assad he spergs about everything". However its not just Assad, Gandaran has a strong disliking of the clan which he made clear quite a few times. Ive had many complaints from friends on other clans about random ESPRT members. Its stuff like complaints about members playing like shit in pubs, using an airstrike on Otter who brought tier 8's to a tier 10 stronghold raid, and general hatred of the clan's "try-hardness". A lot of our top players went to BULBA over the year the clan has existed. Your_master, _KT, 2127FaetherReaper, and Monkey10120. (Thats just off the top of my head). Strongholds can get annoying when the people that join dont know what theyre doing in low tiers, although from what ive seen whoring around as a legionaire is that a lot of clans have people who struggle to play a type 64 sometimes. I'm only in it because it suits my needs, they make sure anyone who wants a reward tank gets one regardless of what tanks they have for the low tier cws, there arent many egos clashing and everyone is generally nice, and they let me afk for extended periods of time (as in ill be going to basic training soon but Inchon's going to let me stay in) So what do you guys think of ESPRT? Edit: If theres any typos its because I typed this on a phone, I'm not retarded. I can assure you.
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