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Found 3 results

  1. So after having finish all american tanks (REAL tanks, no arty's of course ) I'm ready to start the last medium line up to the M48. I've just trained a new crew up in my SP to where it's acceptable and I've bought the M4 with rammer/vents/EGLD as equipment. So now the big question. Can I best use the 105mm derp gun? Seeing maps are becoming more and more closed and it has better dpm. Or do I use the 76mm high pen gun? As a fast fire guaranteed pen is still better than a unreliable derp. Thanks for any input.
  2. So we all know this tank gets a lot of flak for being one of the worst heavies tier for tier, mainly because it has no workable armour, mediocre view range and poor fire control. Basically people call it a shitty Tiger I. So far, I've played only around 20 games in this machine. Here is my take on how to work this tank, and I'll be delighted to here your opinions on it. So first of all, we have the gun choice (DCA 45 vs 105). I strongly believe that using the 105 is the way to go. Why? DPM of the DCA 45 is utter trash. It has a base DPM of 1675 while the 105 has like 200 damage more. Enough said. Penetration on the 105 with judicious gold usage is workable. 223 gold pen is tier 8 heavy pen which will generally be enough for 66% of the matches you face. AP pen of 165 is also very workable for tier 7 enemies and below. Of course, expect to make a credit loss for most games (without a premium account). APCR has 330 alpha, which is 30 more than the normal round (increasing the base DPM to a respectable 2062) Aim time is equal for both guns. Now on to the playstyle of this tank. I've seen many advocate a snipey playstyle similar to the Tiger I, using the DCA 45 with extreme pen. I disagree with staying at ranges above 350m. Unlike the Tiger I, your fire control is way inferior and your alpha of 240 and shit DPM only tickles the enemy (assuming you hit). If you want to play a sniper heavy, that's where the Tiger I fills the role. Your AMX M4 is rightfully deserving of the title of a shitty Tiger if you play it like this. I strongly believe that using the 105 is the right way to go. With an alpha of 300 or 330, you have a good degree of stopping power. Don't be the idiot that tries to sidescrape. Let the actual heavies with armour tank most incoming hits while you are in a position to pump a 330 damage shell in any opponent's face. The 105 has a lot poorer accuracy at 0.41 compared to the DCA's 0.36, but this shortcoming can be mitigated by playing at close to mid-range as a support brawler role. So, I play this tank by providing presence in a corner brawl (e.g. supporting IS and T29s) but I stay behind them since my armour has little hope of bouncing anything. Once I'm sure there is going to be no return fire, I expose point blank and blast them in their faces. Don't underestimate 330 alpha at tier 7. Of course, when I'm not in a corner brawl, I'll be finding spots to abuse the 10 degrees of gun depression to function as a mid-range second line heavy. The turret is cheese though so don't expect any bounces. Since the gun handling is not stellar, I find that playing around within 150 to 250m is effective. Any further than that and the aim time as well as poor accuracy will really troll you. So in conclusion: This tank is not meant to be sniper like the Tiger I. In fact, it is terrible as a sniper, with shit DPM and terrible gun handling. Don't snipe from 350m and above if you can help it. I play this tank either as a second-line brawler or a second-line sniper support. You want to be within 300m to make the gun work. Also, the map meta change has made sniping with a big fat heavy all the more difficult. The tank teaches you how to conserve your health and only poke out to shoot when there's no return fire, all of which are essential skills that carry over to playing the AMX 50 100. If there's anyone that can make a case for using the DCA 45 which I've so condemned, I would love to hear your opinions. Also, I'd like to hear whether you agree with my somewhat counter-intuitive playstyle. P.S. Hooray for VIRGIN POST.
  3. Hi all. I've been meaning to do this for a couple weeks, and finally got around to it. About a block from my apartment, there is an American Legion post, and they have a couple tanks out front as monuments. I thought it would be cool to post some pics. Sorry the picture quality isn't super duper. Taking photos near sunset with a 4 year old 'smart' phone is less than ideal. The one we will recognize the most is the M4A4 Sherman. In game, we only get up to the M4A3, but it is still distinctively a classic Sherman. - The description - The tank - My Nissan Sentra next to it - My M4 Sherman from WoT for Giggles They also have an M60-A3 there, though this is too modern to make an appearance in WoT. - The Sign - The tank Anyone else have some real world tank pictures they'd like to share?
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