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Found 1 result

  1. So, it all began one lovely sunday morning when I realised that I have enough free experience to unlock the top gun on my Lorraine (havent payed it stock because I was too scared, Ive heard enough horror stories about it) and so I did it. I had bit of a temptation to play my shiny new tank with convenient new gun. First few games were not that bad, even though I didnt have absolutely any idea on how to play it, I didnt suck that muchn in it. But like 10 battles passed and I felt the ultimate feeling of frustration and confusion. As soon as I got spotted, everyone started swinging ther guns around and shooting the crap out of me. And they couldnt miss since it is big as barn. Okay, maybe I was at bad place at bad time. So I gave it another try, this time there were like 3 spgs on enemy team. You know whats coming, right? As soon as I was lit up, bam. Dead. It was happening to me all the time at any given time. Just so much focus. I thought that I could at least somewhat abuse my camo rating and snipe from a bush. Nope. Camo is shit on Lorraine (from my experience). You cant hold position due to long magazine reload time when youre defenseless. You cant bounce shots due to armor made from fucking cardboard. You cant snipe due to mediocre accuracy and terribad aim time. You cant play it like a light tank because when you try to fire on the move, youre just waisting your shots. So I need advice. I think I got a general idea on how to play it (like kill isolated targets, finish off low hp enemies, support heavies etc.) and I had some pretty nice games in it, but like 2/3 games I end up surrounded without exit route, reloading and in fact dead. Or I just get rushed by bunch of enemy mediums and lights. Any advice is welcome. Also, sorry for my english, its not my native language.
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