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Found 5 results

  1. Is the Lowe worth getting? I need a crew trainer for German heavies but I also need to make decent credits in competitive tank..
  2. Is the Lowe worth getting? I need a crew trainer for German heavies but I also need to make decent credits in competitive tank..
  3. Lowe The mighty (s)Lowe, on EU server a very common sight and one of the most popular tier 8 tanks of all times (IS3, KT and T34 are more played). The tank used to be quite shitty and many (good) players considered it a worthless kitty. But WG decided to give the lowe some love and buffed it, more side armor, more gun depression, higher ammo count and tiny weight reduction. While more ammo, so you can carry 80 rounds, is obvious extremely important, the gun depression buff was also not ``un-needed``. So the Lowe turned from a trash tank, into a potential interesting premium, and i decided to buy it (i always wanted a Lowe, so why not?) The armor: TL:DR: a very strong turret, a capable sidescraper, and for the rest cardboard Firepower TL:DR: the gun is very, very good, except for one ``tiny detail``, the dpm is horrible… Mobility TL:DR: The (s)Lowe is slow as a snail, but once it rolls, its ok, the high reverse speed is a very nice extra Miscellaneous TL:DR: AA-gun elevation, good gun depression, high ammo count and good viewrange, no other problems How to play: The playstyle can thus be summarized as following: - Lowe plays vastly different as KT, it plays much more like a KV4 x T34 - Use your powerfull gun to target strong targets where possible, dont shoot a Tiger when you can also hit a Ferdinand. - Play it like a us heavy tank, and go as much hull down as possible - When you cant go hull down, sidescrape and angle - Dont hang back, you better go to the front, a lone Lowe is a dead Lowe - You are a support tank, but not in terms of dmg dealing, but in terms of taking some agro, shooting though targets and taking dmg. TL:DR: the Lowe combines the hull down playstyle of a T34 with the sidescraping of a KV3/4 and the accurate, high penetration gun of a King Tiger The Lowe is thus in practice a sort of crossover between T34, KV4 and KT, combining the strengths of these 3 tanks (sidescraping, turret armor, powerfull gun) and the weaknesses, slow, low dpm and vulnerable to flanking. BONUS: The Lowe is by far the best credit maker of the game (havent played Jt-88) the gross income is very high and due to minimal gold amom costs, the netto gain is massive, earning +60k credits 10 games in a row is not strange, same earning more as 100k profit is not rare. Dont be fooled by KV5 owners or people who never played a Lowe, Lowe earns far more as either the IS6 or KV5. My crew (E100) and equipment, V-Stab, Rammer and Vents, fairly standard for a heavy, ammo 50-20-10, pure due to the huge ammo acount, and all prem consumables, since Lowe earns enough credits anyway, and the passive bonuses are always good My stats after 125 games: EDIT: replays, not all 125 games i think (due to laptop-gaming), and a whole bunch are from ``old`` versions (9.4 for example) it also contains some rage, bad trolling, asking for maus or IS7 as next tier 10 etc, but thats the way i roll ^^ http://www.mediafire.com/download/j6fyih54jd4avvl/Lowe_replays_pc.zip
  4. Sabocat

    Loewe whoring

    Because right now I only play it for the money. I originally bought it because I felt it was time I had a premium tank in my garage and that I was experienced enough to get a good experience out of it. I had a few tier 8's by then and I believed the wiki when it said it was kind of like a Tiger which I am somewhat good in. Yeah. -.- So here are five completely random replays. Some of them will be very short and rather bad. http://wotreplays.eu/site/1526337#sacred_valley-sabocat-l_we http://wotreplays.eu/site/1526338#winter_himmelsdorf-sabocat-l_we http://wotreplays.eu/site/1526340#lakeville-sabocat-l_we http://wotreplays.eu/site/1526345#sand_river-sabocat-l_we http://wotreplays.eu/site/1526347#stalingrad-sabocat-l_we I think replay #3 is the only win out of the lot. So yeah. I'm doing a lot of stuff wrong, I'd like to know what I can be doing right. PS. There was a wierd glitch and it posted before I was done.
  5. I went through the threads in this German sub-forum to find information about the Lowe. To my dismay, one of the best ones I found () was over a year old. It did have some pretty good information and, to be honest, the more and more I read about it, the more and more I want to drop some coin on it. From the description on the WoT website and the WoT wiki it seems that this tank has the potential to be a great sniping heavy. For some reason I feel like I play a lot better in slow/sniping like tanks. Hell, after 138 games in my Jumbo, I am sitting at a 62%WR with 790/840 damage (and I scoffed at the Jumbo in favor of the Easy Eight for many months...BIG MISTAKE! My Easy Eight sits at a 41% WR and 379/700 DPG). A curious exception is last night after taking a hiatus away from my E 25. I got back in it and did some excellent damage/kills and won almost every game in it. In one night I brought the WR up by 6% (from 37% up to 43%) and IIRC doubled my average DPG (granted it is still substandard, but the point is made here that I believe I have the potential). Remember, this tank was gifted to me when I was in Tier III...I played over 200 games in it and really screwed the pooch on it. Trying to remedy that now...tough act, will probably have to put in 400 good games to get the stats decent. Anyway, now that a year or more has gone by since the Lowe was given a decent review, my question to put out there is if there is anything else to know about it. What should I watch out for? What, going in as top slot, should I be looking to do? Same question with regards to mid and low slot. Thank you in advance.
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